Ncuti Gatwa's Doctor Who costumes will "nod to past Doctors"

The Doctor's wardrobe in the upcoming season of Doctor Who will take inspiration from the show's enormous past, including Jon Pertwee's velvet jackets.
The Doctor ((Ncuti Gatwa) in the Doctor Who Christmas Special 2023.
The Doctor ((Ncuti Gatwa) in the Doctor Who Christmas Special 2023. /

Ncuti Gatwa's Fifthteenth Doctor is bringing his own unique fashion sense to the Whoniverse, but costume designer Pam Downe assures viewers that the Time Lord won't forget his roots. Gatwa's wardrobe has nods to iconic costumes from across the franchise's 60 years.

The Fifthteenth Doctor has already had a couple of memorable fashion choices, from the tanned leather jacket in the 2023 Christmas Special, to donning David Tennant's underwear in his first-ever appearance. Talking about the Doctor's fashion sense to Doctor Who Magazine, costume designer Pam Downe explained her process in creating perfect fits. "I like to control the colours," she said.

Specifically, she singled out the Doctor's burgundy jacket he wears alongside Jonathan Groff in an upcoming episode of the new series. "I don't know if viewers will pick up on it, but the burgundy velvet of Ncuti's jacket is a nod to past Doctors," she revealed. "I like to put little nods to the past in where I can." The burgundy is undoubtedly a nod to Pertwee.

Ncuti Gatwa is certainly impressed by the costumes he gets to wear, especially the ones that share a connection to Jon Pertwee's iconic look. "I love Jon Pertwee, the Third Doctor’s, outfits. Lovely velvet jackets and frilly shirts," he told Rolling Stone. "I feel a connection to him, our Doctors are the only two who dress like s**ts."

Doctor Who season 15 adds new directors!

Doctor Who will return to our screens in May for 8 new epsiodes, making up the first season of Ncuti Gatwa's Time Lord. And he will later return for another season, which is already making plenty of progress. The most recent update sees directors Amanda Brotchie and Makalla McPherson make their Whoniverse debuts.

Brotchie is best known for her work on Gentleman Jack, while McPherson's work includes episodes of Waterloo Road. Both directors will helm at least one episode of the upcoming season.

Doctor Who will return to our screens in May on the BBC and Disney+.

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