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Season 7 SPOILERS: Family conflict, whither Jorah, and a fight in the chilly North

Time for a Game of Thrones Season 7 SPOILER roundup. Proceed with caution.


At the moment, the Game of Thrones production is hard at work filming on a private estate called Las Breñas, and will shortly begin a 22-day stint on the the Los Barruecos Natural Monument, where it’ll film a bit battle. Actors have been seen in nearby Cáceres.

It’s no surprise to see Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister) or James Faulkner (Randyll Tarly). The battle is expected to involve both a Lannister army and a Tyrell army led by loyal Tyrell bannerman Randall. Seeing Jacob Anderson (Grey Worm) is a bit surprising, though. We’ve heard that Daenerys will also be part of the battle, ambushing the Lannisters with her Dothraki forces as they leave Highgarden, but we didn’t know if Grey Worm and the Unsullied would be with her. We’ll keep an eye on that.

In other big SPOILERSWatchers on the Wall has news about what’s going to go down at Winterfell in Season 7. As previous reports have suggested, Arya, Sansa, and Bran will all reunite. (It looks like Jon will be busy elsewhere for much of the year.) However, Watchers reveals that, after some initial euphoria, there will be some acrimony between the siblings, at least for a while. In particular, Arya and Sansa will clash, as their life experiences have turned them into very different people. Seeing this, Littlefinger will try to drive them even further apart. Should turn out well.

Jorah Mormont

There’s also news on the Jorah front. Keen to carry out the orders Daenerys gave him in Season 6, he’ll reportedly travel to Oldtown where he’ll encounter Maester-in-training Samwell Tarly. Upon hearing that Jorah is the son of his former Lord Commander, Sam will assist Jorah in his quest to heal himself. We’ve seen Iain Glen (Jorah) and Emilia Clarke (Daenerys) filming together, so one assumes that they succeed.

Finally, Watchers reports big news about a set being built at Wolf Hall Quarry near Belfast.

That’s a green screen near a frozen lake with an island in it, blanketed in fake snow. Watchers has learned that the production will film at this location for three weeks, that filming starts next week, and that the sequence will involve 300 extras playing wights. Those tuned in to a Season 7 story leak that broke some time ago can probably make a good guess as to what may go down there. In any case, things promise to get intense.


  •  I hope guys those spoilers about the season 7 are just bad jokes! It will be quite dissapointing it all of those informations are true!Why must Petyr die?! And why in this stupid way?!
    By the way Sandor and the others also betrayed Ned Stark!
    Petyr played to survive just like the others! Sandor was just standing besides Joffery and always protected that killer and his mother! But after he looked after Arya everyone forgave him. Petyr saved Sansa several times, and gave her lessons to survive the game of thrones, furthermore he offered to take her back to her mother, but Sansa refused, because her future dream marrige was more important to her then her family! She let her wolf die, she lied for Joffery, she was almost only interested in Cersei’s opinion about her, she admired the queen. And she hated her family in the begining.
    Everybody betrayed everyone to survive this game! So what are we talking about?!
    Why must Baelish die?! The way his death is written is just stupid and doesn’t make any sense! Varys does exactly the same thing what Petyr playes! He is the most interesting character in the whole serie, it’s very hard to figure him out, what his true intentions are..ect. This death by Arya is terrible. And he would never betray Sansa for the reason we know why. It just does not suit him! We know for now that the true players are Petyr and Varys! They should survive the whole thing becasue they created it!
    If they do this , I promise, many fans just like myself won’t even start to watch it, because it will be very dissapointing not only for me I think! :( 

    • The leak just sounds too fan fiction, and this is just one example. Littlefinger was always about chaos. I agree his death shouldn’t be this anti-climatic, and it should be much more satisfying. But remember, he was the man who loved Catelyn more than anyone else! To be killed by her daughters would be poetic in its own way.

