The next season of The Boys finally has a release date: June 13

Homelander and corrupt congresswoman Victoria Neuman stand together on a new poster for The Boys season 4.
The Boys season 4 on Prime Video
The Boys season 4 on Prime Video /

The fourth season of The Boys is officially premiering on Amazon Prime Video on Thursday, June 13! That's according to a new poster from the show's official Twitter/X account:

It's about time. Believe it or not, filming on the show's fourth season was actually finished around April of 2023, so we've been waiting a while for this news. The poster shows psychopathic superhero Homelander (Antony Starr) soaking up the spotlight with corrupt Congresswoman Victoria Neumann (Claudia Doumit), who's also a secret superhero with the power to make people's heads explode with her mind. Together, they will enable Homelander's worsening god complex unless the Boys — our team of superhero-fighting heroes — can stop them before Homelander tries to install himself as king of Earth or something nuts like that.

The Boys has been a hit for Amazon, a superhero show for people tired of superheroes; on this series, the heroes are selfish opportunists at best and violent sociopaths at worst. It's been so successful that Amazon has expanded the franchise with the spinoff Gen V; the first season of that show contained some plot developments that will be followed up on The Boys season 4, but hopefully not in a way that will exclude people who didn't see the spinoff.

If The Boys is premiering its fourth season in early June, that means at some point it could be airing at the same time as the second season of House of the Dragon, which is coming to HBO and Max sometime this summer. Should be an interesting season.

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