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More big SPOILERS: Learn what Jon Snow and Bran Stark get up to in Season 7

Kit Harington, Game of Thrones

Geez, the Season 7 spoilers just aren’t stopping of late. Yesterday, we reported on some big news regarding Daenerys. Before that, Arya was the big story. And throughout it all, set photos have been leaking out at a steady flow. Now, Los Siete Reinos has more information about what’ll happen to the likes of Jon Snow, Bran Stark, and Theon Greyjoy next year.

Before we any further…SPOILER WARNING!


Let’s start with the (slightly) milder stuff. Not along ago, a photo surfaced of Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran) getting his makeup done next to Maisie Williams (Arya). At the time, Kit Harington (Jon Snow) was also on set.

Many fans looked at this information and concluded that we were in for a Stark family reunion next year, with Bran and Arya and Jon Snow all in one place. LSR can’t rule that out, but according to its sources, that’s not what was happening on the day the above picture was taken. Instead, Wright was filming a scene with Ben Crompton (Dolorous Edd) and other members of the Night’s Watch.

This makes sense—after all, Bran will have to pass through the tunnel at Castle Black before he can make his way to Winterfell. If our obsessive analysis of a call sheet glimpsed on the day these pictures were taken is accurate, this scene will go down in Episode 704.

Okay, on to the bigger news. According to LSR, at some point during Season 7, Jon Snow will reunite with Theon Greyjoy.


The last time we saw Jon and Theon in a room together.

Both Jon and Theon have changed a lot since leaving Winterfell. You may recall that Theon was hesitant to reunite with Jon early in Season 6, as he figured that the Jon might be angry with him for taking over Winterfell. If these spoilers are correct, it looks like Theon will get a chance to say his peace in Season 7.

According to fansite Watchers on the Wall, the Jon-Theon reunion will not take place in the North, but while Jon is traveling south for some reason. Stay tuned for more.


  • So I guess this means that Yara is the one that gets captured by Euron if Theon is still around later in the season.

  • According to some dude on Reddit,Jon is heading to Dragonstone for more dragon glass,there is where he meets Dany,she lands in Dragonstone,and there will be probably Theon too,after he flees from the navy battle were Euron captures Yara and Ellaria + 2 sand snakes.
    All above could make sense,but I won’t count too much on this dude theories,he claims other things too that don’t make sense pretty much.

    • Interesting. I wrote in another article that I thought the Jon Targaryan reveal would be that the dragons would break off from Dany to protect Jon like they did in the fighting pits.

    • I think it’s the color and hairstyle. I looked at her recent pics and her hairline is closer to her forehead.

    • I could see that. Davos knows there is dragon glass on Dragonstone as well. Maybe they have moved the Dragonpit to Dragonstone.

    • The reddit dude has no theory at all: he heard something, but was completely unable to come up with a consistent story (or he is trolling).
      However, Jon going to Dragonstone goes in line with the rumors that the showrunners were searching for tall bearded men for Zumaia filming – I made this prediction immediately when I learned that.
      As for Theon, he wont be jumping off-board to save his skin: he will be doing to save Dany and what’s left of her fleet after Euron decimates it and I bet he will be doing that under Yara’s order.

      • I agree,somethings make sense,other no.
        All we can do it’s speculate,but I’d say we have a good start with the rumors from the reliable sources.I won’t deny,I love spoilers,I always did,speculate too…that’s all we have left until the long wait in June 😂
        Again I won’t classify the dude on Reddit as a “reliable source”,but it’s fun to read stuff here and there,you know, helps us while waiting.

    • There’s already some things he says that don’t add up. For example he says Bran is crossing the wall in episode 1. That doesn’t fit with the above mentioned Bran/Edd scene not to mention WiC’s belief it is in episode 4.

      He also says Jon is coming South and will meet Dany and take her back North to show her the White Walkers before returning South again with her. No matter how fast D&D try to move time, it’s ridiculous to believe Jon and Dany would criss-cross the entire continent together in like 2 episodes. Jon doing it twice. Not to mention she’s a Queen and he’s a King, yet they make this journey, just the two of them. With no guards or anything.

      He’s got a few good guesses, so people are going to run with it being accurate. But I think he’s full of crap personally.

