Will there be a Beacon 23 Episode 9?

Halan (Stephan James) in Beacon 23. Image: MGM+.
Halan (Stephan James) in Beacon 23. Image: MGM+. /

This past weekend, MGM+’s science fiction show Beacon 23 dropped a double-header with its seventh and eighth episodes. Things got very intense for Aster (Lena Headey) and Halan (Stephan James) as the mystery of the beacon and the alien rocks came to a head.

The dust settled with a major cliffhanger that left the fate of Aster in doubt. If you’ve just seen those two episodes, you might be wondering whether Beacon 23 will be airing a ninth episode to reveal more answers. Fortunately, we do have the details for this. Read on after the break.

Beacon 23. Photo Credit: Rafy Winterfeld/Boat Rocker/MGM+
Beacon 23. Photo Credit: Rafy Winterfeld/Boat Rocker/MGM+ /

Is Beacon 23 Episode 9 coming soon?

The seventh and eighth episodes of Beacon 23 served as its season finale, so don’t expect a ninth episode to follow up any time too soon. However, we have good news if you enjoyed the show and are itching to watch more: MGM+ has renewed Beacon 23 for a second season. That means we will get episode 9 and beyond.

Even better, as producer and season 2 co-showrunner Glen Mazzara revealed during our exclusive interview back in November, Beacon 23 has already filmed its second season. That means we’re getting it soon; in April of 2024, to be exact. Beacon 23 season 2 will consist of eight episodes, just like the first.

As of this writing, it’s unclear whether Headey will be returning as Aster in the show’s second season. There was no mention of her in the press release announcing the renewal from MGM+. So that is one mystery which will carry on until the second season of the show airs next year.

In the meantime, the first season of Beacon 23 is available to rewatch.

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