WiC Weekly: April 14-20

Fallout renewed! Black Sails on Netflix! The Greens and the Blacks are fighting! Here's what happened this week:
Black Sails © 2017 Starz Entertainment, LLC
Black Sails © 2017 Starz Entertainment, LLC /

What happened this week in the worlds of sci-fi, fantasy, movies, TV and books? These things happened:

Outlander fans are having to wait a very long time for the rest of season 7. Hey, executive producer Maril Davis, what gives?

The second season of The Lord the Rings: The Rings of Power is coming this year...we think. But the longer we go without getting an official release date, the rumors are staring to sound weirder and weirder:

Suzanne Collins has written four Hunger Games books...so far. Let's take a closer look at the series:

All four seasons of Black Sails landed on Netflix this week! Get ready for a great new binge:

Long-suffering fans of Seth MacFarlane's Star Trek homage The Orville keep suffering: 9:40

HBO is ramping up the hype cycle for the next season of House of the Dragon. All must choose:

Fallout has been one of our big new TV obsessions over the past couple weeks. And we have good news: it's officially getting a second season!

Speaking of Fallout, get to know the power players vying to control the wasteland:

Finally, we're still reeling from the second season of Invincible, so we starting exploring the far corners of the universe as laid out in Robert Kirkman's comics:

There's lots more where that's coming from. Stick around WiC all week for more!

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