      • There’s no way Jon would *should* leave the North with the WWs creeping closer and closer, to travel all the way to KL to meet with Dany and Dragonstone seems too far as well. But Dragonstone makes a whole lot more sense than KL since Jon knows he needs dragonglass and Davos is in the know that Dragonstone is flooded with it. But then, what about the rumor that Davos & Brienne are in the dragonpit of KL meeting with Dany & Missandei?? There was no mention of Tyrion in that meeting.

        I’m thinking… that spoiler pic(s) of the cliff along water that they’re building up to look like a castle, will be Dragonstone and that is where the dragonpit will be, not in KL. Then the meeting with Dany, etc… and Jon traveling there for dragonglass all make sense and give reason for them to all be in the same place and not two different locations with little time to travel all over Westeros and back.

        • It makes no sense that Jon travels for dragon glass. He’d just send folks. Like in the books with him not going to Hard Home. having him at hard home it worked on tv as it put him at the heart of the story. To have him go to DS however doesn’t make sense as it’s a low level trade/foraging treat. If they are meeting it is to parlay and form an alliance. I’d suggest some neutral middle group bed would serve best, and that as far as I can see is Harrenhall. (Where this whole story began and where I suspect it will end)

    • Thanks for posting it here.

      I came across it at a reddit discussion yesterday about it analyzed it back and forth:

      A huge chunk of it is trolling and bad fanfic imho.

      He may have heard or read a speculation anywhere or made a lucky guess which adds up with the actual spoilers, but most of his stuff doesn´t make sense if he would be a true leaker:

      He claims he knows everything “from a friend who has a friend (who writes for the show)….uhm, okay?
      He states in his comments he has no idea where the scenes filmed in Spain are set:
      “To be honest, I can’t figure out where the scenes shot in Spain are supposed to be set. Beyond flashbacks to the Tower of Joy again, I can’t recall any Dornish scenes.”

      On the other hand, he exactly knows Dany and Jon are giving each ther admiring looks, that Jon “pets Drogon” or that “she admires him fighting while flying above on Viserion” (For Cheesy Fucks Sake!) what she thinks of him , what he thinks of her and 100 other small plot details…. So he doesn´t know anything about why a HUGE chunk of filming (they need alot of extras in Spain) takes place and how it fits into the plot, but he knows about every single eye movement and exactly what Jon and Dany think of each other through the entire series?

      No. That´s fanfic writing.

      He confuses his own plot:
      Post one from him:
      “After an ill advised attack on Kings Landing, Jon realises that what he needs to do is provide proof of the Undead Army. So he takes the Hound, Beric, Thoros and

      Post 2 from him:
      “Jon goes North to capture an Undead – Dany goes too. He, Davos, Jorah and Gendry take a skiff to Eastwatch-On-The-Sea, where Tormund is manning. He has The Hound, Beric and Thoros in the Dungeon – Okay, what now?!

      Jon being named Aegon: Doesn´t make sense, as little Aegon Targaryen was killed after Rhaegar. Why would Rhaegar choose the same name for both of his sons?

      The annullment of Rhaeg´s marriage to Elia. That would be just fucking awful writing. Why he should annull it and on what grounds? The marriage to the princess of Dorne was legal and they already had 2 kids. In Westeros, only the High Septon can annull marriages and there are no divorces. And GILLY finds the super secret annullment and RL secet marriage records in the Citadel? … 12 year old girls write better stuff on….

      Theon abdoning his sister when Euron captures her….
      No. That would throw Theon´s whole arc the last 6 seasons out of the window by a (obviously Meth smoking ) writer, that´s just awful. Can´t see it a single second.

      Littlefinger plotting Arya and Sansa against each other in WF… like in a terrible 90s high school movie? Please don´t.

      Also, I think he edits his posts now. I did read them yesterday and just today, there are suddenly new details appearing in his old posts that weren´t there yesterday.

      • Yeah,I agree…the part where Jon and Dany hooks up seems like fan fiction to me,also he claims Viserion will die and the NK will make him his mount.Some details could be accurate but I still think a small percentage of them IMO.
        Personally I don’t see Dany making a truce with Cersei bc of the WW,and no battle in south happening,like you and other people said that doesn’t fit with the request of the extras GoT made and other details.

        • Although in the past big spoilers were leaked on Reddit,like Tommen death in season finale I won’t rely 100% on this spoilers.

