Gina Carano warmly remembers her Mandalorian costar Carl Weathers

Disney fired Gina Carano from The Mandalorian in 2022. Her costar Carl Weathers, who died last week, "called me directly after I was fired."
The Mandalorian season 2, chapter 12
The Mandalorian season 2, chapter 12 /

In 2022, Disney fired actor Gina Carano from its Star Wars spinoff show The Mandalorian for what it called "abhorrent and unacceptable" behavior on social media, which you can read about here. A few days ago, Carano wrote an Instagram post about her Mandalorian costar Carl Weathers, who died last Thursday, February. According to Carano, Weathers called her "directly after I was fired," although at that point she "wasn’t in an emotional state where I could pick up the phone because of how upset I was." The two did speak later on, though.

“He was gentle, and encouraging and didn’t want me to give up, he was letting me know that he wasn’t throwing me away, he was trying to keep my hope alive in what seemed like quite hopeless scenario, he showed me he cared. That is who he was,” Carano wrote. “I bonded with him very closely on Mando season 1&2. [Showrunner] Jon Favreau felt he would be a good mentor for me because we shared the athlete turned actor bond, so John had him direct my first episode in season 2 of Mando.”

"I believe had we gotten to Rangers of the New Republic, Carl would’ve directed me in much more. Jon F. was right, we were a great fit."

Rangers of the New Republic was a Star Wars spinoff show that was at one point going to star Carano's character Cara Dune in a new role, although the show was torpedoed after she was fired. “Carl was a mentor to me on set, he would put both his arms on my shoulders and look me directly in the eyes to calm my spirit,” she continued. “He had a wonderful perspective of telling a story that can only come through his experience and wisdom that he shared with me to help make me shine. I cherish those moments.”

"My condolences to his family and loved ones. He was a great man. Rest in peace my dear friend. As he would say #Bepeace my friend Be peace."

After The Mandalorian, Carano went on to to star in Terror on the Prairie, a western movie produced by conservative news outlet The Daily Wire. She very likely won't be back on The Mandalorian. Speaking in 2021, star Giancarlo Esposito (Moff Gideon) named her as his favorite costar from the show.

As for Carl Weathers, his performance as Greef Karga in The Mandalorian season 3 marked his final screen appearance. He will be missed.

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