      • I really want Sansa to poison him with the Tears of Lys which was what Perry told Lysa to give Jon. It would be fitting if Sansa killed Petyr with the thing that started her family’a demise

    • Peter was responsible for Ned’s death and arranged for Sansa to marry Ramsay Bolton, so that the Bolton could have a legal claim on Winterfell, killed Lady Vale and helped kill her husband. Peter loved Cate Lyn, but she rebuked his feelings. Now Little Finger was to isolate Sansa from her family, so that he can become the King of the North. Winterfell is a huge piece of property in the Seven Kingdoms and can house a huge army.

      • Why a waste of time or anti-climatic if one or both of the Stark sisters have something to do with his death??? He used her family as a pawn over his jealously for the Starks and once Catelyn was killed, his eyes were set on her better looking look-a-like and daughter, Sansa. So Finger taught Sansa the game and wants her bad, yet she uses what he has taught her and upon learning of his betrayal to Ned, her and/or -“Arya will get him. If so, personally I LOVE it!!!

  • Re: Greyworm, they may be filming his battle to take the opposite coast on another part of this location. Re: LF, look, anyone who survives that episode has to fight zombies anyway. Arya can only save so many dead weights.

  • More Dan fiction, period. Arya and Sansa made have their differences, but they love each other. Bran may be cripple, but he Ned Stark legitimate son, and he take precedent over Sansa. Now Sansa is trusting LF over Ayra, is just like when Joffrey came to Winterfell in the first season.

    • I think it’ll seem like Sansa is trusting LF but I think she’ll be playing him. I really can’t see her going against Arya, Bran and Jon for a man who betrayed her father and sold her to a psychopath

      • More so when Arya tells them he was with the Lannisters all along. She saw him at Harrenhal meeting with Tywin Lannister just before the Red Wedding.

    • Well I hate to burst your bubble but everything the leaker released has been Proven true again and again

      • Yes we know the ‘fan fiction service’ story line is true and it’s nothing to celebrate. On the plus side, Martin will reward us with an excellent finish once he sees this fiasco so there is hope.

  • littlefingers aim of becoming ultimate ruler using sansa in the same way he holds power in the vale should be concluded.
    sansa stated only a fool would trust him. not sure the eyes meeting across the room changed that.
    she knows of his part in murders to forward his position the vale and poisoning the king.
    and even making her complicit in both acts.
    Even if she truly wanted to rule she should be smart enough to dispose of him.

    • In fairness, Sansa is an incredible fool. There hasn’t been a manipulation on her yet that hasn’t worked splendidly.

      • True…but she has learned from the best. I think we are about to see her change. Just about everyone but Tyrion and the Stark family has betrayed her. I think she will now play LF.

        Then again….I could be wrong. But I think it would make her car actor way more interesting if she finally got a back bone.

  • Hello.
    I am just going to say that I think the idea of Jon being with Dany kind of puts a kink in the whole “continuation” of the Targaryen lineage; given the fact that Dany is barren. It stands to reason that the better pairing, at this point, would be between Jon and Sansa, once they both learn he is indeed a Targaryen, and not Ned’s son. They could continue both the Targaryen and the Stark lines. Joining the North with the South. Ice and Fire. GRRM stated it would be a bittersweet ending; I foresee that Tyrion and Dany actually end up together, with my firm belief that he is actually a Targaryen, himself. The product of Aerys and Joanna. A lot of people who have read the History of Westeros have come to this conclusion, too, and the bittersweet part would be the fact that Dany cannot continue her line, but that Jon can through Sansa. Hell, even if the marriage between Sansa and Tyrion were to be claimed as valid, that could work too, so long as Sansa has developed at least a kindness toward Tyrion. Does she even know he is alive at this point in time? However, to those leaking spoilers that read like fanfic…at least be a bit more plausible. As for Arya and Sansa arguing…that is not actually going to be a shock, as they always argued before. Now, the two of them are older, wiser, and more “scheming” due to their previous torments. But they will always stick up for each other. Going forward I do believe that Sansa will have something to do with the demise of Littlefinger, and I hope to the Old Gods and the New that it is just as bloody, gory and satisfying as what happened to Ramsey.

