Invincible boss promises shorter wait for season 3: "It's coming along great"

Invincible season 2 ends next week! But fear not: the wait for season 3 will be significantly shorter than the enormous wait we endured for season 2.
Gillian Jacobs (Atom Eve), Steven Yeun (Mark Grayson)
Gillian Jacobs (Atom Eve), Steven Yeun (Mark Grayson) /

Prime Video's Invincible is one of the best superhero shows in the universe right now, but it has one major issue: the wait time between seasons is crazy long. Fans had to wait over two years for the next batch of episodes after season 1, and even when season 2 arrived, it was split into two halves, both airing months apart.

The cause of the wait is understandable. Animation takes time to make, something the show pointed out in its latest episode. Plus, in 2023, the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes put further hurdles in the way of development. All in all, the last year hasn't been pleasant for those making TV shows. However, looking forward, Invincible showrunner Simon Racioppa believes viewers won't have to endure such extreme waits for new installments.

"Amazon picked up [seasons 2 and 3] together," Ricioppa told The Direct. "So, we are deep in Season 3 at this point. So I can't tell you exactly [when], but I can tell you it will not be the same wait between [seasons] 1 and 2... We're well in progress on Season 3, and it's coming along great."

With season 3 deep into production, Racioppa teased that the team is trying to grasp all of the different facets of the story, There's so much going on in Invincible, from interesting character dynamics to the gluttony of villains threatening the world, the universe and the multiverse:

"Half the fun of Season 3 is like, 'Oh my God, we have to deal with all the stuff that happened in Season 2 and all that ramifications of that, all of the reverberations of that, all the trauma from that' And how does that change our characters going forward? So that's really fun because we have these new challenges for our characters in Season 3… So it's like, how do we keep all the previous seasons still relevant and in our minds, and in our character's minds when we go forward? So that's super fun and exciting."

Looking ahead to season 3, he wants to keep developing the characters and the world while still keeping the heart of the show grounded. "We want our characters to keep on evolving, we want our world to keep on evolving, we want things to change, but still feel real."

Invincible season 2 continues Thursdays on Prime Video. The season 2 finale airs next Thursday, April 4.

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