Ellie and Dina explore Seattle in behind-the-scenes pics from The Last of Us season 2

We have a long while to wait before we see new episodes of The Last of Us, but at least we can ogle the cast members riding into town in the meantime:
The Last of Us season 2
The Last of Us season 2 /

Earlier this week, HBO surprised us by dropping a couple of images from the upcoming second season of The Last of Us, its adaptation of the zombie video game series from Naughty Dog. Above we see Ellie (Bella Ramsey), the plucky, spore-resistance kid from the first season, grown up and ready to get revenge.

Revenge for what? Don't worry about it. The Last of Us season 2 will adapt The Last of Us Part II, which sees Ellie and her girlfriend Dina (Isabela Merced) go on a journey to hunt down some bad folks. Their journey takes them to Seattle, where the players fight zombies and humans alike in ruined coffee shops and such.

Recently, behind-the-scenes images of filming have surfaced online, and it's uncanny how much the crew has dressed the town of Nanaimo, Canada to look like Seattle from the game. We're not going to actually embed the photos here for fear of legal reprisal, but there are plenty of shots to check out. In most of them, Ellie and Dina are riding on Shimmer, their horse from the game!

Neil Druckmann, the creator of The Last of Us games, is heavily involved in the TV show, so it's not surprising to see that they're remaining very faithful. The only difficult thing now is the waiting. Filming on season 2 began in February and likely has a while to go. And because this show is so complicated, it will take a while after that to add in special effects and edit everything. We're looking at a 2025 release.

The second season of The Last of Us won't be the final one. We probably have at least one more after that; Part II is a meatier game than Part I and will take multiple seasons of TV to adapt. We'll be meeting a lot of new faces whenever the episodes start to air:

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