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Sophie Turner: Jon Snow isn’t giving Sansa “the credit she feels she deserves”

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Sansa Stark Official

Yesterday, actor Aidan Gillen gave us some insight into what Littlefinger was thinking during the scene where Jon was made King in the North, and what was behind that significant look he shared with Sansa. Today, we’ve compiled a couple of the interviews that Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa, has been giving since the finale aired, and gotten her side of the story. If what she has to say is any indication, there could be trouble between Sansa and Jon Snow in the future. “[Sansa’s] not getting the credit she feels she deserves, that Littlefinger would grant her with,” Turner told Variety.

He obviously wants her on the Iron Throne and him by her side – she doesn’t want that, but she wants recognition for the effort that she put in, in order to claim back Winterfell, because if it wasn’t for her, it wouldn’t have happened. So I think she’s seeing Littlefinger as a bit more trustworthy and more of an ally than she initially thought.

Trusting Littlefinger is dangerous at the best of times, something Sansa admitted to Jon in “The Winds of Winter,” but it sounds like Sansa might risk it if it means getting her due. She told The Hollywood Reporter that Sansa may have “a bit of jealousy” toward Jon for getting the credit for winning the Battle of the Bastards. We’ll have to wait until Season 7 to see if Littlefinger can stir that jealousy into something more. Let’s hope for the sake of everyone that he can’t.

The Winds of Winter

As Jon said to her on the ramparts of Winterfell, the issue is one of trust. Does Sansa trust Jon? Turner mused on the topic:

I think Sansa trusts Jon to make morally right decisions, but I’m not sure if she trusts him with the kind of political things. I don’t know if she trusts Davos completely, and he’s kind of his advisor. I think it’s more about being open with each other, like with Sansa writing to Littlefinger for the Knights of the Vale. I think Jon means they need to be more open with each other and tell each other what’s going on — and it’s very frustrating for Sansa to hear him say that. She knows he means it more about her than it is him talking about himself. And he really needs to trust her.

But it’s not all doom and gloom between these two siblings. After all, although Sansa and Jon don’t know it yet, the audience just discovered that the two of them aren’t half-siblings at all, but rather cousins. As Bran found out when traveling into the past, Jon Snow is actually the child of Ned Stark’s sister Lyanna and Rhaegar Targaryen, Daenerys’ brother. If Sansa found this out, would it bring the two of them closer together? Turner thinks so.

Sansa always took her mother’s side on that. She was always influenced by her mother’s resentment towards Jon because of Ned allegedly cheating on her and bringing back an illegitimate child, so finding out that Ned never cheated, that Jon isn’t an illegitimate child of Ned’s, would probably bring them closer together. I think at this point where there could be a lot of rifts in their relationship, it’s good to have something that would probably draw them closer together.

It seems that Bran’s on his way south, so let’s hope he passes along this intel.

Lyanna, Ned Stark, and Jon Snow Official

Turner also weighed in on another thing that could bring the siblings closer together: the possibility that Jon and Sansa will get married. That’s something the fans have been suggesting, but it seems like this is the first Turner is hearing about it:

Stranger things on “Game of Thrones” have happened… Maybe politically, it makes sense, I honestly don’t know how I would feel about that, I’d have to speak to the producers about that one. Honestly, what I think is going to happen – and I don’t know where the story is going to go, but I think Jon and Daenerys are going to end up together, probably. I feel like Jon and Sansa would be a strange one, especially because isn’t it considered not legitimate if you haven’t consummated the marriage, and I really don’t think either of them would be particularly up for that. It would be very difficult to do that. [Laughs.]

And if neither Sansa nor Daenerys end up marrying Jon, he could always wait until Lyanna Mormont gets old enough. There’d be no one better to rule the North.

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  • What did Jon not tell Sansa that she thinks he should be more open with her?
    And she wants recognition from a man? Did she forget what world she lives in?

    • Exactly, Jon hasn’t kept anything hidden from Sansa…
      I think Sophie is as dumb as the character she plays.

      • Oh Sansa, here we go again. Does Sophie Turner not understand her character too well? Agree with a57se. Spot on!

