Dress as decrepit King Viserys Targaryen from House of the Dragon with new Halloween costume

Now you can too can wobble down a long straightaway and sit the Iron Throne one last time, complete with your Targaren crown and Phantom-of-the-Opera mask, necessary to cover up your hideous visage.

House of the dragon| King Viserys enters the throne room🐉
House of the dragon| King Viserys enters the throne room🐉 / GenesisTb

The best scene from the first season of House of the Dragon is, unquestionably, the bit where King Viserys I Targaryen, dying of an degenerative disease, pulls himself out of bed to laboriously walk the long walk to the Iron Throne one last time, so he can defend his daughter Rhaenyra from those who would contest her position as his heir. Watch it above; it still brings a tear to my eye.

This scene has been hilariously recreated by fans, but it's had to get the full effect when you have the proper costuming. That's where Trick or Treat Studios comes in. They'll be selling replicas of King Viserys' crown, as well as the Phantom of the Opera-esque mask he wore to cover up what by then had become a ruined parody of a human face:

Trick or Treat Studios isn't actually selling the mask and crown yet, but you can visit their website and sign up to be informed of the second they become available. Halloween is a while off, after all.

It's also true that they're not selling the rest of Viserys' outfit, his royal raiment, his kingly robe. There should be enough time between now and October 31 to put something together, though, if you're so inclined.

Since the second season of House of the Dragon will probably have wrapped up by the time Halloween rolls around this year, it's possible that there will be a whole new selection of costume options to choose from. But it's always fun to have a dying king lurching from door to door begging for candy, on Halloween or whenever else, really.

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