      • Jeeezzzus, after reading Ovate’s discussion of the reddit post, I for one am definitely not putting any faith in this person’s “leaked info.” It all seems like tinfoil fanfic times a million. Totally unbelievable!!

        I would love to see Theon and Jon cross paths again and for Jon to execute Theon, bc lets face it, that is what Theon ultimately deserves for betraying Robb and the Starks and just bc Ramsey tortured the living daylights out of Theon doesn’t change that for me, unless Theon does something pretty remarkable for the Starks to redeem himself. Nonetheless, I can’t put any faith in this reddit post that this meeting will or won’t happen but I do (as I commented above) see a scenario where Jon goes to Dragonstone and ends up meeting with Theon and Dany, etc… However, it does make A LOT more sense imo for Jon to send ppl on his behalf to Dragonstone bc who else would rule the North and Winterfell in his stead while he was gone? I guess Sansa but with LF lurking and the Vale troops still there I’m assuming, that’s bound to be trouble…unless Royce can step in and get the army to listen to him instead of Finger. But with the WWs not too far away and their threat known by Jon all too well, I can’t seem him leaving Winterfell & the North, esp if Davos is also at Dragonstone or KL. Hmmmm

          • He did, while also rescuing himself at the same time. Regardless, clearly that act by Theon was not enough for me to wipe his slate clean. Remember too in the books, that even after escaping, Theon (in his own thoughts) welcomes a good, clean death and seems to really want one.

            With that being said, I would much prefer Littlefinger to get outted and subsequently executed, rather than Theon.

    • GOT only has a handful of writers – if you read up on it D&D are the main writers with only one other writer in the room with them. Two other writers work with various groups of actors sometimes but no more than 5 ever – if the info I’ve read is accurate.

      This ‘leaker’ claims to be a friend of a friend who knows one of the writers – which leaves only 3 people who could have leaked it outside of D&D. I highly doubt that anyone wanting to make it in Hollywood as a serious writer is going to run home and start spilling the beans and if they did..I’m guessing someone would be getting fired right about now. And he/she should be if they are writing crap like ‘Jon and Dany make ‘googly’ eyes at each other.

      Either this person is full of it or he’s the guy who’s bringing sandwiches to the crew or cleaning their toilets and he’s managed to overhear conversations or has stolen each actor’s script while he’s cleaning their trailers – which I highly doubt as I expect they are locked away once the actor is done for the day.

      Color me skeptical.

  • What a great reunion between Jon and Theon should be…… So much has changed for the two characters…..Theon has been given justice of sorts from the North at the hands of Ramsey Bolton…. The beheading of Ser Rodrick Cassel must be answered for….that cannot pass….. Theon’s betrayal of Robb…….It would really interesting if Bran was to encounter Theon….Having been pushed to it, Jon has shown that he can deliver justice when he took Janos Slynt’s head….would be cool to see Jon go to the darkness with Theon…..more than just a flash of it.

    • I like where you’re going here! They’ve done a lot on the show to rehabilitate Theon Greyjoy but the sins of the past cannot be ignored. Ned Stark was a man who insisted upon Justice and honor at all costs. If they did a whole let’s forgive and forget thing because they’re fighting on the same side now that would really suck. Although the show has much diverged from the books but, I doubt that George RR Martin would approve!

      • Theon already made amends and had more justice then any character. Nobody has had it worse then Theon and that includes Sansa or any other character. He was tortured for a long period of time. Theon will live the entire story and be one of the heroes. His is the biggest redemption arc in the story not even a close second.

          • Stannis Baratheon – A good act does not wash out the bad, nor a bad the good

            Would be nice to see Jon display that old school honorable edge that Stannis and Ned conveyed…

            (From what reddit says it looks like Theon is going to prove to be a reprehensible coward again in a sea battle ….)

            Those innocent farm boys, and the Northern people of Winterfell and all who were abused by or died from the betrayal of Theon must be answered for by the King in the North….it is Jon’s duty at the very least.

