6 takeaways from the Fallout TV show trailer launch

Prime Video has released a new trailer for Fallout, and it gives us our best look yet at this quirky post-apocalyptic drama based on the beloved video game franchise.
Fallout. Image courtesy of Prime Video
Fallout. Image courtesy of Prime Video /
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Fallout - First Look
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2. Fallout will drop its entire first season at once

While there are plenty of story-related details to pour over in the trailer, one of the things that shocked me the most was the reveal that the show will debut its entire season on April 11. Up until now, we've been assuming that Fallout would follow the usual release schedule for Amazon originals, perhaps with several episodes debuting on premiere day and then one per week after.

It's an interesting decision for Amazon to release Fallout all at once. I'm a little confused about why they wouldn't want to stretch out interest in the series, especially considering the massive fanbase out there that will undoubtedly be interested in seeing such a beloved game series brought to life on the small screen. But on the plus side, it means we can binge all eight episodes of the season right from the start!

3. Fallout takes place after the video games and considers them canon

This is technically something we already knew, but it's important so we're going to repeat it: This TV series is technically a sequel to the video games, which takes place about a decade after Fallout 4. The show considers the games canon.

"It's set in the world of Fallout, but it's a new story that comes, sort of after the events we've seen," explained co-showrunner Graham Wagner. "So it really is, the show is built on like 25 years of creativity and thinking and building [from the games]. And we sort of thought the best thing to do is to continue that, versus retread it. Because that's sort of what has worked with Fallout over the years. It's traded hands, it's changed, it's been altered, and it's a living thing. And yeah, we kind of felt like we ought to take a swing at trying to build a new piece on top of that."

Jonathan Nolan expanded on why this idea of building a whole new story works so well, and how it's always been a part of the Fallout storytelling tradition: "I think one of the things that's so powerful about the Fallout series is that every game is a little different. Different characters, a different setting, and a different look into this extraordinary universe," he said.

And what sort of characters will we be meeting in this new Fallout story? There are three at the forefront: a Vault Dweller named Lucy (Ella Purnell), a Brotherhood of Steel squire named Maximus (Aaron Moten), and a ghoul who can't help but keep things interesting: