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Speculation: Will Daenerys legitimize Gendry in Game of Thrones Season 7?

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We’ve been hit with a myriad of Game of Thrones Season 7 filming spoilers of late, with pics and video flowing in from Spain almost faster than we can catalog it. One of them involves a character not seen in seasons interacting with some major players in Westerosi politics. I’d like to discuss his future.

However, before we continue, be forewarned: There will be SPOILERS in this post, so please tread lightly if you wish to follow the path of Jon Snow and know nothing.


The character I’m talking about is, of course, Gendry Waters. Back in Season 3, he was at Dragonstone. Melisandre was going to sacrifice him to the Lord of Light, but Davos Seaworth intervened, freeing him from the castle’s prison. Last we saw him, Gendry was rowing a boat away from Dragonstone in the Season 3 finale.

Gendry was one of King Robert Baratheon’s many bastard sons. He lived in the Flea Bottom district of King’s Landing, working as an apprentice in a smithy where he showed great skill in forging armor. Lord Eddard Stark, investigating the death of the former King of the Hand, Jon Arryn, discovered Gendry and instantly recognized his resemblance to King Robert. When Robert was fatally injured during a boar hunt, Lord Stark had the foresight to request that Yoren of the Night’s Watch take Gendry out of King’s Landing in order to save him from Joffrey’s purge of King Robert’s many bastards.


The ploy worked, and Gendry headed north, not realizing how close he’d come to danger. Along the way, he and Arya Stark became friends, and were taken as captives together to Harenhal, which was under Lannister control at the time. After escaping, Gendry and Arya were taken captive by the Brotherhood Without Banners, to which Gendry eventually pledged his service as the group’s blacksmith.

At this point, Gendry’s story took an important turn. Melisandre learned of his existence. Wanting to make help Stannis achieve his goals, she offered the Brotherhood sacks of gold and took Gendry back to Dragonstone, intending to make use of his precious kingsblood via a ritual sacrifice. And here is where we come to Gendry fleeing the island fortress in a boat, never to be seen again.


The unanswered question of Gendry’s location has been a much-discussed mystery among Game of Thrones fans. It’s even been turned into a myriad of hilarious memes that actor Joe Dempsie actually commented on. But now, thanks to leaks from the Season 7 set, we know that Gendry is no longer rowing. In fact, he made it to King’s Landing. We first learned of Gendry’s return in a video posted to YouTube by user Streetanger.

In the video, Gendry shows up and seemingly rescues Davos Seaworth and Tyrion Lannister from two Gold Cloaks on the shoreline of King’s Landing. Oh, and look: just like his father King Robert Baratheon, Gendry is swinging a hammer.

The real question here is: Why is Davos in King’s Landing? Was he simply smuggling Tyrion in so that he could try and talk to his brother Jaime? Or is Davos’ mission twofold, and he’s there to convince Gendry to come back to Dragonstone and meet the Dragon Queen?  Taking this a step further: Why would Davos want to bring Gendry to meet Daenerys? The only experience Dany has with House Baratheon is running most of her life from the Usurper’s assassins.

What if Davos, a skilled negotiator, has convinced Daenerys—or rather Tyrion, Dany’s Hand of the Queen and voice of reason—that it would be beneficial to legitimize Robert’s sole surviving bastard? As far as we know, Gendry is the last living Baratheon. By legitimizing him and installing him as the Lord of Storm’s End, Dany could bring the Stormlands into the fold and gain more allies in her quest for the Iron Throne.

If you’re thinking that this all sounds like a lot of wishful thinking, then you only need to look as far as one the latest photos of filming in Zumaia, Spain, where scenes at Dragonstone are being filmed.

Joe Dempsie on set today. #joedempsie #juegodetronos #gameofthrones

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That’s Gendry wearing all the trappings of the lord of a great House of Westeros. Are we looking at Lord Gendry Baratheon of House Baratheon, Lord Paramount of the Stormlands? What other reason would he have for being outfitted in such a way?

For Daenerys to once again ally House Targaryen with House Baratheon would actually bring the story of these two great Houses, full circle. When Aegon the Targaryen conquered the Seven Kingdoms, he placed his close adviser, and rumored bastard brother, in Storm’s End, after he defeated House Durrandon, rendering that great House extinct. So the Targaryens and Baratheons had a history of working together before Robert and Rhaegar went and ruined everything. And if the rumors of Orys Baratheon’s parentage are true, House Baratheon was brought to power in Westeros through the line of a bastard. How fitting.

