Linda Hamilton feels "imposter syndrome" after joining Stranger Things 5

After joining the cast of Stranger Things, Linda Hamilton has lost the enchantment she had as a long-time fan of the show.
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Former Terminator star Linda Hamilton is no longer interested in watching the fifth and final season of Stranger Things, now that she plays a key role in the show. Hamilton is a huge fan of the Netflix sci-fi hit, so the feeling of imposter syndrome will hold her back from indulging in the show's final act.

Hamilton is one of the biggest names to join the show's cast. As an '80s icon (thanks mainly to her role as Sarah Connor in the Terminator franchise) she's a perfect fit for the show. Plus, she is a long-time fan of Stranger Things. While that sounds good on paper, in practice it causes some problems. “I’ve watched every season with relish. I just love it,” Hamilton told Us Weekly. “So it’s kind of, like, imposter syndrome, where I don’t [feel that I] fit in there.”

As a consequence, she won't be watching the final season. In fact, Hamilton never watches projects she's been involved in; when she sees herself on-screen, the illusion is instantly broken. “When you really buy into something, you don’t see yourself in it," she explained. "So I think, in a way, it kind of ruined the show for me. I never watch [a project] once I’m in something. It would just completely take me out of the reality of it to see myself in there. So I won’t be watching [season 5].”

Linda Hamilton's character in Stranger Things 5 remains shrouded in mystery. Is she a hero? A villain? A denizen of the Upside Down? We don't know. Funnily enough, not even Hamilton knows her character's full story. “They have to be very careful with their story," she explained. "So I still don’t know how it ends. And it takes a lot of discipline to not know where it’s going to go. But that’s to protect it from all of the people that want to know.”

Stranger Things 5 is still a long way from being released. It's still in production. Expect a release date sometime in 2025.

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