  • Arya should make a Lyanna Stark level speech in front of the Northern Lords on behalf of her brother. The last time Jon saw Arya he gave her Needle. It’s saved her life countless times! With Brans help, she should find Dawn early in season 8. Next time she sees Jon she says “with this gift from Starfall and by the wishes of his mother Lyanna Stark, Rhaegar Targaryan, and House Dayne, I want to name my brother Jon Stark, King in the North, the Prince that was Promised, from this day forward, as the honorable and legendary Sword of the Morning! May it and the Old Gods help us in our fight against the Long Night!”

    • I’d dispute Needle saving Arya’s life ‘countless times’. She initially killed a fat boy with it, then lost possession of it for some time, then used it once to kill Pullover. Then it was hidden for a long time, and then the Waif was killed with it. The time she killed Pullover she could have used the sword she killed the previous one with in the infamous chicken scene … so can’t count that. The time she killed the Waif, she could easily have used another weapon. So that is down to a single time … the fat boy.

      It’s my lass yer talking bout

      • “Countless” should have been “numerous”, but I still count the times she could have used other weapons, because she didn’t. She also killed Rorge, the man that stated he was going to rape her on the journey. It’s the reasoning that people use who display side arms, that people knowing you have it discourages them harming you when they otherwise would. It isn’t unreasonable to think there were instances on her dangerous journey we don’t know of.


        Just my pick as the identity of Lightbringer, and an old respected theory. “Dawn” is a word that could be closely translated as “Lightbringer”. The sword is older than the wall and Winterfell, giving it a decent chance of being a piece of the long prophesied puzzle that is Azor Ahai.

        • We know who Jons mother is, but not 100% certain who his father is. Arthur Dayne isn’t eliminated as that person. I think what Lyanna whispered will be different than what most people think.

          • I not ready to ship Rhaegar as Jon’s father. Lyanna smack down three men and now I am to believed that she was kidnapped by a married Prince, who father killed most of her family? I don’t believe Lyanna loved Robert or Rhaegar, period. I watching all six seasons, Dayne has been mentioned more than Rhaegar. Another issue, Ned traveled to Starfall with baby Jon, so who was nursing him while he traveled from Starfall back to Winterfell and who has Dayne sword?

          • Natalie, except that it doesn’t appear that she was kidnapped but ran off with Rhaegar. In the books and in the show it is evident by the looks and discomfort characters show when they talk about it. It is also rumored that is the reason why Benjen took the black; he was the Stark at Winterfell when she was ‘kidnapped’ or ran off.

  • Bandit 77: At least in the books, Ned returned Dawn to the Dayne family, a fine gesture to a fallen hero. I’d be disappointed if show-Ned had kept it, especially as his victory over Dayne was enabled by Howland Reed. Ned’s honour is not impugned by that because he didn’t ask Howland to save his life by stabbing AD in the back; blimey, Ned even hesitated before delivering the coup-de-grace. But if he had kept the sword, that would besmirch his honour and sense of propriety. I do like your idea for Arya’s speech. It’s contents will of course vary according to the circumstances.

    Even though you wrote “countless”, you seem to have meant it metaphorically. I counted 10 people Arya has killed, all justified IMO and most with Needle.

    ThamasD: You’re not alone in persisting in Jon-sansa shipping, but this is out of the question. They are too different, there is no love between them and probably jealousy on Sansa’s part, and Jon is destined to pair with Dany, who is actually husband/alliance hunting anyway. If nothing else, since Jon and the audience think of them as siblings, such a coupling would be nauseating to a large section of the viewership. Even Sophie, not the sharpest tool in the box, found the idea disturbing. It’s not going to happen.

