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Game of Thrones Theorycrafting: The Pack Survives

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In this week’s edition of Game of Thrones Theorycrafting, we’re going to look at a well-known quote from Ned Stark to his youngest daughter Arya, and how I believe this quote will play into Season 6. In A Game of Thrones, George R.R. Martin’s first book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, Eddard Stark finds himself facing the unenviable task of having to explain the meaning of death to his child, while at the same time teaching her not to hate her sister because family is more important than anything…more important even, than honor. Ned reminds Arya of House Stark’s words—Winter is coming—and then he tells her this:

“When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.”


House Stark: By – aprilis420-d5hu0ko

I believe there’s a lot more meaning to that quote than meets the eye. I think it holds a clue concerning Martin’s intentions to restore House Stark to its former glory, and to do it with the next generation of Starks…that is to say, the remaining living children of Ned and Catelyn, and to an extent, Lyanna.

As we look further into this theory, we must take a step back to the first Stark loss in A Game of Thrones: The death of Sansa’s direwolf, Lady. When Joffrey attacked Mycah the butcher’s boy in A Game of Thrones, it was Arya and her direwolf Nymeria who defended the lad, but it was Sansa and Lady who paid the ultimate price. Metaphorically, Sansa decided to stray from her pack—she lied about what happened at the river’s edge, and because of that lie, Lady was executed.


The next Stark loss came at the end of A Game of Thrones, when Ned himself was beheaded. Many people would blame Sansa for Ned’s death, as it was once again the eldest Stark daughter who decided to go off on her own, turning her back on her pack and informing Queen Cersei of some of her father’s intentions to send her and Arya away. However, I believe this is too easy of a path to take, because while Sansa’s actions absolutely contributed to Ned’s downfall, it was Ned’s refusal of aid from Renly Baratheon that caused him to be woefully undermanned and unprepared for Cersei’s trap.

Had Ned listened to Renly and arrested the Queen, he could have manipulated the situation to his own ends, but his honor caused him to go the route of the lone wolf—ignoring his own lesson to Arya—and he paid the price for it with his head.

The next Stark losses came in rapid succession, with both Robb and Lady Catelyn dying just moments apart from each other at the Red Wedding. Again, the pattern repeated: Robb’s betrayal of his marriage pact with House Frey opened the hole Lord Tywin Lannister needed to worm his way into Robb’s inner circle, turning House Bolton against him in the process. Had Robb stayed with his pack and not sought to follow his heart and marry Jeyne/Talisa, he very well could still be alive at this point in the story.

To take this a step further, Robb’s direwolf Grey Wind was kept alone in a kennel during the wedding reception/mass murder that claimed the life of his master. The lone wolf died at the Red Wedding, both metaphorically and literally…George R.R. Martin’s work is full of these little layers.


The next loss for House Stark was the death of Lady Catelyn. Now, one must go back a bit further to find out where she strayed from the pack. When Catelyn and Winterfell’s Master-at-Arms—Ser Rodrik Cassel—happened across Tyrion Lannister at the Inn at the Crossroads, she acts rashly and takes the son of Casterly Rock hostage, mistakenly thinking the Imp had attempted to murder her son Bran. This caused Lord Tywin Lannister to defend his House’s bruised honor, and the stage was set for The War of the Five Kings.

Her next mistake was to free Jaime Lannister from captivity. This caused backlash in the ranks of her Robb’s army. Robb eventually lost the support of the Karstarks, had to expend resources and men to hunt the Kingslayer (to no avail), and lost the biggest bargaining chip the Stark camp had. Lady Catelyn would pay for these mistakes with her life.

Finally, let’s take a look at the last death—so far—to befall House Stark: the death of Jon Snow. Whether you consider him to be Ned’s actual bastard son, or you think of him as the son of Lyanna and Rhaegar, one thing remains true: he is half-Stark, and was raised in the North. Throughout the books and show, Jon demonstrated a Ned-like proclivity for being stubborn to a fault. In fact, Jon’s need to be honorable unto his last breath mirrored the death of Ned almost exactly. This is why it’s so frustrating to watch Jon make the mistakes he did as Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch.


In the books, it was Jon’s decision to let the wildlings through the Wall and his plan to use their men and women to garrison the abandoned forts at its base that eventually caused his officers to revolt and murder him (we assume). In the show, it’s Jon’s decision to go to Hardhome to rescue the wildlings from the White Walkers that eventually leads Alliser Thorne to lead his fellow officers to murder Jon. The result is the same, as Jon decided to ignore advice from his friends, advisors, and fellow officers and struck out on his own, eventually paying the ultimate price. “He never felt the fourth knife. Only the cold.

