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SPOILERS: More HD Quality Photos Surface from Filming Game of Thrones Season 7 in Zumaia

Image credit: Mikel González. License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Spain license. (This image is cropped.)

Earlier today, we showed you blurry footage of the meeting between two very important groups in Game of Thrones Season 7. Now, thanks to some beautiful HD quality photos, we can clearly see what is happening between the two factions. However, before we move on, I must tell you, these are SPOILER filled photos. Consider yourself warned.


Game of Thrones

 Oh, my! These SPOILERS taste quite delicious.

Still here? Good! Hot off the Twitterverse, we have a few HD quality shots of Jon Snow and his retinue, meeting Dany’s closest advisors, while filming in Zumaia for Game of Thrones Season 7 continues. And away we go!

Here we have Jon and Tyrion shaking hands, as the Dothraki look on. Notice the amount of clothing each Dothraki man is wearing, has grown, since last season. I love that Tyrion’s Hand of the Queen pin is on full display here. I wonder what the dialogue in the scene is? “Hey Tyrion, ole buddy, remember when you took that piss off the Wall? Yeah, those were good times! Ummm…no, Yoren isn’t with us anymore…yes, yes Thorne is dead, you can stop grinning like a Shadowcat now. Anywho, there probably won’t be a Wall to pee off of, if we don’t get one or two of those darn nifty Dragons. Can ya help a brother out?”

Ah, and here’s Dany, Tyrion, and Missandei just chilling. The Mother of Dragons is rocking a new cloak, as well as her most trusted advisor, Missandei. Tyrion…well Tyrion looks like Tyrion. Dany: “Did he say he wanted one or two of my dragons? Hahahahahaha!”

Seriously, Missandei is rocking the all black on black ensemble, and I am totally digging it. Also, while I may have said Tyrion is, well, Tyrion, he definitely looks to be back in black, as well, as it were.

Here’s a tweet from @DanyUnburnt showing Jon and Davos approaching Lord Tyrion, Hand of the Queen, with Missandei and an unnamed Dothraki male, who looks like he could be the new commander of the Dothraki Horde.

Notice Jon’s soldiers, dressed like any self-respecting Northern soldier would be armored. Finally, we have a photo tweeted by @SoffLuv who took a picture with Theon Greyjoy himself, Alfie Allen.

While we don’t have any leaked filming photos, or videos for that matter, of Alfie Allen shooting scenes at the Dragonstone location in Zumaia, this tweet does suggest that he is in town, and could be weirwood and chilling inside the castle…oh wait, he’s missing a crucial piece for that to happen. More food for thought: What if this photo hints that it was Yara who was kidnapped by Euron, and Theon escaped with the rest of Dany’s fleet, to the safety of Dragonstone?

And, if he is indeed at Dragonstone, then it is very possible that he and Jon are going to come face to face for the first time since Season 1, Episode 2, when Jon left Winterfell for the Wall. Ooooh boy! Won’t that be a fun conversation? Oh well, hopefully, we will see a shot of Theon filming scenes, very soon. Stay tuned for more updates, as they come.


    • Apparently the filming in Spain confirms some truths from the leaks on Reddit,nobody would believe that dude if the pics from Spain would not coincide with what he’s saying.I still hope for a twist or that he’s wrong.
      Although if it goes down like that,I don’t know what to think or feel until I will see the series.
      I guess we shall wait and see.

    • I disagree. In fact I will go you one better and suggest that D&D are putting out false spoilers. They went from total lockdown to wide open? The location spoilers are correct but that’s a given, I think D&D are smarter than you think and they will likely surprise everyone. What better way to fool people than to let them think they know the ‘real story’. And do you honestly think some guy who claims he knows a writer would be posting real spoilers and no writer has been fired for it? There aren’t that many of them on the show.

      • That would be hilarious if what you are saying is true. Oh my God, that is so funny. They are filming out in the open for all to see. They already KNOW people would be getting some basic spoilers based on who is in the filming. They have known this the entire time. They are far from stupid. So they mix the filming that we see with some fan fiction and leak a fake script. I actually don’t read these leaks this soon in the off season. There are a couple of very good posters on reddit who release leaks but that is usually after filming ends.