    Rosemarry5: You are defending a character who is interesting, yes, but beyond detestable. Unlike Ramsay, who’s amusingly psychopathic and sadistic because it’s his nature , Peter is ONLY interested in climbing the ladder, which achieves his vengeance on Everyone (especially the Starks) and makes him worthy of obtaining Cat or Sansa. He chose the Mockingbird sigil because he wants to mock everyone and everything decent in Westeros, Starks above all. His level of duplicity and manipulativeness is so deep and dirty that, like Ramsay, he’s less than human. He didn’t betray to survive, but to advance. His selling (via furthering of his long-range schemes) the red-haired naive idiot he ostensibly loves to Ramsay–and yes, being Petyr, he knew what Ramsay was–makes him deserving of a very nasty death as soon as possible. When a story reaches its existential, apocalyptic height, it’s the perfect time to dispense with anyone sabotaging the final denouement. The showrunners cannot let Petyr survive to be king of the ashes, in Varys’s words. With the White Walkers on the move, Baelish’s entertainment value has disappeared. His death by Arya and/or Sansa is glorious, as was Walder Frey’s by Arya or Ramsay’s by Sansa. And trust me, the vast majority of the fandom will on their feet cheering, as they did when Joffrey, Tywin, Walder, and Ramsay died–all poetic justice deaths as well.

    • Maisie Williams can act when the script and directors give her material suited to her skills. The whole time Lyanna Mormont (I accidentally said “Stark”) was speaking to the northern lords I was curios as to how she would have delivered the same lines. It would be nice in the final season she be given that chance!

    • I am with you about Littlefinger. I see why people love him, and I hate that. He’s interesting, but his time is up.
      Unlike the other, I would prefer he died by Robin. After all he had hands in both murders. It would be better if Sansa plays him, and lead him to the moon door.

    • Well said DarkStark, well said.

      I’d like to add that I doubt Lyanna slept around during the tourney, and Kingsguard vow not to sleep with any women (right?) so Ser Arthur being the greatest knight possibly ever, would likely not besmirch his honor by sleeping with a highborn, betrothed, maiden.

  • Jorah slapped Ned Stark in the FACE with his fleeing. PUNK.! After all is said and done, hes pus$y whipT. Like Stannis with Davos. The good doest wipe out bad. Longclaw is Jons.

  • I know people love that Jon is King of the North now. But Bran is still alive so technically Bran should be the King of Winterfell and First of his name

    • Hate to burst your bubble Joshua but Bran is not the first Brandon of House Stark; off the top of my head, he would be the third of his name.

  • To be honest i think the Petyr part would be very true to story. This guy is so enveloped in being king of everything and he doesnt care at what cost. Hes just like cersie but i feel the common element of game of thrones is that these wars between men dont matter because the real war is against the white walkers.

    • I believe we have got to a point where there is no-one left for Petyr to con, he has conned everyone into fighting everyone else for so long with his lies and deceit that its only right that he dies trying to con Sansa again but she is wise to his BS. Arya on the other hand looks like she doesn’t need asking twice to wipe people out so will be good to see it played out.

  • bookwise, it seems fair, because he did use Jeyne Poole to impersonate Arya and made Jeyne suffer.But who knows if it will go down this way in the books. Its poetic if in the tv series they had included Jeyne rather than Sansa, but that wasn’t the case, so it’s all kinda backwards, because I think Sansa should be the one to take Petyr Balish out, but well…isn’t that what GRRM would like us to believe?

  • I don’t want the fan fiction bs plot leaks to be true either. Unfortunately stuff like this keeps confirming it. So disappointing… I mean, they’re just so STUPID. Cheesy, off-theme, shallow.. did I say cheesy? So cheesy. HBO is better than this. It’s like they up and forgot they make shows like Westworld and The Night Of, The Leftovers…Their audience can handle complicated, dark, and smart. We can handle heavy themes, we arent children or morons. This pandering Twilight-level shit has gotta stop.