        Why would she be entitled to be recognized for her own mistakes? With the battle just ended, the death of Rickon Stark, the threat of the Night’s King, White Walkers and the undead army, she still expects Jon Snow to recognize her? Seriously? Tsk! Haha!

        Who is she to question everyone in the North? She’s not important to be noticed. Lyanna Mormont was convincing and wise compared to her.

        After betraying Arya to Joffrey, Ned to Cersei, she still expects to be given a huge honor for concealing the letter she sent to Littlefinger. Thousands of Northern armies and wildlings died during the battle. Who cares about her stupidity?

        Arya is not even bragging that she already killed a lot of people then we have annoying Sansa feeling entitled to be the lady in Winterfell. Seven Hells. Haha!

        • fully agree – the only way for her to redeem her stupidity is to take part in “saying LF goodbye from the show” , the PLAYER ……

      • No offence mate but we shouldn’t criticise given a comment she had on that specific topic. It is irrelevant because the intelligence of the person isn’t connected to his personal views.

      • I don’t think Sophie is dumb at all and this coming from someone who has spent the last 4 days writing my own article about the end of days for Petyr Baelish.
        I think this is a trick set in place by D&D to make us think Sansa and Jon could fall out.
        Sansa is not hungry for power. She is hungry for peace, and her home.
        The truth is, Sansa is now putting all the missing pieces on the board to reveal the true game.
        Littlefinger left his Queen without protection.
        And Sansa is one step away from check-mating his ass.

        • What nobody seems to be mentioning either is that during Sansa & Jon’s discussion on the ramparts of WF, Jon flat out tells Sansa to be the Lady of WF/Queen in the North and she flat out tells him that it should be him, not her. So, why again are we acting like Sansa is mad that the North named Jon the King in the North????

          I took the mischievous look on LF’s face and Sansa seeing it as a “oh f&ck, what is LF up to now!?!?” type of look, not one of plotting against Jon or one of jealousy towards Jon. She looked to be all happy sitting on the dais as Jon was getting acknowledged and names KitN, not disappointed or mad. That look on her face only changed when she spotted the sketchy look LF had.

          • I agree.

            I felt Sansa was enjoying the moment, then suddenly realizes that Jon just got put on Baelish’s list of obstacles to the Iron Throne.

            I hope she had encouraged Lyanna Mormont to give that speech.

            I think Sophie and the production team are trying some subterfuge.

          • Agree with you mate. God, I just really love the starks and I don’t want to see another civil war :”'(

  • The people voted him the king , how is that hos fault? He was upfront about it and thats why he got all the credit , she wasnt and thats why she her contributions didnt get realized , thats what you get for hiding the fact that you had a huge army and let thd few northern men get slaughtered anyway.
    And jon did give her credit , right before he was elected king, what is she talking about? Or does she want they bow down her and lick her boots ? Life is not fair, ask jon lol he is been dealing with it since thd day he was born .
    I wish jon would step down , leave thd north and give WF to her and LF and let the others take them :)

    • Exactly. Jon has more important things to worry about that the Iron Throne or Northern Politics and he knows that very well.

      • If you watch the part where Lady Mormont proclaims Jon King of the North, it was like watching Samwell nominate Jon for Lord Commander. I felt he really wasn’t comfortable with that idea either.

  • I am getting sick of hearing about how Sansa is being ignored or not getting credit. Did she outwardly praise Jon for personally slaying 25 men and beating Ramsay to a pulp and serving him up to her? Who cares? She also failed to tell him the Knights of Vale were/may have been on their way and he spent nearly their entire army…….

    Serious question, since I can’t recall: Did Sansa offer advice during the actual War Council or only afterward when she confronted Jon? Sure, Jon blew his plans and in the process lost track of what Sansa had told him, but that was an emotional decision. It was also incredibly stupid, but his first thought wasn’t ” I am going to charge in order to stick it to Sansa”, it was an attempt at saving their brother. He didn’t demand all the Lords present swear fealty as King in the North, unless he conspired with Lady Lyanna; which , if he did, I hope there is some kind of future marriage pact there because if she had Dany’s resources, the Lannisters would be extinct and forgotten by now.