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    • Jon Snow has no right and no power to ligitimize , he can’t even keep his KITN when Dany the queen of all westeros comes, he can’t even keep his head if Dany considers him rebel

      • No-one knows for sure if the right belongs to Dany or Jon. If the crown prince was polygamous like his ancestors and married Lyanna then the rights of rule belong to Jon not Dany.

        • Daenerys reconquering westeros not Rhaegar not Jon Snow not Gendry so Jon Snow and Rhaegar and Robert can gtfo with their marriage shit or whatever shit there is, She is the fucking Aegon the conquer reborn , “from this day forth there would be but one ruler in Westeros. Those who bent the knee to Daenerys of house targaryen would keep their lands and titles. Those who took up arms against her would be thrown down, humbled, and destroyed.”

      • Dany might even marry Gendry. That locks down support from the Storm Lands. Jon steps down and becomes Warden of the North. He never wanted to be a King in the first place. They will find out he is Danys nephew from Bran. Thats another built in alliance for Dany. Dany has already shown multiple times that she will not hold others responsible for the actions of their family members. If she can make Tyrion her Hand after Jamie killing her father. She can surely legitimize a bastard of Roberts and marry him for the good of the 7 Kingdoms. She has married worse.

    • what claim? Baratheons are usurpers they have no claim according to Dany, Gendry can disagree if he wants do die as usurper

      • Dany has no claim either, her family ‘conquered’ the seven kingdoms so both families were conquerors but her daddy was deposed so it’s not her right no matter what she thinks. There is no ‘true’ king or queen even in real life history, it was always someone who declared themselves in charge back then or killed someone else to take over the throne. Robert Baratheon wouldn’t have been too bad if he hadn’t married Satan’s spawn either. The perfect ending for me would be if both the Night King and Dany went down in ‘ice and fire’ and the country is finally free of both extremes.

  • It would make far more sense for Daenerys to legitimise Gendry. Jon Snow/Stark has no claim over the Storm Lands. This is the only reason that I can see for Gendry to be brought to Dragonstone and then dressed in finery. The publicity of his existence as Robert’s son and the obvious differences in appearance between him Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen would be likely to further undermine what little remaining credibility Cersei has as a ruler. It would also put Jamie Lannister in an interesting position.

    • That’s what I thought. Jon is KITN and the stormlands are in the south. I agree with your reasoning for Dany to legitimize Gendry.

  • Dany might legitimize him if he “bent the knee” to her, accepted her as his queen. This also increases the number of eligible males for her to mate with. Remember, there are a limited number of them left. Edmure Tully, Jon Snow, Bran Snow, Jaime Lannister, and Tyrion Lannister. Of course that’s just for the Great Houses.

    Tully may still be married. Bran is not only young, he might not be sexually functional. Tyrion is a trusted advisor, not a lover. Jaime is muddled sexually thanks to his sister. That leave Jon. If she has another choice, she might choose it. It would give more leverage. Plus, they need to have someone there. Giving it to a lesser clan would create a whole group that might turn. Gendry, essentially on his own, would probably not.

    And she might appreciate the fact that he is both good looking and strong.

    • She’s going to “mate”? You make her sound like a pet rabbit. :)

      I have a hard time believing that Daenerys would legitimize the only guy who would then have a legit claim to the throne.

    • Since we’re beyond the books and at the mercy of TV writing, this could also be setting up some kind of terrible love triangle subplot a la “Gendry or Jon?”…

  • Game of Thrones has shown that if anyone such as Gendry wants to stay alive in the show, they should keep their heads down and not draw anyone’s attention.

  • If Gendry is made Lord of Storms End, Arya might change her mind about being a Lady of a Great House!

  • Joffrey didn’t kill Robert bast Ardsley, it was Cersi. After she slapped Joffrey, he implied Robert might have other children out of wedlock.
    I think it would be a bad idea for Dany to legitimize Gentry, he escape one target on his back and making him a Baretheon, would give Cersi another target to put on his back, again.

    • You are mistaken. Tyrion at first thinks his sister is behind these killings, as well as responsible for sending a catspaw to kill Brandon Stark, but after Ser Mandon tries to kill him, Tyrion confronts Cersei and subsequently realizes it was Joffrey the whole time.

  • I don’t see Gendry wanting to be King- I see him more like ‘f- all that’. I think he would be more than happy to support her as a lord- and that is a strong alliance for her.

    Before Melissandre takes him he is discussing making a type of arrow point that can penetrate metal at 200 yards. I see it, atleast from Davo’s perspective, as them being in need of a smith to file dragon glass. What happens after that- no idea.

