Cillian Murphy will return for 28 Years Later!

Over two decades after the release of 28 Days Later, Cillian Murphy is confirmed to return for the sequel, aptly named 28 Years Later. And this time he has an Oscar!
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Back in 2002, when the zombie genre was getting overly saturated and samey, director Danny Boyle released 28 Days Later. The British movie featured super-fast infected, a killer soundtrack, and more. It rejuvenated the zombie genre, paving the way for beloved franchises like The Walking Dead and World War Z. And now, over 20 years later, it's being revived.

Of course, 28 Days Later has already got one sequel: 28 Weeks Later. Released in 2007, the sequel took a step away from the first movie and followed a different set of characters. Cillian Murphy's character Jim, who was the protagonist of the original, didn't feature at all. Moreover, Danny Boyle didn't direct, nor did 28 Days Later screenwriter Alex Garland reprise writing duties.

With 28 Years Later, however, the old team is getting back together. Danny Boyle is back at the helm and Alex Garland is once again penning the script. The movie has already cast several stars, including Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Jodie Comer, and Ralph Fiennes. Now, Sony Pictures chairman Tom Rothman has confirmed that Cillian Murphy will return for the threequel.

"Yes, but in a surprising way and in a way that grows, let me put it that way," he told Deadline. "This is Danny at his best, combined with a very commercial genre, like we had with Edgar Wright and Baby Driver. Sometimes when you put a real signature director into a commercial arena, it elevates it."

28 Days Later was a perfect launch to Murphy's career. He went on to land numerous huge roles, from playing Scarecrow in Batman Begins to Tommy Shelby in Peaky Blinders, and of course his Oscar-winning performance in Oppenheimer. Despite his massive success, he's always been very vocal about his desire to work with Danny Boyle and Alex Garland again. "I would be there in a flash. I made two movies with both of those guys, and I would love to work with them again. Of course, I'm there," he previously told The Independent.

When we last saw Jim, he had fled from Worsley House. We know that he was left alive, but his whereabouts are a mystery. It is presumed that he, Selena and Hannah wound up somewhere in mainland Europe. No doubt 28 Years Later will finally answer these questions.

28 Years Later is slated to premiere sometime in 2025. No exact release date has been confirmed yet.

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