    Of course, there are also plenty of people who are praising Cersei for destroying the High Sparrow, totally forgetting that she started that whole mess by empowering him in the first place. It’s obvious I see things very differently.

    • I agree with you. Cersei is quite stupid as Tyrion has said a thousand times. She literally burnt half King’s Landing alive and she was the one bringing the Sparrows into power. Tywin was the true Lannister as well as Tyrion and Jaime I would say but he is more of a follower rather than a leader. Cersei is pure wildfire as Jaime has mentioned in AFFC during the burning of the Tower of the Hand (Green Wedding). Personally I believe that Season 7 will primarily focus on the battle between Daenerys and Cersei with Jaime killing Cersei thus pledging his sword to Dany. That would be interesting, 2 Lannisters helping Dany. In the North, I think we will see Jon and the rest preparing for the WW and perhaps a battle with the Northeners having a staggering defeat.

  • To the guy that blocked me from your GoT instagram page because you thought Sansa was pregnant, and I thought you were an idiot that took words too literal. *puts both middle fingers up in the air*

  • This also proves that Sansa hasn’t changed one bit through all the brutal things she’s been through. It’s all me, me, me. I hope she joins LF and then Cersie cuts them down.

  • I don’t know if Sophie Turner is being directed to view her character this way or if this is something she has come to on her own, but I am growing so tired of it.

    Jon and Davos have listened to her. She just hasn’t had any good ideas, except for one, which she didn’t tell them about. Even Brienne, hardly a sexist person, was like, “Wut?”

    And even if you want to argue that she’s not getting the credit from the Northern lords AND that they are sexist for looking at her as a) Not as good as Jon b) damaged goods from Tyrion and Ramsay (They wouldn’t know only one of those marriages was consummated and that one wasn’t consensual) then the solution is to work with Littlefinger?

    Brienne better get back quick. And hopefully she has the Hound and Arya with her. Because Sansa isn’t smart enough or tough enough to come out of this OK.

  • Wahh Waa Waaa… Typical, after all is done, not during.
    he said he didn’t want the shit.
    and she just sat there, actually enjoying it…it appeared
    then she is thinking that?
    oh by the way Fuck the Starks, they are weak
    Jonny’s a T Man, they got the shit

  • Jon and Sansa being open and honest with each other being a solution to things? If people did this on TV, it would eliminate 90% of the drama on the tube. It’s the basis for almost every sitcom or soap opera ever written.

  • I believe what we are reading is some wonderful misdirection. I believe based on Sansa’s smile at the table when Jon was declared King of the North was genuine and I also believe she conspired with Lyanna Mormont to push Jon forward. The look between Sansa and Littlefinger was initially one of smiling “I stuck it to you, Littlefinger” and when he looked back at her with daggers, her mouth changed to one of “fear?” that Littlefinger would not be cowed and would still be a piece on the board to be concerned with

    • Agreed. Like an interview Lena Headey gave where she discussed Tyrion being the most likely Valonqar. Until HBO/D&D/whoever it was, react with spoiler accusations like they did with Ian Mcshane, I’m taking it all as misdirection.

    • I agree with that. Sansa can rule in WF while Jon takes on WW. I think she’s gotten smarter and more independed these last episodes. She and Lyanna will keep an watchful eye on LF, that’s always a good idea.

  • I don’t think Danny is going to end up on the Iron Throne. I believe she is going to take care of the dragons. They cannot be allowed to roam free, and locking them up will kill them. So I think she will take them to Dragonstone, where they can fly at will. And she will spend her life there. I think the dragons mean more to her than the throne. Maybe also, Jorah will join her there, because it will not matter there if he has Greyscale.

  • In the previous scene together, Jon tells her you should be the Lady of Winterfell and take her parents room … and she says you should take it, you are a Stark for me. And then she doesn’t listen Littlefinger when he tells her she should lead House Stark … It seems she didn’t want the title until she lost it.
    I understand she is a little jealous about it. Nobody cared about her. Besides, Catelyn would die again watching Jon being proclaimed King instead of one of her children.
    Jon didn’t believe he deserved the title, but the Northerners chose him. However, I believe he shouldn’t have accepted. He knows his claim isn’t as strong as her sister’s claim. He forgot everything he said to Sansa. Can he be King while Sansa is Lady of Winterfell???
    What can Sansa do now???? Is she going to plan to kill him??? We know Bran is alive. I just want him to come back and end the feud between Jon and Sansa. As Jon said they have tons of enemies to take care about first.