Now let’s look at how House Stark has suffered as a result of failing to heed Ned’s words to Arya and turning from their pack:

  • Arya’s direwolf is lost and Sansa’s direwolf is dead.
  • Sansa is held against her will by the Lannisters in King’s Landing.
  • Ned is executed.
  • Robb is betrayed by his own men and killed.
  • Lady Catelyn is killed.
  • Jon’s men revolt and murder him for allowing the wildlings to pass through the Wall.

So how does this all tie into Season 6 of Game of Thrones? What does the pack have to do with a family that has been scattered across Westeros and the Narrow Sea? Ned’s words still ring true: the actions of the lone wolves have resulted in their deaths and the deaths of the ones they love. To triumph, the Stark kids will have to band together.

Warning: Spoilers for Season 6 Below

When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.” I believe these words hold the key to what will happen to House Stark in Season 6, and possibly in The Winds of Winter. We’ve already seen a picture of Kit Harington on set at Saintfield, Northern Ireland, where the production appears to be filming a massive battle scene, wearing what appears to be the garb of House Stark rather than the blacks of the Night’s Watch. We also know that Art Parkinson (Rickon) and Natalia Tena (Osha) have been spotted in Belfast, so it’s safe to assume they’ll show up in Season 6.

The last time we saw Rickon and his guardian, they were being sent by Bran to the Last Hearth, a castle ruled over by a powerful Northern family: House Umber. We know from casting rumors that more Northern Lords will be apart of Season 6, and some casting calls have given specifics:

Lord of Noble Northern House: This lord is a savage warrior who rules a house in the very far North. HBO is looking for someone with a Northern English accent and a powerful physique who can tower over other cast members. He must be at least 180 cm tall, which is around 5 feet 11 inches…He’s also described as having a beard and a violent temper. He’ll be appear in two episodes. (Sounds like an Umber lord to us.)

Lord of Northern Stronghold: This northern lord is in his thirties or forties and rules a vassal house household with a castle stronghold. He’s “ruthless and calculating” and will appear in three episodes. (Word is that this will be a lord from House Karstark.)


Book readers will be quick to point out that the Greatjon, the Head of House Umber, was captured at the Red Wedding, while his son the Smalljon was killed trying to protect Robb Stark. However, in the show, neither were at the Red Wedding, and are still alive so far we know. So, for the purposes of the show, Osha, Rickon, and Shaggydog are likely at the Last Hearth being protected by the Umbers, a house still fiercely loyal to the Starks and the King in the North.

Next, we know that Sansa and Theon escaped Winterfell at the end of Season 5 by Thelma and Louise-ing themselves off the walls, and that Brienne and Pod are in the general area. Broken bones and twisted ankles aside, it would make sense for Sansa to want to go to the one place she knows she has family remaining: The Wall and her half-brother Jon (remember, although she now knows that Rickon and Bran are alive, she doesn’t know where they are). My speculation is that Sansa runs into Brienne and convinces her to take her to the Wall.

The wildcard in this theory is Jon. If Sansa arrives at the Wall before Jon’s resurrection, she may leave before he he can be brought back from the dead, and this theory could fall apart. However, if Sansa finds Jon alive, or sticks around long enough to see him resurrected, then she could help (in some way) to solidify his legitimacy as a Stark…she being a trueborn Stark and all.

Next, we would need Jon and Sansa to find Rickon. The Last Hearth got its name because it is the last castle travelers find before reaching the Wall, meaning it wouldn’t be that hard to get to for someone already at the Wall. Jon and company may need to flee the Wall after he’s brought back from the dead, especially if his brothers think he’s some kind of abomination. It’s at the Last Hearth that Jon and Sansa will reunite with Rickon, and the Stark pack will be together once again. (True, Arya is still in Braavos and Bran is in the far North, but I believe they will come into play later.)


The Starks must turn to their pack in order to survive the white winds, or else die as lone wolves. With three Stark children back together, the Northern Lords would have a new King in the North to rally behind. Before reinstalling the Starks, the Boltons must be defeated, which is what I believe the filming in Saintfield is about. Our own Ani Bundel has even theorized that the Others/White Walkers will descend on the Northern hosts, which could mean that the Wall will have fallen…but that’s for another week, and another theorycraft.


  • The first lone wolf to stray from the pack, in a sense, was Ned when he agreed to go to Kings Landing against the protests of wife. His family would still be complete although Bran would still be crippled.