        • Speaking strictly books Daemon Blackfyre, since based on your name I am assuming you have read them, please enlighten me as to how you think Theon will be one of the story’s ultimate heros??? I doubt I have to remind you that unlike the tv show where Theon somehow miraculously overcame all of the lasting effects of his torture, his frailty, his missing fingers and his confidence, after chugging a cup of mead per his sister’s instructions, that has NOT happened in the books where he is essentially a weak, sickly, insecure, worthless half of a man, if that. How does one in that physical and mental state, become a hero other than sacrificing himself? And since you said Theon will survive the story, sacrificing himself is out of the picture for you to claim.

          I hope to hear back from you Daemon, thx man!

          • AMEN Loganblue!!!

            And, cry me a river Theon lovers. Sure he was tortured beyond belief but he deserved everything that came his way and imo still deserves some Stark punishment for all he did to their house and their ppl.

        • But the thing is that, yes Theon was turtored more than anyone but he deserved it while on the other hand a child like Sansa didn’t she was tortured physically and mentally and for the longest time thought that her entire family was dead. The stark kids went through so much crap.

  • I’m hoping the dragons will light up the wall turning it into dragon glass and thereby stopping the invasion!

  • No one could blame Jon if he decides to execute Theon.
    Let’s not forget what he did to the Stark family. Jon may decide that helping Sansa escape was enough to redeem himself. But if he’s totally like Ned, Jon will execute Theon. He might think it’s his duty.
    Theon betrayed Robb, took Winterfell, killed Sir Podrick and killed those two farm boys. So..
    If Dany knows all that she’d agree I think.
    With Jon traveling towards the South and Davos and Brienne meeting Dany at the Dragonpits. Where’s Sansa at this point? We all know LF is gonna be up to no good.
    That’s a lot to be forgiven for.

    • Dany does know that. Theon told her herself: “I didn’t kill the Stark boys. But I did things just as bad. Or worse.”

      • Show Dany was close to burn thousands of children alive when she attempted to lay waste on the rebelling cities… and don’t even let me start with book Dany (tortured girls because her fave musican got offed , anyone?)

        The Dragon Queen Of House Fire And Blood probably gives a fuck, she needs Yara’s Greyjoy Fleet and Allies.

        People seem to forget everyone is a killer in the brutal world of GoT.
        It won’t get HURR DURR and all cuddles and posies in Season 7…..

  • I really hope these so called spoilers aren’t true. Perhaps a few are but they’ve just started filming and does everyone seriously think he has a friend who’s a writer in the know? D&D have people monitoring the boards and I expect the ‘writer’ would have been fired immediately after reading what he’s posting. Perhaps he knows a few things and is just improvising the rest or he’s being fed false leads on purpose to see if he’ll publicly post them.

    I also can’t see Cersei being pregnant again and then have Euron wanting to marry her to form an alliance under those circumstances. He’s been quite up front about wanting to rule the 7 kingdoms – does he really seem the type to risk his army without being made king first. He doesn’t strike me as being stupid and I expect he’s a better game player than Cersei is or at least equal to her. And would he accept her sleeping with her brother and bearing his child – not with that ego. It doesn’t make sense to me. Unless he doesn’t give a shit and plans to kill her once they are married but as I said he is too smart to underestimate her I think given what he’s seen and the powers he supposedly has.

    As for Jon and Dany – I really like Dany but I don’t see Jon and her hooking up – they are far too different and and have different goals in life. And from a story telling point of view, this would be too obvious and far too ‘sappy’ for Martin but hey maybe he has a romantic streak we don’t know about but I doubt it and I”ll be very disappointed if the story goes this way.

    I see him more with Sansa but only at the end of the series as a way to restore the Stark name and to ensure it carries on. There must always be a ‘Stark’ at Winterfell. And what would the point of all the emphasis on a Targ and Stark child ( now a man) if there wasn’t some sort of magical event that will take place by the combining of the two blood lines? I hardly think it would be for ‘love’ – this isn’t Harry Potter where ‘love’ conquers all. Is it? God I hope not.

    I can see them bonding when they find out they are ‘family’ but I think Dany is all about Drogo and the vision she had – had to have some meaning other than just a way to show how she felt about her loss. I can see her sacrificing her life to be reunited with Drogo and her son and I can see the bittersweet would be Jon finding happiness with Sansa. he’s wanted to be a Stark all his life and he’s wanted the family closeness and simplicity of life they had. I can’t see him sitting on the throne anymore than Dany – who herself can’t see it as she knows in her heart she is a conqueror.

