Silo author Hugh Howey calls season 2 "one of the best things I've ever seen"

Apple TV+'s Silo has wrapped filming on season 2. Series author Hugh Howey has seen some of it, and he's getting the hype train rolling.
Rebecca Ferguson in "Silo," now streaming on Apple TV+.
Rebecca Ferguson in "Silo," now streaming on Apple TV+. /

Silo debuted its first season last year on Apple TV+, quickly establishing itself as one of the most successful shows the streamer has ever released. Starring Rebecca Ferguson (Dune) as Juliette Nichols, a mechanic who is thrown into the role of sheriff for a massive underground silo which seemingly contains the last remnants of the human race, Silo is a sci-fi show with mysteries on top of mysteries. That made for compelling viewing, and according to Nielsen it had the #1 debut of any Apple TV+ show. After steadily growing in viewership throughout season 1, Silo was renewed for season 2 to much celebration from fans.

Filming on season 2 was put on pause last year due to the Hollywood writers and actors strikes, but finally wrapped in March 2024. When will we get to see it?

Maybe sooner than we'd think. Author Hugh Howey wrote the Silo book series the show is based on, which begins with the novel Wool. Howey teased fans on Threads, stoking up excitement for the season to come by writing: "I've seen season two and it's one of the best things I've ever seen."

Silo season 2 may premiere sometime in 2024

As great as it is that Howey is excited about season 2, it's kind of what you'd expect. After all, it'd be a little weird for the author to come out and declare it a stinker. And considering how good Silo season 1 was, we have every reason to hope for an even better sophomore season.

Something I found even more interesting is that farther down in the comments of that Threads post, Howey may have just given us our first hint about when we'll be watching Silo season 2. When one fan lamented how they would have to wait until 2025 for new episodes, Howey responded with a cryptic, "Maybe not that long..."

It's far from an official confirmation that Silo season 2 is coming this year, but to get that kind of hint from the author of the book series is certainly encouraging. Considering that Silo wrapped in March, I wouldn't be surprised at all if we were watching Rebecca Ferguson and the rest of the show's ensemble cast unravel the mysteries of their silo just in time for the holiday season.

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