    • Actually she was in favor of him going and he was against it at first, then came Brans’ fall and she was against it then her sisters message and she was for it.
      Ned had to go.
      he wasn’t being a lone wolf.

  • Maybe it’s an analogy to far and a bit tenuous, but could Theon be included as part of the Stark pack? When he strayed from it disaster ensued at Winterfell and for him personally. He eventually admits to himself and his sister (if I recall correctly) that after all he’s been through and put the Starks through that he still feels more wolf than kraken.

    • Maybe it’s an analogy to far and a bit tenuous, but could Theon be included as part of the Stark pack? When he strayed from it disaster ensued at Winterfell and for him personally. He eventually admits to himself and his sister (if I recall correctly) that after all he’s been through and put the Starks through that he still feels more wolf than kraken.

      Great thought. Yes you’re right, Theon could be considered part of that pack. In fact in ADWD he does say that Ned Stark was more a father to him than Balon Greyjoy ever was.

  • Nicely theorized. I do hope there is a lot of truth to it. Would be so gratifying to those of us loyal to House Stark.

    • Nicely theorized. I do hope there is a lot of truth to it. Would be so gratifying to those of us loyal to House Stark.

      Right? I know GRRM is known for writing against the usual tropes, but I am a Stark man through and through and would love to see that House rise from the ashes.

      • Perhaps he will pleasantly surprise us all by going against HIS own usual tropes. Winterfell!!

  • Well, the way that the krakens treated Theon when he went back to the Iron Islands probably didn’t instill much confidence or loyalty in him. That doesn’t exonerate him for his disloyalty to the Starks.

    • Indeed. It’ll be interesting to see what happens if/when Theon next meets a living Stark in TWOW. My money would be on Sansa or Rickon, neither of whom could be expected to be especially welcoming.

  • good ideas all the way around

    I hope all this comes true as it would be satisfying to see them together, not to mention necessary to the logic of the story.

    and we need Stark ice in the song

    so far they have mainly melted and without dragons even around.

    I think an ice dragon would be cool but am not hoping for one.

    good job, razor

  • I still think they are gonna mess with our heads and send Sansa back to Bolton. They love to make us suffer.. With innocent Sansa. This would keep us deeply invested in Jon attacking Bolton to free her, kill all things Bolton and restore Starks at Winterfell. Jon is primarily concerned with the Others and as a Targareyan, his duty is to all of Westeros. The Others will smash thru the wall at the end of season 6. It is known !

    • the problem with that is that’s a repeat, a big no-no in storytelling. The Boltons are a threat to Sansa, but they must do it in a different way. Just sending her back for more torture would be lazy writing.

  • Good job David. I have some thoughts on the subject but for some reason the site is not posting them. I hit “Post Comment” but they don’t show up. Maybe I am too close to the truth and George RR is blocking them LOL this has happened before

  • Enjoyed the read razor. It does seem the Starks will rise from the ashes. I believe it’s a testament to Ned and the Stark rulers before him that powerful houses like Umber. Manderly and Glover remain loyal to them even after the deaths of Ned and Robb.

  • FUCK Theon, he is not part of the pack. How dare any of you think otherwise and call yourself Stark loyalists. I do hope he does something that helps the Stark cause but even if he kills Roose or Ramsey or performs some other great feat, he is still a traitor and dead to me.

    Get him Jon Stark!

    • Exactly Slizzy & Athelstan.

      Why the name Athelstan? U actually liked his character in Vikings? Or maybe it has nothing to do with that show

      • Nothing to do with the TV show, though I’m a fan. I’m very into English history & the first King of a unified England was called Athelstan. The name was used several times by the Wessex dynasty.

  • The series started with the Starks, so they must be part of the end-game for sure. I believe the preliminary title of the last book was a “A time for Wolves”. It would be a total waste of time for me if I don’t read a happy ending for at least a couple of Stark children … I know it’s going to be a bittersweet end…. But it would be sad enough if Bran is not able to meet his family again …
    I mentioned it before, the Starks need to get together to survive Winter. They have Bran on their side, so I hope they make it. I have a feeling Bran will find a way to communicate with his siblings.
    Robb did not consider Theon a Stark or a brother like Jon IMO. I know Robb and Jon were raised together since babies, obviously the bond is stronger … I don’t think the Starks feel Theon is one of them. I do believe he should be though. Bran was able to forgive him, Sansa probably will in the show, but I don’t think Jon will forgive him (maybe). I’m sure Rickon and Arya won’t.
    On the other hand, I believe Sansa will end with Jon … because in the original outline of the books Jon was supposed to fall in love with Arya, but I don’t see it happening now, but maybe with Sansa …

    • I really believe jon and sansa will end up together. I posted this months ago. Finally someone else think so to.

