15 fantasy/sci-fi TV shows to catch up with in 2024 before the next season drops

Several ongoing TV shows will drop their next seasons in 2024. Here are 15 to catch up on.
House of the Dragon Episode 10
House of the Dragon Episode 10 /
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We're a week into 2024 and already there are new TV shows and web series piling up to be consumed. The Percy Jackson reboot is almost halfway through its first season on Disney+ and the platform is gearing up for Echo on January 10.

There are tons of shows either debuting in 2024 or returning for new seasons. If you want to pick up a new series before the release of its next season, here are your top 15 options:

1) House of the Dragon season 2

Set 172 years before the birth of Daenerys Targaryen, the first season of House of the Dragon took us straight back to Westeros. It came packed with the same intensity, fleshed out characters, and majestic visuals that we associated with Game of Thrones, and significantly more dragons. Moreover, it gave us a real taste of true-blue Targaryen madness, of which we only had a glimpse of in GoT, and even wiped off some of the bitter aftertaste of the last season of the original show.

Based on G.R.R. Martin’s Fire & Blood but adapted with a lot of flourish, the series centers around the civil war between rival factions of the Targaryen dynasty -- the 'Blacks’ and the ‘Greens’ -- that ultimately leads to the extinction of dragons. Emma D’Arcy, Math Smith, Olivia Cooke, and others will all reprise their roles in season 2 on HBO, scheduled to be released this summer. The show is expected to pick up where season 1 left off: Rhaenyra Targaryen looking for blood after her son, Lucerys, is murdered by her former best friend and stepmother Alicent Hightower’s third-born son, Aemond Targaryen.

2) The Boys season 4

An Amazon Prime Video original, The Boys is a cerebral and subversive spin on the superhero genre. The show takes deliberate, not-at-all-subtle jabs at the common superhero tropes, starting with its lead antognist Homelander, a dark parody of Superman.

Based on the comic book series of the same name by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson and originally published by DC Comics, The Boys found an enthusiastic audience right from the get-go. The ensemble cast, led spectacularly by Antony Starr (Homelander) and Karl Urban (Billy Butcher), will return for a fourth season in 2024. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was spotted in the new trailer, playing a mysterious new character.

3) Invincible season 2, part 2

Created by Robert Kirkman and based on a comic series of the same name, the first season of Invincible was well-received by both the viewers and critics. It follows 17-year-old Mark Grayson as he struggles with being a teenager, a superhero, and struggling in the shadow of his ultra-powerful father Nolan Grayson, a.k.a. Omni-Man. After eight episodes of battling sea monsters, villains from other realities, and even Martians, Grayson is left bloodied and beaten up by his own father at the end of season 1.

The show returned for a second season In November 2023, but Prime is holding out on the remaining four episodes which will be released sometime this year.

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