    • You don’t need a Smith to file Dragon glass. You need a flint knapper . The skills are very different. Luckily there should be lots of skilled flint knappers amongst the wildings who don’t have access to smelted metals and are dependent on stone tools. Obsidian fractures similarly to flint and is worked the same ways. They have also used obsidian blades knapped by archeologists in modern surgeries as obsidian blades can be thinner than metal.

      • Are we forgetting that the great master he apprenticed from as a blacksmith was one of the few left in the world that knew how to forge Valaryian steel

  • Gendry don’t want be a Lord, so…it’s over. Gendry is Blackmith in Winterfell. Bye Daenerys, See you later. Arya is waiting you stupid Bull.

    • Gendry doesn’t want to be a Lord, but he wanted to be with Arya. If only she would’ve been a low born. Since she wasn’t, he let get go. But now there’s an actual chance for them to be family. If only because he wouldn’t be a low born.

  • If Gendry is recognized as a legitimate heir of Robert Baratheon, he will be closer to the line of succession to the Iron Throne than Daenerys. In fact, he will be Robert’s only immediate heir. So as others have said, why would she legitimize him? Unless she legitimizes him, supports his claim to the throne and then marries him once he has taken possession of it. Which is a possibility . . .

    • That’s for Baratheon line, Dany from Targaryen line.
      For Targs suporter, Baratheon is usurper.
      If Dany become Queen of Westeros and has power to maintain it, other claimant can go to hell…

    • True but what army does Gendry have? The other great houses are aligned with Dany. The likely hood is that he will be proposed the seat at the stormlands in return for his support and legitimacy. Plus, it brings full circle what Robert wanted. To marry his family to Ned’s but this time with Gendry and Arya.

      • Jon’s Mom’s scenario makes the most sense. And I don’t think Dany is going to worry much over legitimizing Gendry; no one/house can mess with her.

    • Actually it would be the smart thing to do. When Tudor came back to conquer England he married the York daughter – he purposely didn’t marry her until his claim to the throne by conquest was acknowledged so everyone understood he was king by ‘right’ and not by ‘marriage’. To unite the common people he then agreed to marry her as the people like her so Dany would be smarter to marry someone like Gendry instead of her ‘blood relative’.

      • Elizabeth of York had been declared illegitimate by parliament along with her siblings during her uncle Richard’s reign. Henry Tudor had that rescinded. So even more parallels to Dany and Gendry

  • The answer to the common “Why would Dany…” question is that by legitimizing and recognizing a Baratheon heir (the current show heir to house Baratheon is nonexistent) — and I’d assume the book counterpart would be Edric Storm, conveniently already residing at Dragonstone — she nullifies the possibility of any resistance from the house as a whole and further strengthens her own hold on the Iron Throne. (E.g. – Had she ‘recognized’ Stannis as heir to house Baratheon, it would effectively nullify Renly’s claim, and vice versa)

    All of this is assuming Gendry is willing to give up his own claim as Robert’s heir-apparent and support Dany, which of course is what he’ll do.

  • Gendry loves the Baratheon Name. Clearly. He can pe proud. The education given by his Father and of course, the affection of his uncle Stannis. Yes, Gendry want to be a Baratheon and have this name. It’s very very clear.

    Gendry just want from my point of view be quiet. Maybe with Arya, but not sure.

  • Gendry, in a way, has a Targaryen’s blood, hasn’t he?
    That’s two powerful blood, Baratheon and Targaryen.
    So maybe that would be the reason for his role?

    I can see him ended up in throne as a reluctant ruler, though.
    Assuming Jon, Dany, Sansa, Tyrion, others from the great houses, died, ,he can be the only one left with powerful bloods, regardless he wants it or not.

  • Of course he will accept this deal.
    Gendry might have a warhammer, but Dany has 3 dragons.
    Gendry might think “there is this young woman, with 3 dragons, unsullied, dothraki, asking me to recognize her claims to the Iron Throne, and she will give me what my father never bothered (name) and what I never thought would have (Storm´s End)”
    Thi is quite the definition of ” an offer I can´t refuse” IMO…
    We saw his new clothes. Gendry is a player now!

  • line of succession either goes to Jon, who has a much stronger claim then Dany or Gendry…as soon as they realize who his father is….Correct?

