Fan art of The Boys star Jack Quaid as the Flash in the new DC Cinematic Universe

Grant Gustin and Ezra Miller are done playing the Flash. James Gunn will need someone new to take up the role. What about Jack Quaid?
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Ezra Miller was the last person to play the Flash on the big screen, but for various reasons, they're no longer playing the role. Meanwhile, over on TV, Grant Gustin's tenure as the super-fast superhero came to an end after nine seasons of The Flash. As we speak, Peter Safran and Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn are trying to reboot the DC Cinematic Unvierse. That includes new actors playing the roles of heroes like Superman, Batman and presumably the Flash.

We know that David Corenswet will play Superman, but beyond that, we're in the dark. But fans have shone a light. The artist 21xfour has mocked up a couple of images imagining what The Boys star Jack Quaid would look like in the role of Barry Allen, aka the Flash. Check them out here and here.

Jack Quaid, the son of Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid, has blown over the past several years. He seems to specialize in the superhero drama. Not only is one of the main characters on Amazon's brutally subversive superhero show The Boys, he voices Superman in My Adventures With Superman, which is a much more wholesome show.

Playing the Flash on the big screen could be the next next in Quaid's superhero journey. If Gunn and Safran are looking for someone to fill the role, maybe they'll check out this artwork and get inspired.

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