Barack Obama cheekily turned down cameo in Game of Thrones showrunners' new series

Barack Obama is a fan of The Three-Body Problem, which Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss are adapting as a new sci-fi show for Netflix.
Barack Obama Speaks At His Foundation's Democracy Forum In New York City
Barack Obama Speaks At His Foundation's Democracy Forum In New York City / Spencer Platt/GettyImages

BEWARE: This post contains SPOILERS for 3 Body Problem

Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss are back with a big new project: 3 Body Problem, a Netflix series based on the Remembrance of Earth's Past sci-fi novels by Liu Cixin. The TV show, like the books, is grim and ambitious; it's about humanity's first contact with an extraterrestrial race of aliens that doesn't think much of we humans.

The Three-Body books are very popular around the world, counting among their readers such high-profile fans as former U.S. president Barack Obama. "The scope of it was immense. So that was fun to read," Obama told The New York Times back in 2017. "Partly because my day-to-day problems with Congress seem fairly petty — not something to worry about. Aliens are about to invade!"

Obama has long been a fan of TV in general. Back when he was president, he was able to secure advance screeners of Game of Thrones season 6, so he knew whether Jon Snow was really dead before everyone else. He's also partnered with Netflix to make a series of films and TV shows through Higher Ground Productions; he narrates a documentary about the national park system, for example.

Take all of this together, and perhaps you'd see why Benioff and Weiss would be hopeful that he might make a cameo appearance in 3 Body Problem. Alas, as they revealed to USA Today, it was not to be. "(Obama) did sign a very funny note though, when we tried to get him for a cameo," Benioff said. "It was to the effect of, 'In case there ever is a real alien invasion, I think I should probably save myself for that crisis.'"

"He wants to keep his powder dry in case there's a real thing," added Weiss. So there you have it: Obama would rather not appear in this fictional alien drama in case the real thing happens and he's called up for duty. You don't want to tip the aliens off!

Obama also hasn't requested screeners of the new 3 Body Problem show. "He doesn't text, he doesn't call," Weiss joked. I guess the new series has to prove itself worth watching first. We'll find out whether it goes the distance when all eight episodes drop on Netflix on Thursday, March 21.

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