  • I’ll tell you one thing about Theon, he’s probably the best written character in the whole series. GRRM best work imo.

    And whichever side Theon chose he was going to be a (traitor) . Name one other character in asoiaf who had to make the choice Theon did? Choose your friend or your family? Yes Balon is a shot disturbed mother fucker but still his father.

    In the end I believe Theon will be mostly redeemed. GRRM has kept Theon alive for a reason. I truly think he does something major regarding the end game of the series.

    Wonderfully written character and portrayed great by Alfie Allen. Probably most underrated actor on the show.

    • I agree. Theon/Reek is definitely one of the most interesting characters and Alfie played him wonderfully. If Theon was treated like a Stark maybe he would not have betrayed them in the first place. Although he was really annoying at the beginning …

      • It’s partially because Theon started out as such an arrogant, unsympathetic character that his subsequent journey has been so fascinating (though I could have done without the extended torture scenes). I’ve gone from disliking him a great deal to rooting for him to have a full redemption arc. Much of the credit goes to Alfie Allen’s superlative acting for sure!

        My guess is that Theon will end up sacrificing himself for the Starks in some way. But it would be cool if he first finds out that he impregnated the sea captain’s daughter and legitimizes the child, who eventually goes on to sit the Seastone Chair.

    • Maybe he will be the Golum character at the end. HIs death will save everyone but not necessarily on purpose.

  • Great post I hope it works out this way! I’ve often wondered about Ned’s lone wolf comment on a smaller scale…in context of Arya’s possible return to Westeros. With the Faceless Men she’s been able to fly under the radar as well as honing her skills as an assassin. But given her inability to give up Needle she’s also shown she’s not ready to give up her true identity, and fully commit to being “no one”. I often wonder if she’ll eventually revisit Ned’s warning and return to Westeros, reclaim Nymeria, and her identity as a Stark. Or…will she continue down her path as a lone wolf and suffer the same fate as her parents and brother?

  • A well written piece. You have obviously read and reread the books several times. When I read that line I merely thought that Ned was telling Arya – “United we stand,divided we fall.” Maybe that’s all there is to it. I do see a connection between the wolves and their owners. The fate of the wolves mirroring the fate of the children. Theon didn’t receive a pup. The outsider.
    On the battle front we all seem to be assuming that the Starks and their bannermen will overthrow the Boltons. THis is GRRM we’re talking about here. Littlefinger will be somewhere with his army from The Vale. He’ll be waiting, like Lord Stanley at the battle of Bosworth Field on which so much of the story is based, to see which army has the upper hand before engaging. Littlefinger is the key to everything in the books and the show. He won’t be the king but he will be the kingmaker. It certainly doesn’t suit him to have a Jon Snow led coalition retake Winterfell. Unless, of course, he has a leading role within it. He may well find a way of convincing the Vale that they should back the Boltons if that suits him better. In the War Of The Roses Henry Tudor had afar weaker claim to the throne than Richard III – but look who came out on top. Everything is up for grabs. WE’ll see come next April.

  • It would be downright shitty writing by GRRM and D&D if every Stark is wiped out at the end of the series and the Stark name dies with them. It would be one-dimensional storytelling. Having already condemned House Baratheon to extinction (Tommen doesn’t count), it would be boring if the writers decided to wipe out one more great house.

    From that perspective, I fully expect the Starks to come back to power. Not only was it foreshadowed by “The pack survives”, it was foreshadowed again by Jojen Reed saying “The wolves will come again. I dreamt of it.” Not to mention the original name of Book 7: A Time For Wolves.

    • If Gendry or more likely for book readers Edric Storm survive to the end of the story then one of them may be legitimised and rekindle House Baratheon.

    • From that perspective, I fully expect the Starks to come back to power. Not only was it foreshadowed by “The pack survives”, it was foreshadowed again by Jojen Reed saying “The wolves will come again. I dreamt of it.” Not to mention the original name of Book 7: A Time For Wolves.

      Excellent points!

  • Nymeria is out in Westeros creating an army of wolfs, my money is on Arya coming back and joining the pack. The Starks are going to need their 4 legged friends to survive winter.

  • What if the horn of winter is the broken horn Jon gave to Sam in the books before he lives???

