David Bradley (Walder Frey) spotted heading to Belfast


David Bradley recently gave an interview in which he said that there were “plans” for his character, Lord Walder Frey, to return to Game of Thrones, although the actor was light on the details. If this picture, taken by an Irish fan of The Strain (another show Bradley is a part of) is any indication, Bradley may be coming back sooner rather than later.

Thanks to commenter Frederic for bringing this tweet to our attention!

Now, it’s possible that Bradley is in town for some other reason, but that he happens to be heading to Belfast, the Northern Irish city where numerous other Game of Thrones actors and production staff are gathering to film Season 6, seems just a wee bit suspicious.

We haven’t seen Walder Frey since Season 3, when he presided over the Red Wedding, but there’s a fair amount of speculation that the show will be returning to the Riverlands next year, so it seems like a good time to bring the Lord of the Crossing back. I, for one, am pretty excited to see what, if anything, happens to him come Season 6.

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