Rachel Brosnahan says Superman: Legacy will have "a sense of humor"

According to Superman: Legacy star Rachel Brosnahan (Lois Lane), James Gunn is bringing his signature comedic touch to the movie!
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James Gunn and Peter Safran's rebooted and rejuvenated DC Universe kicks off with Superman: Legacy in 2025, starring David Corenswet as the Man of Steel. The goal, whether they admit it or not, is to create a sprawling, interconnected franchise, with the hope of competing with -- or even surpassing -- the immense popularity of the mammoth Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Of course, the DC Extended Universe exists, right? Well, not anymore. With the release of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, the continuity will fade away now that Gunn and Safran have taken charge. The new-look DC Universe will no doubt look and feel different with a new creative direction. Gone are the days of Zack Snyder's gritty and serious DC movies.

According to Rachel Brosnahan (Lois Lane),Superman: Legacy is being developed by long-time fans; it feels like a real passion project. “I’ve really enjoyed the collaboration with James Gunn so far,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “Every single person involved in this production is such a perfect nerd for Superman. We all grew up watching the movies. Some of us were reading the comics. So I feel like it’s being made with so much love."

Moreover, she adds that James Gunn's comedic approach -- as seen in The Suicide Squad, Peacemaker, and the Guardians of the Galaxy movies -- will most certainly shine through. "I think this Superman will have a sense of humor," she said. “We’re excited to both put our own spin on things and honor the material we love so much.”

As for what we can expect from Lois Lane, Brosnahan reveals that her version is “feisty, marvelous and fiercely intelligent.” So, perhaps a little like the Lois Lane portrayed in My Adventures With Superman?

Anthony Carrigan
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Anthony Carrigan talks playing Metamorpho in Superman: Legacy

At long last, Superman: Legacy will allow Metamorpho to make his big screen debut. Star Anthony Carrigan finally gets to fulfil his desire to play a superhero, having gone years of portraying villains, from Gotham to Barry.

"It’s very refreshing to be playing a superhero, finally, but I don’t think it quite matters to me. My favorite game is to, no matter what I’m given, try to find the opposites. See what’s possible in terms of stretching a character in different directions," Carrigan told Rolling Stone. "With Metamorpho, this is a character who was almost cursed with his powers and thought that he was freakish in terms of what he looked like and that’s something I could totally relate to because of my alopecia."

The movie is still some ways off, so Carrigan couldn't discuss anything further. "I can’t give away any of those details," he said. However, he expressed his excitement to be able to work alongside James Gunn. "But I can just reiterate that I’m so grateful to be part of it. I’ve been wanting to work with James Gunn for such a long time and this opportunity is the coolest that you could possibly get. I’m so, so grateful."

Superman: Legacy premieres July 11, 2025.

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