    • The ‘leaker’ claimed Jon and Theon would meet on the road as Jon was heading south, the new Facebook video posted this morning puts that lie to bed. Also the Jon being held captive until he bends the knee lie is also dismissed in this video as Jon seems to be ripping Theon a new one in the video with the Dothraki standing passively by – hardly the actions of someone held ‘captive’.

      Those who think that D&D are going to turn this into a Harlequin romance obviously haven’t been watching the same series as the rest of us or have read the books.

        • I broke down and read this leak and few things concern me. First, I think the generalized locations as well as the costumes of the actors can help a person predict some events. Also some talk on the set can reveal some general plot points. That could be why some of these predictions came true. Also, a different poster a few days back stated that awayforthelads stated that Jon meets Theon while traveling south. So he DID originally state this. Now we see they meet on a beach. But certain things don’t make sense to me. Arya’s whole storyline is centered around revenge. Dan and Dave made a point to say they are concerned for her due to this aspect of her character. So instead of considering her revenge arc she went to winterfell and the proof is her c ostume as well as pictures with Bran? so she went from brutally murdering the frey’s (which make sense in her story) to going to winterfell? Also, Little finger still has a letter that Sansa wrote from season one? He was carrying this around all this time? Most disturbing is Dany’s dragons’ riding the 5 people to safety at the end of the season? I thought dragon’s only connected to certain people? I am confused. Also, only certain actors get an entire script. They hold it close, for fear of leakers. Last year some actor got called out for posting a small portion of his scene on twitter, which he did by mistake, I believe. Major leaks from last season came after filming completed and the sources have a track record of being quite credible. A lot of this just doesn’t add up.

          • There are many ways a dragon can rescue more than one person. The first appearance of Jaqen H’ghar was as a prisoner in a cage with two others. This same type of prison wagon would be what the group on a mission to capture a Wight would use, to bring one back. A flying dragon could easily cary that with four or five men inside.

        • So this person who posted the leaks knew the type of conversation Jon and Theon would have? Also, I never knew a dragon would be that disciplined to carry these men back in the cages. This just seems off to me for some reason. The whole thing does, actually. No disrespect to it but something just doesn’t seem right to me. HBO would be so careless as to have their precious script so available to a friend of a friend? Again, someone knows some stuff but maybe they filled in the rest.

          • There is no mention of the type of conversation Theon and Jon have in the Heat Street Leak that I’m aware of.

        • HBO knew that the filming would be public in the current location. They knew just based on this information alone that leaks would occur and some savvy viewers could put 2 and 2 together. It would be quite easy to put some information out there that is actually true and this would spread like wild fire which it actually did. Then they could be completely blind siding people in reality with the rest of this stuff. When filming is finished is when we get the real intense stuff and then there are real risks. By that time people will be in complete turmoil. They are so tight with their actual scripts that actors carry them around in an iron grip, and the actual few writers who pen the scripts treat them like they are the contents in a bank vault. HBO spends thousands upon thousands of dollars each year on this stuff and to make it this easy? Something just seems off to me.

  • A conversation bw Jon & Theon, if it happens, better be f’n good, with at least a bitch-slap or two from Jon to wipe that smug grin off Theon’s face! Oh wait, it already is gone due to Ramsay’s torture; oh well! The, at a minimum, slap(s) can still go down though, thx D&D!

    Btw, what does it mean at the end of the article Razor when you are talking about Alfie being in town and you say: “this tweet does suggest he is in town, and could be weirwood chilling inside the castle…” ?? Guess this one went over my head! I can’t remember if there even is a weirwood inside Dragonstone.

  • JMP: Instead of Netflix and chilling he’s going with weirwood and chilling. Look up “Netflix & chill” if u still don’t get it. It’s what the kids say nowadays.

  • The Mother of Dragons is rocking a new cloak, as well as her most trusted advisor, Missandei.

    Really, Missandei is employed by Dany in an advisory capacity? Because she doesn’t drink and doesn’t know things? On what exactly does she advise Dany?
    I hope the boring dolt will be killed off asap.

    • Well lad, she was there as interpreter originally, and to give a perspective from the slave POV …. now that we are in a land where her language skills aren’t needed and no real slaves as such, then neither is she really

  • @thered1

    Really, Missandei is employed by Dany in an advisory capacity? Because she doesn’t drink and doesn’t know things? On what exactly does she advise Dany?
    I hope the boring dolt will be killed off asap.

