Take the Black: Dunk and Egg show gets cast, Jon Snow show gets canceled

We talk about the latest news to come out of the always-growing (and shrinking) world of Game of Thrones spinoffs, plus review Prime Video's new Fallout TV series.
Jon Snow - Game of Thrones
Jon Snow - Game of Thrones /

Take the Black is back! Each week we talk about all things sci-fi, fantasy, movies, TV and books, and this week we have some big stories to cover, both of them related to Game of Thrones. First, we found out who's playing the main characters in the upcoming prequel show A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight. Second, a proposed Jon Snow sequel show has been put on the shelf.

We talk about all that and more in the new episode. Watch below!

In addition, Daniel gives us a spoiler-free review of Fallout, the new show based on the video game series airing right now on Amazon Prime Video. He's already watched all eight episodes, so he knows of what he speaks!

And of course, we talk about What We're Watching as well as run through our WiC News Lightning Round, two staples round these parts.

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Prime Video's Fallout show is a delightful, irreverent love letter to the video game series. dark. Next. Fallout review

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