    • I’ve actually always thought that.
      Reasons: The comparisons between the cup that Christ drank from (Indiana Jones: Last Crusade) and the broken horn.
      In the Bible, the Wall of Jericho was brought down by the Jewish people blowing horns.

      I find it extremely interesting that the one horn that could possibly bring the Wall crumbling down, would be a simple horn, found in a cache of obsidian, inside the cloak of a man of the Night’s Watch.

      • I agree with you that the significant horn in the story, if there is to be one, will be the modest-looking one and not the big, fancy, scary one that Euron has. As the Fox told the Little Prince, what is essential is invisible to the eye. And as the poem says about Aragorn, all that is gold does not glitter.

        • A singularly apocalyptic horn blast that brings the whole wall crashing down may be far too obvious for GRRM (and we all know how he likes to use misdirection). I’ve been nursing an idea for a while that IF the Horn of Joramun is found and blown, presumably close enough to the wall to be ‘heard’ by the magical wards/spells that maintain its potency as a barrier to the Others, then having hundreds of miles of ice simply collapse doesn’t work for me. As we know it wasn’t built as a barrier to the wildlings. They’ve found ways over, under and around it for millennia.

          The Wall’s integral magic maintains it as a barrier to the Others. Blowing the horn may be something as simple as flicking a metaphorical ‘off’ switch that allows the Others passage through original doors such as the one we know about under the Night Fort and which has been used for two way traffic by Bran (northwards) and Sam (heading south).

          Also, this may be why Sam’s horn is broken; to stop it being used if it IS the horn of Joramun. Lastly, does anyone know were the horn is? Did Sam take it with him or leave it behind at Castle Black?

          • I read the plot spoilers regarding Euron and the horn, which must be false, but I found it a little bit cool when everyone listen to it through Westeros … How would the Long Night begin otherwise? or In what other way could the Wall Fall? There must be a Horn. Maybe the Night King have some allies in Westeros looking for the Horn in Oldtown … like Euron… He is supposed to be the worst or most dangerous enemy of Danny, right?
            But, wasn’t the horn of Euron to control the dragons?
            I hope the Wall falls in the season finale.

  • What if Sansa stopped at Last Hearth on her way to the wall, thereby finding Rickon and delaying her arrival at the wall to make time for Jon’s resurrection?

    • What if Sansa stopped at Last Hearth on her way to the wall, thereby finding Rickon and delaying her arrival at the wall to make time for Jon’s resurrection?

      Absolutely could go down that way. In fact, it probably makes more sense, timeline-wise

    • Either way it would be great. I think the Northerners must have some spies in Winterfel and they will find out Sansa escaped with Theon and they might go to look for them before they reach the Wall. However, I think it would be much cooler if Sansa, Brienne, Pod & Theon witness the resurrection … Jon could be the one that send Theon home.
      Or, imagine the Northerners are already on their way to Winterfel with Rickon, Osha and Shaggydog and they kind of replace Stannis storyline … The reunion with Sansa will be so emotional. I hope it happens.

      • I rather like the notion of Jon giving Theon ‘absolution’ for his sins against the Starks and permission to go home and reclaim his destiny. If (and this is a big ‘if,’ granted) Jon is being set up as a proper resurrected Jesus figure, he needs to be reborn with greater understanding, compassion and forgiveness for other people, rather than as a cold, hard, vengeful badass like LSH, as many are predicting.

    • If Sansa stops at Last Hearth and reunites with Rickon, that involves hooking up with the Umbers, who would have received a raven by now that Jon is dead. This means Sansa would find no point in going to the Wall and will stay at Last Hearth. Then when Jon is resurrected and gathers the support of the northern houses such as the Umbers to fight the Boltons, he’ll inevitable come to Last Hearth where he’ll reunite with Sansa and Rickon. The Umbers and other northerners will declare him Jon Stark, King in the North, possibly aided by a will from Robb or by a decree from Rickon or Sansa. This explains Jon in Stark garb at the battle against the Boltons. Jon would probably forgive Theon and send a raven to Yara at Deepwood Motte to come and pick him up. Then the wildlings and northerners would attack Winterfell under the vanguard of Jon Stark, King in the North. This is the most likely course of action in my opinion.

      • yes Yes YES. I thought this as well when reading the above theory. Even if the Night’s Watch hide Jon’s death for a while (like brought up below) this could still happen.

  • I love this theory! I really want to see a Stark reunion because it would show the actor’s emotional talent. Also, who doesn’t want some light at the end of the (very long) tunnel for the Starks? Great article btw!!!

