Outlander spinoff filming halted due to Scotland storms

Looks like Scotland's stormy weather is getting in the way of Outlander: Blood of My Blood

Outlander season 4
Outlander season 4 /

It looks like no song will be sung for the time being when it comes to Outlander's spin-off, Blood of My Blood. Due to Scotland's stormy and often unpredictable weather, things must be pushed and delayed until it is safe to begin production again.

Just going to state the obvious here, but why are they filming during the winter months? Surely, there is another time of the year that is less rainy and stormy, right? Well, it is Scotland, so it is always raining, but this seems like the worst time to film!

Outlander: Blood of My Blood delays production

A series of storms are making their way across Scotland, where Outlander: Blood of My Blood was set to begin production this month. The Glasgow City Council put out a statement regarding the storms, saying that production "has been canceled and will be rescheduled".

As a result of the storms, it looks like production will be pushed back to March, which is unfortunate.

Blood of My Blood is an exciting venture for the Outlander franchise. It fives into the story of Jamie Fraser's parents, Brian Fraser and Ellen MacKenzie. It is unclear if any current cast members will appear on the show, as it's a prequel. Then again, this series does involve time travel, so we cannot rule anything out. If Jamie (Sam Heughan) can't time travel, maybe Claire (Caitriona Balfe) will...that is, if she can figure out how the stones work.

Outlander executive producer Matthew B. Roberts has stated in a previous interview that "...there will be several names and faces that Outlander fans will know and recognize." But unclear who that will be or if there will just be name drops. It's exciting nonetheless.

After its upcoming eighth season, Outlander will come to a close. We're hoping that there will be space for spinoffs that aren't just prequels but rather sequels. There isn't any confirmed movement on that front, but we are holding out hope.

In the meantime, we have the prequel series to look forward to, along with Diana Gabaldon's tenth book in her Outlander series. There are lots of fun things headed our way, Outlander fans!

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