Prequel show Outlander: Blood of My Blood has added six more actors to its growing cast

The cast of Outlander: Blood of My Blood has added six more to its cast, including the roles of Mrs. Fitz and Jocasta Cameron.
Outlander: Blood of My Blood -- Evoto
Outlander: Blood of My Blood -- Evoto /

Over the last week, the Outlander prequel show Outlander: Blood of My Blood has grown its cast by adding six more actors. According to Deadline, we've got quite an addition, and I have to say, I am very excited about it.

The new series has been busy filming in Scotland since February. Based on all the news that has been coming out the last couple of months, this is a pretty big production with a huge cast. That shouldn't come as a surprise, since Outlander: Blood of My Blood has a storyline set in multiple time periods. We'll meet Jamie's parents in the 18th century and Claire's parents in the 20th! (Those roles have already been cast, as have younger versions of Outlander characters Murtagh Fitzgibbons, Dougal and Colum MacKenzie, and Ned Gowan.)

It is quite an exciting moment indeed for Outlander fans, especially as we endure this extended Droughtlander that is going to end in November 2024. But with that, let's meet the new cast members of Outlander: Blood of My Blood!

Here are the six new actors joining Outlander: Blood of My Blood

Sally Messham_Photo credit Phil Sharp
Outlander: Blood of My Blood -- Photo credit Phil Sharp /

Sally Messham

Messham is set to play the role of Mrs. Fitz, who is Ellen Fraser's maid at Castle Leoch as well as Murtagh Fitzgibbons' aunt.

Terence Rae_Photo Credit James Melia
Outlander: Blood of My Blood -- Photo Credit James Melia /

Terence Rae

Rae will be playing a character named “Arch Bug,” who is Clan Grant's bodyguard.

Outlander: Blood of My Blood BY FNATI.C HEADSHOTS /

Sadhbh Malin

Malin will be taking on the role of great Aunt Jocasta, aka Jocasta Cameron. Outlander fans know the incomparable Maria Doyle Kennedy as Aunt Jocasta on the flagship series. Jocasta, in this prequel series, will be the "feisty youngest child of the MacKenzie clan."

Ailsa Davidson_Photo credit Callum Heinrich
Outlander: Blood of My Blood -- Photo credit Callum Heinrich /

Ailsa Davidson

Davidson will play the fifth MacKenzie sibling, Janet MacKenzie.

ANNABELLE DOWLER_Photo Credit Ori Jones
Outlander: Blood of My Blood -- Photo Credit Ori Jones /

Annabelle Dowler

We now shift focus to the 20th century characters. Dowler who will be playing Julia Moriston's (Claire's mother!) boss at the War Department.

Outlander: Blood of My Blood -- Evoto /

Harry Eaton

Last but not least, Eaton will play the role of “Private Charlton.” He is a close friend of Claire's father Henry Beauchamp as well as a fellow soldier.

And there you have it, folks! These six actors have quite the task ahead of them as they join Outlander: Blood of My Blood. Some of them are stepping into the roles of characters we know from the original series, and some are completely brand new — either way, it's all very exciting.

A premiere date for the series has not been announced as of yet, but until that happens, we do have the second half of Outlander's Season 7 headed our way in November. There may be a Droughtlander at the moment, but rest assured, the best days are yet to come!

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