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Two new potential victims cast in Game of Thrones Season 7

With Season 7 filming later in the year than usual, the casting news is also coming later. Today, Watchers on the Wall reports that two new actors have been added to the Season 7 roster. The first, Irish actor Rory Dignam, is a graduate of the Lir Academy in Dublin. Take a look at some of his work:

According to Dignam’s agency news page, the actor “just finished” filming a supporting role in Season 7, and that he had returned from Spain. (That post was written on November 16, around the time the show was filming scenes in Seville.) There’s little info on what that role will be, although the agency boasts that it’s “a nice little supporting role…no other info allowed.” Natch!


The other actor cast is Irish actor Brendan Morrissey, pictured above. You may remember him for minor roles in shows like Ballykissangel, The Tudors (which starred Natalie Dormer) and Ripper Street (which continues to star Jerome Flynn.) According to his CV, he’s playing “Fray’s Lord.” (Someone should maybe mention to the intern that did the update it’s spelled “Frey.”) According to the CV, Morrissey worked with director Jeremy Podeswa. That probably means he’s only in one episode, since Podeswa is not filming the two episodes he’s doing back to back.


Listen here, my sister and my brother
What would you care if you lost the other?
I always wonder why did we bother
Distanced from one, deaf to the other

Oh, oh, but speculation follows


Podeswa is filming the premiere and the finale. With Arya at the Twins at the end of Season 6, she may well still be there at the start of Season 7, and possibly not done with killing Freys. At the least, it looks like we’ll be seeing the fallout from her murder of Walder Frey. Those familiar with a big Season 7 Reddit leak may have more ideas.

We’ll bring you more as it breaks.


  • I really like that you did not mince words and labelled them ” potential victims”, which they sure are!

    However, I must point out that about 90% of the new characters will be victims, because we only have about 13 hours to warp things up, no time to spend on new acquaintances.

  • Who knows who the ‘official’ Frey heir will be both in the books and on TV? There are so many of them it’s almost futile to speculate which one will come out on top either on screen or in print once the family succession crisis kicks off. This minor character will probably die quickly amidst the Arya Stark inspired carnage.

    What I think is more important is that once Arya satisfies her need for revenge she will free her uncle Lord Edmure Tully and (ironically) his Frey wife before sending them on their way with the BwB before heading north.

    • In the books the heir is Edwyn Frey… In the show I think it’s still Steffron (or whoever the eldest one was)

  • Thats what trumps hair really looks like without the wig. Bullet hole later to come.Make America Hate Again.

  • Jerome Flynn doesn’t “continue to star” in Ripper Street since his character (Drake) died at the end of Season 4.

  • In the books, there is also the factor – in addition to the inter-family fighting once Walder kicks it/is killed – of how many of the heirs Lady Stoneheart and company hang and how many Nymeria and her huge wolfpack maul. However, none of this will come into play in the show.

    Personally, I think the show is gutting the entire Oldtown subplot and only went there in the first place for Samwell to be educated and upon doing so, he will be on his way and so will the footage of Oldtown.