Drogon Filming Game of Thrones Season 6

See video of the Dothraki filming in Almería as cast members gather to shoot Season 6


Arya Blind

The spoilers! They’re blinding!

A couple days ago, we reported some interesting news coming out of El Chorrillo Sierra Alhamilla, an area in Almería where the show is filming scenes involving Daenerys and the Dothraki horde she’ll be traveling with in Season 6. It seems that a large hut built by the Dothraki, possibly an important building in Vaes Dothrak, will go up in flames early on in the season. Our money’s on Drogon being the firestarter. We’ve seen pics of the burned-out husk of the hut, and now we have video of the inferno. The blaze really gets going around 1:10.

Burn, Dothraki hut, burn! You can also see what looks to be a crowd of Dothraki extras gathering around 0:29. I hope Drogon didn’t inconvenience them overmuch.

As things heat up in Almería, some major Game of Thrones cast members have been spotted in the area. If Almería is going to stand in for the Dothraki Sea, it makes sense for Iain Glen to be around, since Jorah set out to find Dany at the end of Season 5 and it’s a good bet that his hunt will take him there. However, the likes of Peter Dinklage have also been spotted, according to La Voz de Almería. Also, here’s a picture of Dinklage heading to Almería.

Meanwhile, Twitter user Anita González, the same fan who snapped pics of herself with Iain Glen and newcomer Staz Nair during their stay in Almería, also took a photo with Jacob Anderson (Grey Worm).

Finally, another Twitter user snapped a pic of Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei) on the streets of Almería (the city, not the province—Almería has a New York, New York thing going on).

Since Tyrion, Grey Worm, and Missandei will presumably spend Season 6 in Meereen, it’s a little surprising to see Dinklage, Anderson, and Emmanuel in Almería. Their presence could mean one of two things: 1) They’ll make their way into the Dothraki Sea at some point, or; 2) More likely, some area of Almería (the province, not the city) will stand in for Meereen. Both the Mesa Roldán and the Alcazaba of Almería, which have been confirmed as shooting locations, look like good candidates.


  • If the hut burning is near the end of season 6, it could be that someone has released the other 2 dragons and they have come to find their mother. I have a theory that the dragons will be ridden by Dany, Jon and Tyrion as their mothers all died in childbirth therefore they were born in blood. So Tyrion may have hitched a ride on a dragon.

    • We don’t know who is really Jon’s mother and even if it’s Lyanna. Just because their mother’s died in childbirth which was a common thing in thath time in no way qualified them to ride a dragons. You don’t have to be a Targaryen to ride a dragon as George said it. In my personal opinion it sounds cheesy as hell for them ride dragons.

    • We don’t know who is really Jon’s mother and even if it might be Lyanna Stark. Their mother’s might die in childbirth in no way qualifid them to ride dragons.Idea of them riding a dragons sounds cheesy as hell.

      • Hahahahahahhaha R+L=J never was a theory. Martin confirmed it in the first book already. It was always a fact. Only the idiots call that theory and whos don’t understan what Martin writing all about.