Has Henry Cavill joined the MCU as Captain Britain?

Henry Cavill, known for his portrayal of Superman in the DCEU and Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher, may have joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Henry Cavil, Captain Britain ?
Henry Cavil, Captain Britain ? / Theo Wargo/GettyImages

One of the big names in superhero movies is Henry Cavill, and he might've just joined MCU. This news comes from a well-known industry insider, who says that Cavill was offered and accepted a role, and not the one you may think. The rumor is that he may have accepted a role as the superhero Captain Britain.

Who wouldn't want to see Cavill, who played Superman in the DC movies and Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher, in the MCU? Let's dive into the details.

The Witcher season 3
The Witcher season 3. Image: Netflix. Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia. /

In 2021, The Hollywood Reporter asked Cavill what role he'd like to play in the MCU. He said he wouldn't want to play a role which had already been done onscreen, but added that it would be "loads of fun to do a cool, modernized version" of Captain Britain, comparing the character to Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, and saying he would love to play a British character being a British Actor.

People have long cast Cavill in Marvel roles. After the studio revealed the cast of the Fantastic Four movie, some suggested Cavill would be a good fit for characters like Doctor Doom or Hyperion. Industy insider MyTimeToShineHello responded to some of these suggestions, saying that Cavill was offered a different role in the MCU and had accepted it. The popular theory is that he may play Captain Britain, just like he wanted.

Who is Captain Britain?

Captain Britain is not England's version of Captain America. He is a mystical superhero.
His real name is Dr. Brian Braddock and he's known as Captain Britain because he's a champion of the British isles and their people. He gets mystical powers from the Amulet of Right, which he recieved from the Omniversal guardian Merlyn, a character plays a big role in British mythology. In the comics he has also wielded the sword Excalibur, which we saw in the MCU movie Eternals.

Captain Britain first appeared in 1976. In the first issue of his comic, Brian Braddock is working as a researcher at the Darkmoor Energy Research Centre. During an attack on the centre, Brian is brought to the point of death, when he sees Merlyn and his daughter. He is offered another chance to live by choosing either the Amulet of Right or the Sword of Might. Being a scientist, he chooses the Amulet of Right and becomes Captain Britain.

Captain Britain really starts to come into his own in stories like "Time Runs Out," where he and his allies must fight against the Ivory Kings. During the Secret Wars storyline, Captain Britain battles the X-Men villain Mister Sinister.

We have already heard of Captain Britain in the MCU. When Captain America and Iron Man travel back in time to retrieve the Tesserect in Avengers: Endgame, Captain America sees his old flame Peggy overhears a conversation she's having. "I said bring them in." she says. And a SHIELD Agent replies: "They're trying, ma'am, but Braddock's unit has been stopped by lightning strikes."

Olivia Colman as Special Agent Sonya Falsworth in Marvel Studios' SECRET INVASION, exclusively on Disney+. Photo by Gareth Gatrell. © 2023 MARVEL. /

It is also confirmed that there was a Braddock in SHIELD in the 1970s. In the Marvel TV show Secret Invasion, British intelligence operative Sonya Falsworth is planning to put together a team of superheroes. She recruits G'iah towards the end of the show; Captain Britain would be a natural addition.

So is Henry Cavill set to play Captain Britain? Well, at this point his inclusion in the MCU is just a rumor, no matter how many insiders whisper about it. It may be hard to fit into his schedule, as Cavill is a busy guy. He's already had a movie come out this year: the spy comedy Argylle, directed by Matthew Vaughn. Later he'll appear in Guy Ritchie's The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, which is set to release in April. He's also attached to a new Highlander movie and a TV adaptation of Warhammer 40,000.

The industry needs passionate people, and who wouldn't want to work with someone as passionate as Henry Cavill?

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