Outlander prequel star Tony Curran asked Sam Heughan for advice

Tony Curran will be playing the role of Lord Lovat, Jamie Fraser's grandfather, in the upcoming Outlander prequel series Blood of My Blood.
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Over the last few months, Outlander fans have received fabulous updates about the upcoming prequel series Blood of My Blood, which is currently in production in Scotland. The spin-off will focus on Jamie's (Sam Heughan) parents in 18th-century Scotland as well as Claire's (Caitriona Balfe) parents in World War I-era England. Like the original series, the new show will flip back and forth in time.

It's going to be an intriguing parallel to the original series, but with younger versions of characters we know, and new characters that share a connection with former ones. It is truly gearing up to be one heck of a series, and as a huge Outlander fan, I am genuinely excited for what they've got in store.

Recently, Starz announced a cast list for the prequel series, which includes Tony Curran, set to play the role of Lord Lovat, Jamie Fraser's grandfather. Preparing for such a big role takes dedication, which may include reaching out to cast members who have been a part of this story for years.

Curran decided that the best person to ask about the show would be Sam Heughan, who has played the role of Jamie for almost eight seasons now. What did the grandson have to say to the grandfather? Find out below!

Here's what Sam Heughan had to say to Outlander prequel star Tony Curran

In an interview with Radio Times, Curran revealed, “I’ve spoken to Sam [Heughan] a few times, looking for Scotland v England rugby tickets, I did actually. He’s just been nice, he’s a sweetheart, he was like ‘just have a good time’ and telling me about the producers, the crew and what the experience might be like. Ultimately, he was like ‘I think you should do it and I think you’ll have a great time.’"

I love the support, Heughan!

If you were hoping for Curran to tease what's been going on with the prequel's production, then you're in the right place. “What I’ve seen so far, the professionalism of the Scottish and British crews up there are incredible and what we’ve shot, what I’ve seen so far looks really nice,” he shared. “The scripts are really interesting so hopefully … it’s going back in time again, 1914 and 1714 so hopefully that’ll be another [wig], I bet I’m wigged up again so another interesting experience.”

The Outlander prequel series comes on the heels of the flaghship series announcing its eighth and final season. While there is no premiere date as of yet for Blood of My Blood and there may not be for quite some time, it does give us something to look forward to.

Outlander will return this summer to air the second part of season 7! We'll find out what happens to Roger (Richard Rankin) after he travels through the stones. You may recall that he traveled back in time to find his and Brianna's (Sophie Skelton) son, who was kidnapped because he knows the location of the treasure Jamie hid. And then there's the storyline of Jamie and Claire returning to Scotland. Remember to check back here for more updates about Outlander and its prequel series!

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