Alexander Dreymon's 5 best moments as Uhtred in The Last Kingdom

Alexander Dreymon killed it as Uhred, son of Uhtred, in The Last Kingdom. Here are five standout moments throughout all five seasons and the movie, Seven Kings Must Die.
The Last Kingdom
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When it comes to lead character Uhtred of Bebbanburg, Netflix's medieval drama The Last Kingdom got the casting right. German Alexander Dreymon proved why he was picked from the very first scene.

Throughout five seasons and a movie, we watched Uhtred lose his home, become a slave, find a new home and family, and end up caught up in wars between Danes and Saxons. As someone with Dane and Saxon heritage himself, he was often split between the two sides, showing loyalty to both his past and his current families.

Of course, there was always one thing on his mind: he needed his ancestral home of Bebbanburg back, and he would stop at nothing to get it. The problem was King Alfred of Wessex, often his principal employer, wasn’t all that willing to help him do it. Alfred had his own wishes and could use a man of Uhtred's talents for his own ends.

Uhtred had some excellent moments throughout the seasons. We’ve seen him endure heartbreaking losses, moments that showed us he understood the nature of war, and moments where he put his people before his own needs. Here are the top five Uhtred moments from The Last Kingdom.

The Last Kingdom | Episode Four © Carnival Film & Television Ltd Photographer: Kata Vermes Alexander Dreymon (as Uhtred) /

Taking down Ubba

One of Uhtred's best moments came at the very start of The Last Kingdom. Uhtred had to face off against Ubba, a Dane he respected but knew would be a major problem. However, Ubba was a good warrior, and Uhtred knew that he would need to take the man by surprise.

And he certainly did. We got to see an epic fight between these two warriors with very different yet similar fighting styles.

The best part, though, was Uhtred's face after he killed Ubba. The Danes didn’t like that, and they charged after him. Uhtred believed he was on his own, and that look of shock, fear, and acquiescence to his fate was hilarious.

The Last Kingdom / Series Two Photographer: Des Willie © Carnival Film & Television Limited 2017 Ian Hart (as Beocca), Thure Lindhardt (as Guthred), Gerard Kearns (as Halig), Alexander Dreymon (as Uhtred), Eva Birthistle (as Hild) /

When Hild is trimming Uhtred's beard

There are some beautiful and quiet moments throughout The Last Kingdom. Those are often some of the best moments as we get a chance to see characters grow and learn.

After being a slave and going to hell and back in the second season, Uhtred felt shame and didn’t really want to be around anyone. But his friend Hild wasn’t about to let him hide away. She sat with him and simply trimmed his beard.

She didn’t expect him to open up to her, but she was there, ready to listen. It was a beautiful reminder that Uhtred had been there for her when she needed it, and now she was returning the favor. Seeing these types of platonic relationships is essential on TV, and I still can see this scene so clearly.

The Last Kingdom | Episode Eight © Carnival Film & Television Ltd Photographer: Kata Vermes Alexander Dreymon (as Uhtred) and David Dawson (as Alfred) /

The last meeting between Uhtred and King Alfred

Uhtred and King Alfred had this love-hate relationship. They respected each other for their skills and their positions, but there was also an element of jealousy and hatred between each other.

As Alfred prepared for his final moments, we got to see the two men share some time alone. They simply talked in the room where Alfred had written down his history of the land he hoped one day to unite as England. He had always made it clear that nobody would remember Uhtred. History was written by the victor, after all. I think, though, he realized his mistake.

However, the two were so much alike. We got to see them come to a true understanding of each other, and we were reminded that at the heart of it, they respected each other. If times were different or they weren’t in quite the positions they were, the two would have been friends.

16) TLK4_JA_250919_NZ72232
The Last Kingdom Season 4 -- Courtesy of Netflix /

Sending Ragnar’s soul to Valhalla

Ragnar was Uhtred's adopted brother from a young age, a Dane whose family took in Uhtred as one of their own. He died thanks to the deception and dirty tricks of Aethelwold. Uhtred was sure to send his brother's soul to Valhalla to make sure Ragnar ended up where he was meant to be.

We finally got to see Aethelwold get his comeuppance, and it was at the hands of Uhtred. It had to be. This was a man who had routinely caused problems for Uhtred. The two could have worked together, but no, Aethelwold was too much of a snake.

It looked for a second like Uhtred would give Aethelwold a chance, but I think we all knew that wouldn’t be the case. That look on Uhtred’s face as the light shone through the clouds signifying Ragnar going to Valhalla was everything.

Alexander Dreymon and Mark Rowley
The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die. (L to R) Alexander Dreymon and Mark Rowley in The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

Standing between a choice

Fans worried that The Last Kingdom movie Seven Kings Must Die would end with Uhtred’s death. And maybe it did. The ending gave us a scene where Uhtred stood in a doorway. On one side was his family alive and laughing, and on the other side were those who had died feasting in the Great Hall of Valhalla.

We don’t know the choice Uhtred made. That wasn’t the point of the ending. It was the knowledge that Uhtred was at peace. He had gained everything he dreamed of and more. He had the ability to make a choice, and there would have been no shame in either one.

That moment still brings tears to my eyes. Happy ones, of course.

The Last Kingdom is available to stream on Netflix.

Alexander Dreymon found The Last Kingdom movie "bittersweet". Alexander Dreymon found The Last Kingdom movie "bittersweet". dark. Next

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