    • Sansa is the Lady of Winterfell, but the title of King in the North is not inherited, Ned was not the King in the North. The King in the North title was decided in a Kingsmoot type of situation.

      • The Starks were kings before Aegon’s conquest … When Robb is proclaimed King, Umber remembered they bend the knee for a Targaryen.

  • The thing to keep in mind is that the actors haven’t read the scripts of S7 yet – so their guess about what’s to come is as good as ours. And, based on previous interviews, I think it’s fair to say that Sophie Turner is fond of playing devil’s advocate and projecting the worst possible outcome at every turn.

    So, yes, Sansa might be a little jealous of Jon but I doubt it’s going to blow up into a full blown family feud, honestly.

  • I guess I find it weird that Daenerys thinks she should marry when she may not be fertile, which is kind of a big deal. Shouldn’t the father have the right to know?
    I guess it isn’t that weird for cousins to marry, especially in Westeros.

    • Maybe Dany will find that she’s fertile after all. Such surprises do happen in real life; why not in a fantasy world as well?

    • Yeah, that’s another thing going against the theory that Jon and Dany are going to get married. They couldn’t possibly fall in love with what little time we have left so the only reason they might decide to get married would be to keep the Targaryen line going. However, since Dany is not capable of having more children…seems a little moot to me.

      And cousins marrying isn’t weird in Westeros, I guess, but Jon and Sansa were raised as brother and sister and I think they’ll always think of each other that way even after finding out about Jon’s parentage. So I don’t see them getting married. And Dany is his aunt – which I find even weirder. Basically, Jon just needs to get together with Lyanna Mormont once she grows up!

  • I have to remind myself that this is coming from Sophie Turner, not Sansa Stark. I really hope thats not how the character feels. I really don’t want them to go in that direction. Remember that whole discussion when Jon was like “i prepared the lords chambers for you….. yes, you should take it, you are lady of winterfell………if it wasn’t for you, we would all be dead”. During that conversation, she made it sound like she wanted Jon to be lord of winterfell. If that was the case, why should she have any problem with the northern lords declaring him king in the north. Jon can be a little stupid sometimes (“starks…..quick tempers, slow of minds”) but he has the natural ability to lead. a lot of people think that the look between littlefinger and sansa was her leaning towards littlefingers way of thinking. I think it was completely the opposite. It looked like she was thinking “in your face tinyfinger”

  • I’ve had such an irreverent hate for Sansa this whole time but maybe it’s actually Sophie Turner who is just clueless and stupid

  • I have lost all respect for Sophie Turner, her counterpart Sansa is becoming just as tiresome. Every other character has suffered just as much as hers, some even more. Get off of your high horse.

  • I’m also getting a bit sick of Sansa too. She’s never done anything wise. She would have even made a botch of getting LF’s support and even threatened to have that oaf Brienne murder him during the first meeting. Then, after she wises up and realized at the last minute that she’s going to get everybody flayed, she begs him to come running.

    Yet, it’s always “Sansa’s going through this, Sansa is going through that!” Or “Oooh, she came down the stairs in a black dress! Darth Sansa!” Or “After six years, she’s done a single thing of consequence! She’ll clearly sit the iron throne!”

    She’s been an incompetent pawn from day one. The few times she’s exercised any judgment, its usually worked out horrifically. I’ve not see a ton to suggest that’s changed.

    I think Sophie Turner does a good job of playing the character (which at least as of the advance chapters from TWOW differs wildly from the show) but just that the character is really irksome.

  • On another note, I wonder if both Tyrion and Cersei (possible with fraternal twins) are Aery’s children, not Tywin’s.

  • Sansa could NOT have claimed back Winterfell without Jon either. He’s the one who wanted to “go somewhere warm” when he “woke up” – she begged him to help her take back Winterfell. And he did. She should say thank you instead of complaining for not getting enough credit.