    • Jon is a bastard, even if he is legits by whoever Aerys/Bob, Jon’s first step is conquer then maintain his crown. But if Dany still want IT for herself and has support and power and imagine if she won the crown, Jon & other claimant can cry baby…
      Look, Bob become king, even there Viserys still alive. Why? ‘Cause Bob has power to claim and maintain it. This is Middle Ages.
      But Jon’s main focus is WW, even when the time come for him to realize his parentage, I can’t imagine he wants IT than won it. Too Disney.

  • Gentry was never loved by his Uncle Stannis He used Gentry blood to cast a black spell out on his enemies. Stannis demon child killed his brother who married to Margery.
    Dany could use Yara since she wanted to be of her late father land.

  • His name is Gendry not “Gendry Waters” since his father never recognised him he cant have that regional bastard name.

    • Of course he can have the Waters name. He only needs to be a bastard to have the name. Not having your father recognize you is exactly what makes you a Bastard. Only the lucky bastards have a father around to recognize them in the first place. Jon was a lucky bastard, but if he never knew Ned he would have still been Jon Snow. Or actually he would be Jon Sand even with a Prince as a father. Unless of course he was legitimized.

  • Legitimacy is a funny thing. It usually comes from acceptance and even then it works better through long-time inheritance. Remember England. Edward IV and Richard III never quite had the legitimacy attached to them that the Plantaganet kings before them had (who became the Lancashire group).
    Once Henry VII took over he was able to stay in place and his son Henry VIII replaced him. But it was only at his death that it seemed clear that his children were legitimate.

    The Targaryans ruled for hundreds of years. That provides legitimacy. Robert Baratheon ruled for less than 20 years and the general consensus among many people was that Joffrey was not legitimate. And Joffrey did not rule for long.

    Gendry would have no real claim on the throne particularly because a) Baratheon forces do not exist and those that actually remain have probably been working for Cersei who, it has been noted, is now actually the Baratheon heir (from a connection generations back).

    Gendry would be a good candidate to become THE Baratheon. He is unlikely to fight against a queen who legitimized him. He is actually not really prepared to rule even a small kingdom, much less Westeros. And he gives Dany another possible suitor.

    As for “mating,” that’s THE key element in ruling. That’s what the whole show is about. The mess began when Rhaegar and Lyanna “mated.” The resulting chaos led to King Robert’s war and to everything else. Notice how far Margaery was willing to go in order to get an heir for Renly.

    For most of the leaders, ruling without heirs, is not part of the game. Dany is now pushing herself forward but without kids, as far as she knows, Targaryan rule ends when she dies. Although Cersei might be able to bear a child (there are rumors, etc.), if she can’t, then the Lannisters may be finished in terms of the throne.

    I would bet these issues will arise somewhere before the end.

    And, yes, it would be nice if Gendry and Arya get together. If I were to play “shipper,” I would love to see Jamie go north and wind up with Brienne, Jon and Dany get it on, and Sansa reunite with her first husband, Tyrion.

    If they all survived, we might have a sequel with all of them living together called “Full House.” Ooops, that’s taken.

  • I’m hoping the Night’s King will end up on the Iron Throne. With white walker Hodor as his hand.

  • I can think of some reasons Dany might send for Gendry. Maybe she realises that she neeeds someone with Targaryen blood to forge Valyarian steel or to ride the dragons. At this point in time no-one knows that Jon is Targaryen. I can imagine that when Jon and Davos arrives at Dragonstone, Dany laments that no one else has Targ blood and Davos says ‘There is one other’

    This is excluding the Sand Snakes who have Targ blood in the books but not in the show if I recall correctly.

    This is also excluding other secret Targaryens – Tyrion and Varys have been suggested as possible secret Targaryens.

  • Probably a lot of people in the noble families have some Targaryan blood. In the past there were a lot of Targs. Note that the abilities are not absolutely inherent. Dany’s brother could not deal with heat and fire and he was purebred as she.

    Jon is half Targ and he had dark hair. Tyrion MIGHT be half Targ but he has been able to work with the dragons. Actually, he has had more real interaction with them since they were small than anyone besides Dany.

    I think Gendry will play some sort of key role but I don’t see him even contending for the throne.

  • Dany believes herself to be barren and will need a heir. If Jon is legitimate he actually has more claim on the throne than Dany. If he is illegimate (if Rhaegal and Leanna never married) than Dany would not legitimise him.

    As it stands I believe that if he was legitimised by Dany, Gendry would be next in line in the Targaryen line of succession, at the very least he would have a very good claim. I think Dany might want him as an heir because he has no alliances to any other house and would be willing to bend the knee. She might tell him he can become a lord if he gives up his right to the throne in favour of an unborn son that she could foster. This might also suit Jon because Jon only wants to rule the North and he might be content to have a son of Arya as the future king.

