Peter Capaldi says Doctor Who actors like to "have a laugh, gossip and share"

Despite stepping down as the Doctor in 2017, Doctor Who has never really left Peter Capaldi. Even when he's out and about, he tends to bump into other Doctors, and they "have a laugh" about their experiences.
Picture shows: Peter Capaldi as The Doctor.. Image Courtesy Adrian Rogers/BBC
Picture shows: Peter Capaldi as The Doctor.. Image Courtesy Adrian Rogers/BBC /

After over 60 years on our screens and 14 actors in the leading role, the Doctor Who family spans generations. No matter how long ago actors played the Doctor, it's a timeless gig, and some actors — such as David Tennant — return to the role, while others, like Peter Capaldi, find themselves forever connected to the Doctor.

Capaldi has previously stated that he won't return as the Doctor again. He had his run, and he's happy to see other actors continue to drive the story forward. But he still finds himself engulfed by the Whoniverse. Turns out, that's true of a lot of the show's stars; Capaldi will will sometimes "run into them" and "have a laugh" about their experiences on the show.

"David [Tennant, Tenth Doctor] used to live in Crouch End, near me," Capaldi said. "Matt [Smith, Eleventh Doctor] lives around here. Jodie [Whittaker, Thirteenth Doctor] is nearby, Christopher [Eccleston, Ninth Doctor] too, I think."

When they bump into each other, all the usual things pop up. "You have a laugh, a gossip, you share. There aren’t a lot of people who have been in that role in the centre ofthat storm," he explained. "Most people think the job is being on the Tardis and running around with Daleks. Which it is. That’s the fun part."

Of course, time travelling and fighting aliens is just one part of the gig. "You’re kind of the face of the brand and the brand is very big. You can’t be the cynical melancholic I naturally am. You have to pretend to be a version of yourself that’s far more amenable. You embody, for a time, this folk hero, this icon. I was able to comfort people in a way that would be beyond the powers of Peter. You could walk into a room and people gasped with delight."

However, as the years have passed, the gasps have faded. "It doesn’t happen any more."

The Doctor Who franchise is in a great place right now. On the back of David Tennant's successful 60th anniversary specials, the baton has now been passed to Ncuti Gatwa, who looks brilliant in the role. Doctor Who returns to our screens in May.

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