SPOILERS: Character we haven’t seen for years returning for Season 6


There are some major spoilers coming out of Corbet, Northern Ireland, where the Game of Thrones production is filming scenes at Riverrun, the ancestral home of House Tully. If photos of the place are any indication, it’ll be under siege in Season 6. Now, Los Siete Reinos has information regarding that siege, and a long-absent character who will be involved in it. Proceed with caution: spoilers are coming.

Let’s not bury the lead: according to the sources at LSR, Brynden “the Blackfish” Tully, Catelyn Stark’s uncle, is returning for Game of Thrones Season 6. Last we saw him, he was quietly excusing himself from the main hall at the Twins in “The Rains of Castemere,” right before Walder Frey kicked off the Red Wedding and everything went to hell. His body was not found in the aftermath, and it seems that he escaped and slipped back to Riverrun, which he’s now holding against his enemies, presumably the Lannisters and Freys.

But wait: there’s more. LSR also reports that Jaime Lannister will travel to the Riverlands to try and break the siege, just as he does in A Feast for Crows. After an off-page detour to Dorne in Season 5, it seems that Jaime’s journey is picking up where it left off as the show dives into material from the books.

Clive Russell as Brynden “The Blackfish” Tully

There will be a couple of differences. According to LSR, Jaime will be accompanied by Bronn rather than Ilyn Payne, his traveling buddy in Feast, and that the Blackfish will shoot some flaming arrows at his besiegers, something that definitely didn’t happen in the books, unless I’m remembering them very wrong. By and large, though, it seems like the Riverlands story will be hopping next year (also remember that David Bradley, aka Walder Frey, was previously seen headed to Belfast, so we could see a return for him as well).

There are also a few new aerial photographs of the Riverrun set. Check out the tents arrayed for the siege. The red ones are probably Lannister tents, while we’re guessing the brown ones are the Freys.

There’s also a rather large green screen in the area. What special effects are coming?

Here’s a panorama of the whole thing.

Head to Los Siete Reinos, or to the Imgur page where these surfaced, to see the rest.

In other news from Northern Ireland, it seems like the production is finally packing up and leaving Saintfield after filming a huge battle scene there for weeks and weeks.

Things are happening, people.

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