The Boys reportedly gets early renewal for season 5 while we wait on season 4

Despite completing filming almost a year ago, we still don't know when the fourth season of The Boys is coming out. But Amazon is reportedly going ahead with a fifth.

The Boys season 4 on Prime Video
The Boys season 4 on Prime Video /

The Boys is one of the sharpest superhero shows around, a satire of our divided political moment that has super-powered psychopaths stand in for our national bogeymen. (And also an Aquaman-like superhero who's attracted to marine life, because it pays not to take yourself too seriously.) It's been going strong for three seasons, with a fourth on the way.

And after spinoff show Gen V was a hit, Amazon definitely wants more. According to Hollywood North Buzz, The Boys "has new filming dates on production lists in Toronto," and is scheduled to film in the Canadian city from April through August of this year under the working title Marathon 5959. In other words, the show has been quietly renewed for season 5 and is already closing in on filming.

This information is unconfirmed, although it's easy to believe that Amazon Prime Video wants to keep the show going. What's odd to me is that although we know the fourth season is coming out sometime this year, we still don't have so much as a seasonal release window, and this despite the fact that filming ended back in April of 2023. It's possible that the actors and writers strikes last year threw things off a bit, but if filming was done before either of them went into effect, I'd figure Amazon would now be in a position to give us more information, which should want to do if they want to keep our interest up.

How many seasons will The Boys run?

At one point, season 5 was about as far ahead as showrunner Erik Kripke had thought; it sounded like he was considering ending the show there. But after the success of Gen V, which is set at a university for young superheroes, he walked that back a bit. “I have since realized that literally no one in history is worse at predicting the amount of seasons of a show, like literally,” Kripke told Inverse in October of last year. “I have learned my lesson and I've stopped predicting how many seasons these shows go. You will find out in hindsight."

Kripke previously worked on The CW show Supernatural, which ran for an eye-popping 15 seasons, so he knows of what he speaks. I'm a little worried that Amazon is breathing down his neck to stretch out The Boys for as long as possible so as to make the most of what the company sees as a budding cinematic universe, but we'll see how season 4 goes. It is okay to write endings now and then, Hollywood. They don't bite.

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