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Game of Thrones Season 5 Featurette To Air February 8th

Ooh, this comes from one of our reader tipsters, who spotted it on their HBO schedule as they were trolling for future programming. HBO’s online schedule, which runs about six weeks out, has a brand new featurette in the line up, scheduled for Sunday, February 8th, at 7:30pm. Entitled “A Day In The Life,” it looks to be a behind the scenes special of some sort, most likely (hell, very likely) focusing on Game of Thrones Season 5.

Speculation on what we might see in this featurette below!

Let’s play “What Do We Know?” We know that last year, at the same point in the schedule (February 9th, 2014, be exact) HBO aired another “28 minute” special, focusing on Season 4. (I say that in scare quotes because even though the DVR had 28 minutes blocked off, the special itself barely ran 15 minutes.) That special, Ice and Fire: A Foreshadowing, was not a “Here’s What You’ve Missed On Game of Thrones” special, but instead focused heavily on Season 4’s new characters and the major story lines going forward. With Season 5 adding in an entire major House this season, including a whole new segment of Westeros we’ve never been to that included filming in a whole new country, one could expect that this special is planning on doing the same thing. The “A Day In The Life” suggests they may be doing it from the point of view of filming a certain segment or scene. The footage released to CANAL+ of filming of a Dornish scene from next season’s episode 9 comes to mind, for instance…

We can also hope that with a special airing in about the same place as last year, the trailers and promotional pictures will also be released on a similar schedule to Season 4. Last year the trailer aired in mid January, as a lead in to the series premiere of a little program called True Detective. HBO isn’t airing a brand new series starting that weekend (January 11th) this year, but that Sunday is the season premiere of Girls, so there is a chance it could air in the same spot. Fingers crossed.

Either way, set your DVRs for February 8th. I know I’m looking forward to anything that doesn’t disappear the second after I watch it.


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  • So, we should probably get a trailer sometime in January, kinda like last year. I mean first a teaser and then the actual trailer!