There has been a lot of discussion, controversy, and research about comments, and it’s becoming quite clear that intelligent and respectful comments are a huge advantage for a site, while an overly negative community affects readers’ perception of the entire site and its articles. For most sites, that means moderation is necessary.

With that in mind, our policy would like to encourage two things in comments:

Please be respectful. Whoever you’re responding to–article authors, fellow commenters, authors (no matter what speed they write at), or even cast and crew on the show–are people, and treating them respectfully helps ensure a better community for everyone.

Try to add new and interesting ideas to the discussion. For example, one of the best ways to foster intelligent conversation is to be specific about the things you liked, didn’t like, reminded you of a link, or found especially fascinating.

And two rules:

No sexism, racism, or other forms of bigotry will be tolerated. This is self-evident, I think, but I’d like to highlight one specific form that I’d like to see disappear, which is creepy objectification. For example, Game Of Thrones depicts a lot of attractive people, many of whom are sometimes naked, and the difference between appreciating human beauty and creepy objectification can be a fine line. But comments like “HBO, please make [actress] get naked!” are nowhere near that fine line and will be deleted.

No website wars. Please don’t use the comments simply to denigrate one site and build up another.