    I’m not loving where this storyline is headed.

    • True and Sansa on her own would not have gotten ANY of the Northern Houses.
      The Knights of the Vale would NOT have been enough to take Winterfell.
      She probably would have been captured and returned to Ramsay on her own…chew on that one, Sansa fans.

      • Is there such a thing as a Sansa fan? If there is they obviously haven’t paid attention to anything that’s happened since the beginning of the series

  • No, but because of her pride and hatred towards Jon and dislike and distrust of littlefinger, Jon had a humiliating march to all those northern houses, lost an x number of men and friends and almost lost the battle.

    She deserved scorne, but she received gratitude. Sansa is still a little girl. Her sister, both brothers, Tommen and Lyanna were all much more mature. But Sophie herself might also still be a child.

  • Sansa as well as Arya are hardened by the South. They behave much more like southern people rather than Northeners. On the contrary, Robb, Jon, Bran and obviously Rickon and Eddard are behaving like Northeners even though in the books both Robb and Bran look just like their mother.

  • Perhaps she’s as dumb as her character. Seems that way. These comments are ridiculous and indicative of someone who is utterly clueless about the actual story she’s acting in.

    • The question is, how can the producers, crew and staff stand her no acting skills? She can’t bring depth to the Sansa character. Flat, monotone and same old standard clueless face since Season 1.

      Game of Thrones is known for its great casting, except for the Sand Snakes and Sansa. Even minor characters are portrayed well by other actors. Even CGI giants, dragons and direwolves have more soul into their scenes. What gives?

  • Wow, the credit she deserves… for not sharing information that would have saved many lives. Is she pulling our ( collective ) leg or is Barbie back?

    Nothing would have happened without that lovely written and perfectly timed Pink letter that actually put things in motion, making sure even the Free folk will hop in. So all credit for the Stark restoration goes to Ramsay. Dunno, maybe Sansa is entitled to a share as his widow?

    Conspiracy theory: they have no idea what to do with Sansa and they keep throwing this crap at us again and again, so they could gauge the reaction and act accordingly. I know it’s too much to expect from a movie, but after a season full of wish fulfillment, who knows?

  • I don’t see what Jon did wrong. She yelled at him for not asking her advice (she should of spoken up at the war meeting then) Jon apologized and then asked her. Sansa told Jon he should be Lord of Winterfell, Jon then LITERALLY told her that she should be the Lady of Winterfell for her role in Littlefinger’s army coming to the rescue. When Jon was made king he looked at Sansa for her approval and she smiled at him.

    What Sansa should of done is tell Jon about the Knights of the Vale and Jon wouldn’t of gotten so many men killed. Jon made a dumb move of charging Ramsay but I can see why he did it. Sansa trying to undermine Jon is dumber

  • I think there will be a lot of tension between Sansa and Jon. They will both do stupid things. I think people will die because of this: Brienne, Davos. But one thing will change their relationship : Bran returning to Winterfell. He will tell the truth about Jons parents.

    Sophie said this:
    She was always influenced by her mother’s resentment towards Jon because of Ned allegedly cheating on her and bringing back an illegitimate child, so finding out that Ned never cheated, that Jon isn’t an illegitimate child of Ned’s, would probably bring them closer together.

  • Well…I was going to come to bitch about Sansa/Sophie but you all have said it all. Sansa is page filler in the books. She betrayed her sister, her father and now the North by not cluing anyone in to the fact that a sizable army was on its way from the Vale. She wants recognition and praise…for what?? All the northern lives that were lost in the battle that may have been saved?? Whether she trusted Jon or not…those fighting in th BotB were fighting for House Stark but their lives mattered nothing. I didn’t see Sansa on the field slashing her way through the enemy to get to Ramsey and Winterfell…that was Jon. The only thing I saw Sansa do was write a letter to the lowlife that gave her to her abuser. As for Sophie…I guess I would have to delude myself to the true nature of Sansa if I had to portray her too.

    • I’d like to see you say that to her face, if you’re brave. You judge a young woman from an interview because you are unable to tell the difference between a character and a real person. God, you know Sophie Turner ALL of life to insult her like that? You are crazy?

