Stranger Things star Eduardo Franco (Argyle) won't return for season 5

As the fifth and final season of Stranger Things enters production, all the usual cast will be present, but not season 4 star Eduardo Franco (Argyle), who never got the call.
Stranger Things SAG Event | Netflix
Stranger Things SAG Event | Netflix / Presley Ann/GettyImages

Earlier this month, Stranger Things season 5 officially entered production. The fifth and final season is already behind schedule, having been put on a long-standing pause in 2023 thanks to the months-long WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. But now all of the hurdles have been cleared, and the cast and crew have a clear path ahead to finish the show.

One fan-favorite cast member who isn't involved in the production is Eduardo Franco, who played Argyle, a pizza delivery driver and good friend of Jonathan Byers after he moves to California. For a long time, fans assumed that Argyle would return to our screens... but when Netflix announced that season 5 filming had begun with a cast photo, he was nowhere to be seen.

Countless fans have pointed out Argyle's absence from the cast photo. In response to this, during an appearance on the Steve Varley show on YouTube, actor Eduardo Franco has confirmed that he's not involved in season 5. “I appreciate that,” he said to fans disappointed by his absence. “It’s nice to hear that there’s some sort of concern or something, you know what I mean. But I never got a phone call. So, I think that’s it.”

Unlike Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn), Argyle was alive by the end of season 4, so it seemed clear that he'd at least play some part in the final episodes. Also, the cast photo features Max (Sadie Sink), who ended season 4 in a coma. She'll apparently be in season 5, but not Argyle.

The upcoming season will introduce a number of new characters, including '80s icon Linda Hamilton in a mysterious role. With production only recently beginning on January 8, a release date seems quite far off. Expect to see Stranger Things 5 hit Netflix sometime in 2025.

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