17 of our most anticipated fantasy and sci-fi books of 2024

Here are 17 of the fantasy and sci-fi books coming out in 2024 that we're most looking forward to reading, including releases from Brandon Sanderson and The Expanse author James S.A. Corey.
Mirrored Heavens by Rebecca Roanhorse. Image: Saga Press
Mirrored Heavens by Rebecca Roanhorse. Image: Saga Press / Saga Press
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As is vaunted tradition passed down through the ages, whenever a new year begins we must look forward to the books yet to come. While I'm still reeling from the incredible slate of books that came out in 2023, time is already speeding ahead. And there can be little doubt that this is going to be another banger year for bookshelves, with major titles from authors like Brandon Sanderson, Mark Lawrence, Andrea Stewart and more, as well as plenty of exciting debuts and indie releases.

If you're looking to get your reading list in order for 2024, look no further. We've rounded up 17 of the most exciting and notable fantasy and sci-fi book releases of the year all in one place, so you can spend less time scouring the internet and more time reading. A couple of these titles were released in January; the rest will follow throughout the year. As such, any vendor links listed for books that aren't out yet are for pre-orders. So pull up your Goodreads account and let's get to bookmarking!

The Slain Divine
Discover Orbit's "The Slain Divine" by David Dalglish on Amazon. / Orbit

THE SLAIN DIVINE by David Dalglish (Vagrant Gods #3) — January 9

The Slain Divine is the third and final book in David Dalglish's Vagrant Gods trilogy, an epic fantasy where a young prince and his allies fight to liberate his people's island home from an invading empire. This is a world where gods once held sway, walking among the populace as living deities, before the new god emperor came along and started killing them all off.

With vibes akin to a Final Fantasy game, including a lovable party of characters who have been through hell and back together, Vagrant Gods has been a great fantasy series to follow these past few years. Obviously, we're more than a little curious to see how it all ends in The Slain Divine.

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Womb City
Discover Erewhon Books' "Womb City" by Tlotlo Tsamaase on Amazon. / Erewhon Books

WOMB CITY by Tlotlo Tsamaase — January 23

Womb City is the debut novel from acclaimed Motswana short fiction author Tlotlo Tsamaase, and a twisty, thought-provoking book that deals with ideas of bodily autonomy, surveillance and power in a dystopian future where even people's bodies are a "government-issued resource."

Nelah is trapped in a loveless marriage, under constant surveillance by her police officer husband. After a horrible accident leads to Nelah accidentally killing someone, she tries to cover it up...except it doesn't take, and the ghost of her victim then starts hunting down everyone close to her. It sounds like an absolute mindf*ck. From the back-of-book description:

This genre-bending Africanfuturist horror novel blends The Handmaid’s Tale with Get Out in an adrenaline-packed, cyberpunk body-hopping ghost story exploring motherhood, memory, and a woman’s right to her own body.

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The Trials of Empire
Discover Orbit's "The Trials of Empire" by Richard Swan on Amazon. / Orbit

THE TRIALS OF EMPIRE by Richard Swan (Empire of the Wolf #3) — February 6

The third and final book in Richard Swan's acclaimed Empire of the Wolf trilogy, The Trials of Empire will be coming out right at the top of February. The series follows Justice Sir Konrad Vonvault and his protégé Helena. In the world of Empire of the Wolf, Justices serve as investigator, judge, and executioner (with a side of necromancer). They are responsible for upholding the laws of the Sovan Empire...but what happens when that empire falls prey to corruption and apathy?

The first two books in Swan's series combined elements of mystery novels with dark fantasy. Now, with the fate of Sova on the line, Helena and Vonvault have to confront a dangerous enemy with the backing of a demonic patron who wants to bring it all down. But is Sova even worth saving?

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Discover Solaris' "Redsight" by Meredith Mooring on Amazon / Solaris

REDSIGHT by Meredith Mooring — February 27

Another debut novel, Redsight by Meredith Mooring is a space opera that follows a blind priestess named Korinna who has the ability to control the power of space-time. After an attack on the ship where she was stationed brings Korinna into contact with a notorious pirate who has a vendetta against the Imperium, she is forced to confront the reality of the system which has raised her to become a living weapon. She becomes a fugitive who must harness her power to survive and ensure a better future for the galaxy.

An imaginative new space opera for fans of Gideon the Ninth filled with sapphic romance, space pirates, a blind witch and powerful priestesses

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