Doctor Who: The BBC shuts down complaints about transgender representation

The BBC is speaking out against fans complaining about Yasmin Finney's transgender character in the Doctor Who 60th anniversary special.

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Doctor Who's trio of 60th anniversary specials did not disappoint in the slightest. They gave us back all the things we love about this series, including the return of David Tennant and Catherine Tate as the Doctor and Donna.

We were also introduced to a number of new faces, including Heartstopper star Yasmin Finney, who played a transgender character named Rose. We met Rose in "The Star Beast," the first of the three specials; Rose is Donna's daughter.

Although the majority of folks absolutely loved everything about this episode, including Finney's performance, there were a few who decided to speak out against the BBC's decision to have transgender representation. And while the complaints have rolled in, the BBC is not putting up with any of it. More on what they had to say below!

The BBC is in full support of transgender characters on Doctor Who and in their other content

Complaints about Finney's character included that she was "inappropriate" and "anti-male." According to Deadline, the BBC got around 144 messages from people angry and frustrated about Rose being transgender.

The BBC decided to speak out against the complaints in an update on its website: “As regular viewers of Doctor Who will be aware, the show has and will always continue to proudly celebrate diversity and reflect the world we live in. We are always mindful of the content within our episodes.”

Around 7.6 million+ people watched "The Star Beast," meaning the 144 complaints represented a vanishingly small number of viewers. So the haters exist, but there are far more people who support Rose, her storyline, and all the things Doctor Who represents.

Current (and former) showrunner Russell T Davies also spoke out about the complaints during a press conference last month. “[There are] newspapers of absolute hate, and venom, and destruction, and violence who would rather see that sort of thing wiped off the screen destroyed. Shame on you, and good luck to you in your lonely lives.” Well said, Davies, well said!

While the haters continue to hate, we must give a quick shout-out to the epic return of Doctor Who and the arrival of brand new Doctor Ncuti Gatwa, who made his official debut in the holiday special. I am so excited for this new era of the series, and cannot wait to see what Gatwa brings to the table. I'm already in love with him, and think he is going to be such a pleasant addition to the Doctor Who family.

Stay tuned for updates regarding Gatwa's first season premiere, which is set to happen sometime this year!

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