  • Jon- Lady Melisandra will have resurrected him to be Azor Ahai reborn.
    Sansa- will kill Ramsay after being caught escaping Winterfell
    Arya- will learn to become a faceless assassin of the many faced God
    Bran- will warg into the Ice Dragon from the land of always winter and destroy the others
    Rickon- will be the new Lord of Winterfell at the end TWOW.

  • I totally agree with this article. Well written!

    It seems, though, that the Stark children had to each go their seperate ways to grow and find themselves, so to speak.

    Jon went on to hone his warrior and leadership skills and experience the world and having to make several tough decisions.

    Sansa discovered the cruelty of the world, learned the hard way about political maneuvering, deceit, and pulling strings through Littlefinger’s examples and her own harsh experiences.

    Arya is growing up fast, having to deal with death, and learning to become a trained assassin.

    Bran is learning to become a warg and/or seer or whatever else and learning to live with his disability.

    Rickon, the youngest, has lost his entire family at a very impressionable age, but is being fostered we assume by a family that is loyal and has the same values as House Stark, so therefore his upbringing will be very similar to what he would have experienced at Winterfell.

    Further to this, those with remaining dire-wolves are creating bonds with them and learning more and more about each other.

    This all said, if and when the Stark/Snow kids are re-united, they will all have skills and tools to work together to restore Winterfell and the Stark name back to its glory potentially.

  • Robert comes to winterfell offering ned the hand of the king role which he doesn’t want to do Cathlyn advices him to go (before bran fell) cat finally tells ned not to go wen she gets the letter from bitch lysa and sly cunt littlefinger maester lewyn says he must go robb has a sword fight with Joffrey he then slags robb of being afraid after bran and tommen fight bran beats the shit out of him theon was always a sly fuck he rode with robb first pledging his sword wen great jon umber declared him king in the north capturing jamie lannister with him cat told robb not to send theon that he was stubwren as walder Frey he grew up with robb and jon but jon never liked him hunted trained sword play sansa and arya left winterfell as the conversation cercei says to ned about sansa liking kings landing being the only stark that does not much of the north in her arya story just goes she’s going to the wall harrenhall with (books harrenhall with roose bolton) in the show they did it better with tywin yeh really see wat he like military genius she escapes bwb the hound adventures sansa is straight forward neds beheading Joffrey cruelty black water bay becoming frienda with margery Joffrey being poisoned goes to the vale with littlefinger lysa dying being questioned as elaine he’s up to something eventually she will out do him in his own game like asking for the north fuck of yeh cunt you have nothing to do with the north fake sansa books is kinda shite with theon sansa show is well better with theon escaping there going 1 to the wall they will run into brienne she will say the last hearth maybe or another stark loyalist theon will want to kill ramsay but doesn’t he escapes (jon will) they will arrive at the last Heath OSHA will see theon and put him to the the ground with a knife to his throat sansa will beg for his life if great jon is in the season 6 he’ll knock him out for betraying his king this where the north will rally around sansa and rickon stark there will be a meeting of the noble houses love to see the manderleys in it biggest stark loyalists ever and with true born children of edard and Cathlyn stark the north will rally to take out the boltons jon is alive pretty obvious wheter he comes back to life by melasandre or a white walker with the wildlings behind him they would surely destroy the boltons something big has to happen like better or D&D have signed a death wish arya will make it back westeros to the twins kill waldren hopefully then make it to kings landing for her main target of course it’s cerci

  • Great article as usual! I am so glad that I found this site, and am equally excited when articles literally “hit the ball out of the park”, keep up the good work Razor, cheers to WIC!!

  • Great analysis!

    I don’t have much to add, nor much time to say it, but I believe this line of thought could be applied to other Houses, more specifically House Lannister. Because Cersei betrayed her pride by refusing to pay her debts, or, to use another metaphor, by trying to have her cake (being the Queen) and eat it, too (continuing her relationship with Jamie), thus putting in danger the alliances sealed by her father… A more in-depth study of individual trajectories is probably warranted, but perhaps it’s better left for another discussion.

  • It doesn’t matter who Jon Snow’s mother is Lyanna or if his father is Ned is he is still just as much a Stark as any of the others so calling him a half-stark isn’t necassary and also you can’t blame Sansa for the death of Ned, she was doing what she thought was right and Cersie had promised her that he would be spared if he confessed, if you have to blame anyone blame Joffrey for breaking his mothers promise.