    • I think he’s full of crap and doesn’t know anything. That being said, GRRM does have a huge romantic streak actually. Much more so than people may know or realize. If you read some of his earlier work there’s quite a bit of romanticism. BUT, it’s always a bittersweet one, with something happening to one of the two people disallowing a happily ever after type ending. One is forced to live on, unhappy, sad and lonely because the other is gone.

      • Jonsa shippers are on suicide watch. Sansa won’t survive this season and Jon x Dany fanfiction will come true. If Reddit’s spoilers are true people will rage like there’s no tomorrow.

    • I don’t rule out Jon and Dany on the whole, but that “they have sex as the wall falls” prediction sounded ridic to me. OTOH, someone on another board did point out that most any event in the series might sound banal if you phrase it as blankly as possible. I guess we’ll see …

  • If Dany takes dragonstone she will have a good source of dragonglass which Jon needs to defeat the white walkers. I bet that there are some expert flint knappers amongst the Wildings . They could quickly turn all that dragonglass into spearpoints , arrowheads, and knives. The Aztecs had wooden swords that had obsidion inlaid into the edges. Those could be useful.

    • Yes way Jon and Dany all the way …. they have to get together…somehow….the Targaryen line….the dragons…..the distance they were from each other at the beginning and how they would end up together….though there will probably be tragedy, Jon and Dany makes for the most fireworks…plenty of exciting and unexpected drama to be had…..if people want to come out of left field so much how about Jon and Cersei?….

    • Last time we saw Gendry… well, he was on the correct coast. I was thinking Jon would go south to get a cash of Dragonglass. Who might he see if he goes to Dragonstone? Technically, Gendry is a Baratheon….it would be a real kick in the head if he ended up a lord with a huge cash of Dragonglass. LOL

      The North Remembers…

  • Stannis probably sent word back to dragonstone to start mining dragon glass immediately after taking to Sam in castle blacks library. Jon will travel there in hopes to either get as much of it as he can OR he’s going there because he’s heard Danny landed there with Theon and Tyrion. Either way whoever shows up there will be surprised to see such a massive mining operation. But if I was king in the north and heard about a massive fleet of iron born dornish and tyrell forces, dothraki Calvary, and an unsullied army on foot led by the last targaryn who has 3 dragons I’d want to make an alliance quick considering the threat of the white walkers. There will certainly be some tension between Jon and Theon but Sansa will counsel mercy. An alliance will be made and hopefully a betrothal between Danny and Jon. I predict one of the dragons will protect Jon some how and he will mount it becoming the second rider (making Danny all hot and bothered at the same time) and the two of them will fly off to the north so he can show her what westeros is really up against.

    • We are all expecting Dany to lose one dragon, it would be fitting she loses one, but to Jon! And that is what gets her attention , really. Even though they both would be aware they were meeting possibly to agree on an alliance,the fact her dragons accept him would immediatly make her hot for him and jealous!

      Because she sees herself as the mother to her dragons, and we all know the first step to get into mama´s bed is to get along well with the kids…

  • Reunions? You people seem to think everything plays out like a soap opera. It’s all about love, romance, who marries whom, family reunions–interrupted once per season by an “epic” battle. How childish.

    • Nothing childish about that Brach. Don’t be mad if people like good endings. Not all people are sociopaths

      • If you think there is going to be a Happy End, you haven’t been paying attention…. and probably should have sticked to The Princess Bride.

      • A good ending doesn’t have to be happy and…..REUNIONS ARE COOL….
        Cosmic magnetisms …chances for revenge and disruption

        Romance Rocks….especially when it’s not happy coz you can move on to another and/or die

        Embrace the inner child

  • I dont think Jon would kill Theon,
    Coz after what he has seen beyond the wall, he needs men
    His main moto is beyond the Iron throne.
    He knows that these house wars are not going to help them much.

  • I can see a romance happening until they find out Jon is Daneys nephew. Thats my bittersweet ending because I don’t know if I can handle either one of those two dying in the end.

  • I don’t understand all the folks shooting down reunions and love story angles (whether it be love between friends, family or sexual) as cheesy and/or cliche. It’s the relationships that make us care about and root for the characters. Otherwise everyone just kill everyone and the end, so what. I guess there are some people hoping for that kind of ending, I don’t get it.