    LOL! I think Missandei’s costume looks like Cersei’s and that’s not such a good thing, imo. Poor Missandei, she ought to start drinking, shouldn’t she? Maybe she’d learn some things, like all those languages she’s supposed to know.

    • Missandei is Dany’s translator and her BFF. If you know anything about women, unless we fall out with each other, we are loyal to our BFF. I totally get it, but if you have never had a best friend, you may not. I hope that explains things for you.

  • Book readers have had twenty years thinking they knew which direction a Song of Ice and Fire were headed, and if anything happens “off” from what they predicted it understandably makes them angry. That’s the real problem with the leak and its validity. Certain aspects still just feel wrong and fan fiction, but I’m willing to accept the possibility this is the version Dan and Dave chose to put on screen. I went back and read it again. There are still several things I think are mistakes in the interpretation of the evidence, but not as many as the first time reading it!
    I’m glad to read comments from others.
    I thought GRRM was sending more an “anti war” message to readers than this. Daenerys represents war and “power rules” to me and according to the leaks it is still too rewarding for making the power and conquering choices, and everyone too idolized for making those choices.

  • I want to caption the scene that Tyrion is shaking Jons hand:
    “Remember that time your brother pushed my brother out that window?”
    *stabs Tyrion*.
    The end.
    Roll credits.

  • I am a bit disappointed in the storyline, if the spoilers are true. It is not exciting enough. This should be the season of the ultimate dramatic event…the peak. Nothing in the spoiler leak does that, given what we have seen so far. The kidnapped zombie dragon is pretty cool, but not enough. I’m gonna back burner this “leak” as a possible fraud. D&D+GRR are better than this. Anyone agree?

    • I thought that last year with the massive battle, spoilers came out saying how it would go down but the actual event itself was incredible. If Ice dragons, naval battles and White walkers do all come next season then I’m sure the show will provide many dramatic events although for me the Wall coming down will be the peak.

      Add to that Cersie, Euron and Littlefinger plotting mad shit all over the place and the hound waving his axe around and I’m hopeful that it will be a great run in to the eventual end of a great story.

      And at some point George is going to eventually push out his books which will add that extra filler that the TV show doesn’t have time to put in so there is plenty of reason to be optimistic.

    • Agreed. My biggest fear right now because of these spoilers is that the show will take the easy route of good vs bad ending. With Jon, Dany etc allying against the WW and it all ends happily ever after.

      In the books, one would expect a more somber ending, maybe even the Starks allying with the WW to stop the Targ invasion.

  • I have read all of the books multiple times. I am in no way disappointed by the TV version. I have no doubt there is a huge unexpected plot twist. I also have no doubts we will be blown away by it.

    We all knew these charachters needed to come together at some point. This is that time. Each person has their own POV on how they feel this story should play out. That’s great but it’s all just speculation. We aren’t the writers.

    I’m more than positive both George and D&D will do what is right by the fans. There is an incredible amount of blood,sweat,tears,and time that go into a show of this magnitude.

    These are the final episodes. It’s to the point now,some of our fan theories are going to ring true and some will not. Either way we honestly shouldn’t be so let down by the outcome.

    It’s a beautiful captivating story that’s taken us on an amazing journey. All good things must come to an end. I for one plan to enjoy seeing how it all comes together and how it ends.

    Whatever the outcome. I plan on praising the show,the actors, the behind the scenes crew and it’s writers for sharing the greatest show on TV and their talents!

    I flipping love you all for it!!!😂😂😂😂🤓

    I’m gonna 😢my ass off when this show is over!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭LOL

    J+D+T= Three heads of the Dragon

    #keeponlovingameofthronesoriwillroundallyourassesupandthrowyouoffofwhatisleftofthewall. 😆
    #Iamnotkidding 😎😠😎

  • Yeah it makes sense that Asha gets captured, cause in the books Euron wants to marry her for her claim to the iron throne. After he kills her he’ll have full control of the iron fleet.

  • I just saw Theon meets Jon pics on Reddit! If they keep this up, I will be able to make it until season 7 gets here! I wasn’t sure how I would survive with no GOT till next year😒