      I think I’ll send her your comments via Twitter, to see her reaction.

      • I agree with you, people who call other as childish are more likely to refer it to them self . But I don’t think it would be necessary to mention Sophie Turner in twitter…

  • Jon was going to give the Lord’s Chambers to sansa, he looked at her as the Lady of winter fell, just happens Lyanna Morning is a badass and let everyone know who she thought should be ruling the North.

  • The credit she deserves?
    How about next time tell Jon about the cavalry coming so maybe Rickon doesn’t die and Jon doesn’t risk his life a million times thinking it was a desperate battle when in fact they had the bigger numbers?

    Yeah, maybe then he’d give you credits.

    At the moment, Sansa deserves nothing she’s a stupid fucking bitch and endangered everyone because… Well no reason really.
    I mean they talked about it for like 3 seconds and Sansa offered no explanation at all. Only said that she should’ve told him, but no reason why she didn’t.

    And all that aside, I don’t see what “credit” she deserves for conveniently having a suitor with a large army. Littlefinger deserves some credit, and it would’ve been nice to have someone you know, thank him properly (or sweetrobin). But Sansa acting that way with him, not sure he’ll be all that willing to help them again when they have to fight another battle.

  • I’m really tired of Sophie Turner talking garbage about Jon. If this is a misdirection she has to stop because it’s really ruining what is what supposed to be a great season for sansa, despite everything. I’ve seen Sophie complaining many times that people hate sansa, and now she is the one making people hate her character. She didn’t read the scripts so she doesn’t know what’s going to happen. She should keep her mouth shut because she’s making herself look dense in these interviews. I know that if she had to choose she would rather have sansa siding with littlefinger and betraying Jon because that’s more interesting and would give sansa a plot of her own, than just have her beside jon snow being one his minions, but she has to remind herself that Jon snow is the protagonist of the story (alongside with dany, tyrion, bran and arya), not sansa. Sansa is a dispensable character and being close to jon snow at this point increase her chances of staying alive, because he’s not dying anytime soon.

    • I agree , this season was empowering for some of these characters , but it makes me feel this means they will be out soon , sansa,cersei ? I cant see them surviving but who knows? I dont know how sansa will have a role in the end game and the battle with the WW , she doesnt fit in with the WW story and she wont get the throne , dany will do that , cersei , well her madness will get to her , she wont last long , yara and theom? Am betting on euron against them , he wont go down that easily , the fact that he is a villain who was introduced as the show is ending , speaks volumes of how he is gonna have an impact on the end game , i mean they cut sooo many characters , why not him?

  • Yeah… I don’t get this one. The first quote from Sophie Turner is bad on so many levels, I almost wonder what script she’s reading or what show she is watching.

    Of course she deserves credit which Jon has always given her. She’s been helping obviously, but also dishonest in not telling Jon about the letter that was sent, whether she knew the Vale would come or not. So now she’s saying Littlefinger is more trustworthy… Littlefinger who she knows sold her to the Bolton’s in a power play to eventually take control of the North, humiliating her the whole time then has the gall to talk to her about marriage to him. Littlefinger who she doesn’t know helped get her parents killed, and who pretty much was the architect of the War of Five Kings. Little finger… more trustworthy and an ally?


  • Maybe Howland Reed will appear, and reveal to Jon the truth of his identity, after hearing that Jon has been proclaimed King of the North…

    And Bran will appear to corroborate it?

  • I don’t think she will BUT..
    Sansa, I’ve been rooting for you girl! But don’t you DARE double cross Jon Snow in any shape or form ! Same goes for you LittleFinger!😡

    When I saw that look they shared I was like ..great, now I get to worry about Jon all over again! lol. 😩Especially with Mel gone too…

    • @ Lady Stark

      Let’s go be Jon Snow’s sworn protectors! Hands off the Snow!

      Jon’s going to get tired of everyone BS soon be warned ! A new winter is coming and a new Jon Snow with it! He is a different Jon wait and see people !

      Sophie , Maise, Emilia all Rock! I love their charachters! Go Women of thrones! Bash em all you like. They the ” three Bishmigos” ! Lol love them !!!

