The Witcher may give us our first look at Liam Hemsworth as Geralt very soon

Henry Cavill is out as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher. Pause for sobs. But Geralt will be played by a new actor in season 4.
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Late in 2022, months ahead of when Netflix dropped the third season of The Witcher, we learned that season 3 would mark the last time that Henry Cavill would play Geralt of Rivia, the pearl-haired, gruff-voiced professional monster hunter at the center of the series. The show is scheduled to continue for two more seasons, but starting in season 4, the part of Geralt will be played by Hunger Games veteran Liam Hemsworth, younger brother to Chris Hemsworth of Marvel fame.

Despite hints here and there, we still don't know why Cavill is bowing out in the middle of the series, and probably won't until he grants us an exclusive interview. (Tweet us @WiCnet, Henry, we're here for you.) What we do know is that fans were shocked by this news, because it is shocking. How can the show continue without its star? Well, we may have an idea very soon.

According to Redanian Intelligence, which makes it its business to stay on top of all things Witcher-related, Hemsworth is busy now at Longcross Studios doing screen tests and taking photos as Geralt, complete with costume and wig. RI says that Netflix is planning to release a first look soon, probably before filming on season 4 starts in mid-April. That's consistent with what happened before the cameras started rolling on season 3, when Netflix dropped a little "now in production" image:

I'm already anticipating how a picture of Hemworth wearing Geralt's clothes — Cavill's clothes — could break the internet, or at least a very nerdy part of it. 'How dare he try and replace Cavill,' some will say. 'I think he wears it pretty well,' others will say. And I will be watching, my fist full of buttered popcorn, waiting for blood.

We already have some idea of what Hemsworth could look like as Geralt thanks to the magic of deepfakes. Check out stryder HD's interpretation below:

According to RI, Hemsworth's Geralt will have a layer of stubble, just like Cavill's. In fact, they may wanna go even further and give Geralt a full beard. Maybe that could help mask the transition a bit.

We likely won't be watching full new episodes of The Witcher until sometime in the middle of 2025. After season 4, a fifth season should close out the show.

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