Daisy Ridley teases "new characters" in her upcoming Star Wars movie

Daisy Ridley is officially returning to the Star Wars franchise in a new movie set 15 years after the conclusion of The Rise of Skywalker.

Daisy Ridley's Rey Skywalker will make her triumphant return to the Star Wars universe in an upcoming movie, marking her first appearance in the franchise since The Rise of Skywalker (2019). The forthcoming movie is still shrouded in mystery, but Ridley is hinting at the arrival of several new and exciting characters.

Directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, the currently untitled movie is set 15 years after the ultimate fall of the Sith. Now Rey attempts to keep her promise to Luke by rebuilding the New Jedi Order.

Given that the project is still in development, Daisy Ridley knows little more than we do. “Literally what I know is what was announced last year, I’m waiting to read a script," she told Deadline. “I know bits and bobs. I know there’s an introduction of new characters.”

As for returning characters from the sequel trilogy, she's not aware of anything yet. “I don’t know about previous characters,” she said. However, one thing she's sure about is that, no, Rey won't have any children running around in the upcoming movie. "I would say she probably doesn’t have children seeing she’s a Jedi,” she added.

The movie is scheduled to begin shooting in April. As of now, no release window has been set. Watch this space.

Daisy Ridley reflects on her career post-Star Wars

Ridley has not returned to the Star Wars Universe since finishing work on The Rise of Skywalker. Fans have been anticipating Rey's return and learning what's happened in the time passed. But outside her adventures in the galaxy far, far away, Ridley noticed that her career started to become stagnant after the 2019 blockbuster.

“There weren’t that many offers coming in,” she explained, per Variety. “It’s not that there wasn’t any… I remember finishing and thinking, ‘Oh, it’s quiet and strange.'”

However, in more recent years she's been able to work on several unique and exciting projects. “It’s been really busy and amazing and I’ve got to do so many different things for so many different people,” she said. “It has been a different exploration of myself and my career.” Some of her recent projects include The Marsh King’s Daughter, Sometimes I Think About Dying and Chaos Walking.

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