Former showrunner Steven Moffat is officially returning to Doctor Who!

The BBC has officially announced the return of Steven Moffat to the world of Doctor Who, who as he is set to return to write an episode for season 14.
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Could season 14 potentially be the best season of Doctor Who ever?! We've got original reboot showrunner Russell T Davies back in charge, Ncuti Gatwa playing the Doctor, and now, former showrunner Steven Moffat is making an official return to the franchise.

The only thing we are really missing at this point are cameos from David Tennant and Matt Smith, and Tennant has already stopped by. If that somehow came to fruition, season 14 would be dang near perfect. But for now, we will just celebrate that Moffat is making his return to this wild and crazy world of aliens, time-travel, and the space-time continuum.

Moffat's time on Doctor Who gave us the likes of "Blink" featuring the frightening, haunting Weeping Angels, amongst many, many more gems. He served as a writer under Steven Moffat when the show returned to TV in 2005, and then worked as showrunner during the tenures of the Eleventh and Twelvth Doctors. He's absolutely brilliant, and his return means big things for Doctor Who.

After months of denying it, Steven Moffat has indeed announced his return to Doctor Who

For quite some time, Moffat would tiptoe and deny any suggestion about him coming back to Doctor Who, stating that he "had no plans to return." Of course, we now know that was a ruse to keep us away from the truth because he did plan on coming back, and he has something cooking for season 14.

You sneaky man, you, Mr. Moffat.

"Yes, OK, fair enough – apologies to everyone I've very slightly misled – I am in fact writing an episode of the series of Doctor Who," Moffat said, per Radio Times. "Exactly like I said I never would. What can I tell you? There was begging, there was pleading but finally Russell agreed to let me have another go – so long as I got out of his garden. Working with old friends and a brand new Doctor I couldn't be happier. Sorry I was a bit reticent on the subject for so long. It was all part of an elaborate plan that would have delighted millions but at the last minute I forgot what it was."

Even if he had to lie or rather omit the truth, I am so happy that this is happening. Moffat's return is incredibly exciting especially for a season that has already had so many amazing things going for it. We've got Gatwa, who shined as the Doctor in his debut during the holiday special, and then we've got Davies, who we know is an incredible showrunner. This trio coming together is going to be the thing of Whovians' dreams; I truly cannot wait!

At this time, we do not know what Moffat's episode will be about, but perhaps, it will feature new monsters or even the return of old ones like the Weeping Angels. When it comes to Moffat's mind alongside Davies', anything can happen.

So brace yourselves, fellow Whovians, it is going to be one wild ride!

Doctor Who returns to the UK on May 11th and Disney Plus (where available) on May 10th.

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