The Witcher season 4 will begin filming in March

The spies over at Redanian Intelligence have sussed out The Witcher season 4's filming schedule, and it paints a promising picture of when we'll finally get to watch it.
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After a year filled with production delays due to the Hollywood writers and actors strikes, things are finally getting rolling again for many of our favorite shows. That includes Netflix's monster-hunting fantasy series The Witcher, which was initially slated to start pre-production last year but was bumped into 2024. We've known that the show was due to begin filming at some point early this year, but now we have a much better idea of when...and what that means for its eventual release on Netflix.

Reliable Witcher scoop site Redanian Intelligence reports that The Witcher season 4 is currently set to begin production in March 2024 and run until October 2024. They note that the wrap date in particular is tentative; it could move forward or back, depending on how smoothly filming goes. We have to give the usual disclaimer to take the dates with a grain of salt until we get an official production update from Netflix, but RI's vast network of spies is often on point so I'm inclined to believe these dates are probably accurate.

This is pretty much the exact same sort of filming window as The Witcher season 3, which began filming in March 2022 and wrapped in September 2022. Season 3 was released in two chunks the following summer, with new episodes dropping in June and July 2023. It seems reasonable to expect that season 4 could follow a similar course. At the very least, this points to Summer 2025 as the earliest we might see the show's fourth season.

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Personally, I'm happy to wait for it. The Witcher season 4 has a lot riding on it, due in large part to the recast of lead character Geralt of Rivia from Henry Cavill to Liam Hemsworth. Cavill's performance was one of the most universally praised aspects of The Witcher from the start, so fans are more than a little curious to see how Hemsworth handles the role. There's also a looming question of how the series will navigate the transition, something producer Tomek Baginski has teased will be "very lore accurate" to the meta ideas of the book series.

We'll have plenty of other Witcher stuff to hold us over in the meantime. The animated movie The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep is slated to hit Netflix at some point this year, featuring Doug Cockle, the voice of Geralt in CD Projekt Red's acclaimed Witcher video games, in the titular role. The Rats live-action spinoff wrapped filming last year as well; it doesn't have a release date yet, but it'll certainly be along well before The Witcher season 4. In books, author Andrzej Sapkowski will release a new Witcher novel about Geralt in Winter 2024/2025. And of course, CD Projekt Red is still hard at work on their mysterious next Witcher game, as well as a next-gen remake of their original 2007 Witcher video game. There are no shortage of ways to visit the Continent these days.

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