  • Bran will come and tell them everything it will stop the bickering and she will probably wed theon, she won’t have a man again I’m sure so its the perfect match. Bran will rule at Winter fell, jon will probably be the new king of the North and lead the free folk beyond the wall once the cleaning ups done.

  • Trying to pull shenanigans this late in the game would be a bit pointless. All this scheming really does look petty now that we have the White Walkers closing in. Plus it would be such a step back for Sansa’s character and reinforce that she’s learned nothing. If anything she should lead Littlefinger on and then betray him, showing that she has become more like him, but not to his benefit. It would be karmic that the one most like her mother is the one to bring him to justice and make him answer for his selfish, petulant actions.

    • Exactly. If Sansa had learned a thing she will behave more like LF,but not to his benefit.

  • I think there is a real chance that Sansa and Jon might end up together. Inspite of them trusting each other completely there is a lot of unease between them. This doesnt seem very brother sister, but I guess it is because they kept their distance even when they were growing up together in WF. The way I see it Sansa could be the one to approach Jon and tell him that she can never trust a man or feel safe with a man the way she is with Jon because of what she has gone through with men like Joffrey Ramsay and even LF. Seems like she will take the role of her mother as counsel to the King in the North but she will for sure be wiser than her mother because of how much she has been through. Ofcourse she didnt do the bravest of things by fighting back in her own way during those times but it takes that much strength to not be stupid and to have survived.

  • I have a feeling Sophie has gotten Kits job from last season where all he did is say, yes I’m dead. D&D feel the need for some drama in the north so it’s up to Sophie to set the table for it. I think Sansa will appear to go along with LF until around episode 8 when he’ll make a move against Jon. Cue the twist where this time it ends with Sansa placing a knife to LFs throat while saying, you honestly thought I would betray my brother.

  • Sansa is only NOW starting to redeem herself from her childish behavior which led to her father’s death and her direwolf. She has a lot more to do besides smirk at the death of Ramsay and ask Littlefinger to send the Knights of the Vale before I think of her as any kind of political player who deserves any respect or credit.

    • Again, always the same speech from Season 1, “Sansa betrayed her family, Lady died because of her etc …” My god you another song? it’s 6 doggone season! Stop saying she is selfish! Part of her wants her to protect but like she was mocking her family! You heard what she said to LF? She spent time trying things instead of seeing what she had. this is not a sign of maturity that? Yes it still has flaws, she is young. But shit, what you have in your ears?
      Then you are there to insult but Sansa LF him, you touch her not reproach.

  • I agree with the majority of posters who say Jon and Sansa will end up together we saw a lot of tension and feelings between them that were not very sibling like George Martin had these two stark characters at distance for a reason they are siblings in name only She didn’t have the same relationship with Jon that she had with her other siblings .It won’t be just a political marriage but for love.

    • I don’t know but they are together for 8 episodes and they have no romantic feelings for each other. It’s only 13 more to the end.
      The books have no foreshadowing for it, the actors didn’t got any direction towards this….i don’t see this happening.

  • My god, you’re scared me. Your comments confirm human stupidity of the 21st century. You insult an actress that you don’t know just because she talks about her flawed character? You will do anything in front of her? The insult? The spit? Pointing a gun to her face? I’m sure you would be able so your fanaticism highs. There is a life outside of GOT in case you’ve forgotten. A REAL life and where there is REAL dramas. And you, what do you do ? You insult you each other because you are unable to meet you and also because reading a different opinion from yours makes you sick.

    There are people who like Sansa? Respect them. There are people who hate her? Respect them! Hell is not complicated! We are all different, the world is like that but please, stop pretending that you hold the truth. Who are you?

    If Sophie revealed these things is because the writers see the situation like this! She is an actress who does only what it dictates. So if you want to blame someone, go complain to D & D, they are the writers! But you are cowards. Behind a screen you insult a young woman of 20 who works hard. But if you were in front of it, you will do the hypocrites.

  • Please please let Sansa die next season. A character this dumb is still alive some how is beyond me.

  • Guys, you’re being carried away by a tv series so far you become somehow judgy and emotional beyond control.

    Just try to chill out and enjoy the show.