    This is assuming that Jon, Dany, Gendry and Arya all live.

    It is also possible that Gendry is around to forge another Lightbringer which would not be healthy for Arya.

    • Actually Dany has stronger claim than Jon Snow whether he is legitimate or not, King Aerys changed his heir to Viserys instead of Rheagers kids and later Viserys made Dany heir to throne so claim to throne goes from Aerys – > Viserys ->Daenerys

  • I didn’t realise that. It has been several years since I read the first book.

    However if Jon dies and Dany becomes Queen and I am right to assume an legitimate Gendry could be her heir?

  • Gendry is not Gendry Waters because her was never acknowledge by his father. To be Gengry Waters he would have had to be acknowldged by Robert which he never was, he says his Mother worked in a tavern and that his father was just some drunk only finding out that his father was Robert Baratheon when Melisandre told him. Therefore he is just Gendry

    • Gendry never knew who is father was. He said his father COULD have been a drunk. He even told Arys his father “could have been one of those Gold Cloaked bastards” when they came looking for him the first time. There are no references in the books or show that state the father must recognize the bastard in order to have the regional last name. Not knowing who your father is makes you a bastard. They are just lucky bastards if their fathers recognize them. But it makes know difference when it comes to the last names that Bastards use.

  • Not if she’s smart. He’s the son of the usurper still and his descendants can once again lay claim to the throne. If she does legitimize him I’d make it under a different name, like Gendry Robar or something but not Baratheon, never that. Gendry Stark is he gets with Arya as Bran may not be able to and the girls cants, Jon is a Targ.

    I’d give him the Stormlands and let it be known sure he’s Robert’s bastard but he’d never be Baratheon.

  • We’re already reading in far too many complications. Using the War of the Roses as sample makes things even more obscure. Correction on myself: It was the Yorks who were considered Plantaganets and it was not Lancashire but Lancaster. Beyond those HUGE mistakes, the rest was still muddled.
    Power comes from those who hold it but time adds legitimacy. Note Britain after the War of Roses. Henry VIII was the son, then he had three kids who ruled. But finally, there was no one left to inherit from him so it went back a generation and James I, whose ancestry went further back became king. His son Charles I inherited and got bumped off by Cromwell. But Charles I had two sons who ruled until the Glorious Revolution. Even then, the Brits went back in history to James to select the next kings. Elizabeth II is only distantly related to anyone before Victoria. But there is legitimacy.

    Because it is a time of upheaval, things are very different in Westeros. There are several possible rulers and to some degree no one has legitimacy. Dany has a residual amount as a Targ but they were overthrown. Still, she would be ahead of Gendry. Since he is not legitimate and there might not be a way of proving that Robert B. was his dad, there is very little claim. Not only that, if the B’s are the legal rulers, Cersei, Jaime, and Tyrion might have claims that are better. More to the point, Gendry is totally unprepared to rule.

    Notice that I have not mentioned Jon. Until someone connects him to the Targs, he has no claim on the throne. Officially, he had no claim on King of the North. But he was proclaimed anyway.
    If Dany or Jon rule, they will be giving out titles. Gendry seems to be helping them; why not give him the Stormlands?

  • Yes.

    In the end Gendry will be sitting on the iron throne. Arya will be his queen. (Great tweest as she never saw herself as queen)

    Jon has to kill Dany to turn on his magic lightsaber to defeat the WW (no big loss there since she is barren anyway). Jon wins the day but refuses the throne in his typical emo style. Goes off to be a farmer.

    Thus the show ends as it started, sort of, baratheon on the throne but with a stark wife instead of a lannister, and no wall/nights watch. Everything else, pretty much irrelevant/the same…lol

  • Pulled Groin, I second the motion. Gendry and Arya–there’s a team that will be good for all the people of Westeros. IMO it’s unlikely to happen, but it would be so good that GRRM’s ‘bittersweet’ would not apply, other than all the higher priority candidates would have to be dead for Gendry to attain the IT. I still hope that Arya (and Gendry) lead a fleet west of Westeros and discover a new land. Anyway, no more dead Starks!

  • A team of the great warriors and armies is forming to fight the army of the dead. Gendry will join them. He will support Dany because she’s the real thing, and fight the Lannisters if necessary, because he’s a good guy. Dany may reward him with land and his name. He should get together with Arya, if anyone. Things are going to change in Westeros (if they all live) and heirs to the throne will be a thing of the past. If all goes well, an age of reason will begin.