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Take the Black Podcast: We dissect the new Season 7 pics and debate Sansa’s future

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Welcome back to another episode of Take the BlackWinter is Coming’s official Game of Thrones podcast. This week, we dissect those three pics from Game of Thrones Season 7 that popped up on HBO after last Sunday new episode of Westworld. We also discuss Sophie Turner’s interview with Entertainment Weekly, and wonder what Sansa’s newfound power could mean for her going forward. This all leads to some wild speculation regarding Tyrion and Sansa’s previous marriage, and a discussion about Sansa attempting to hold on to as much power as she possibly can.

If you haven’t seen the new pics, here’s the applicable promo footage:

New video from HBO featuring Jon, Sansa and Arya in Season 7! – Via @/sansaerysnow on Twitter.

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Our topics:

  • Isis breaks down the Arya photo and gives us some insight into what it might mean.
  • Ani gives us her thoughts on the Sansa photo, with side commentary from Dan and Cory.
  • Cory delightfully dissects the Jon photo like no one else can.
  • We all weigh in on the Sophie Turner interview and speculate on where her story is going.

As usual, Take the Black leans on the NSFW side (beware of F-bombs). And, we discuss some SPOILERS for Game of Thrones Season 7 here. So please proceed with caution.


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Take the Black Podcast: We dissect the new Season 7 pics and debate Sansa’s future

We would love to hear your opinion on what we had to say on this week’s episode of Take the Black. Who do you think will pose a threat to Sansa’s position in Season 7? As always, if you have a topic you would like us to discuss on the next episode, please let us know. Valar Morghulis, y’all.


  • I’m hoping the pic of Arya is as she comes over the hill approaching winterfell and that is her first look at it since she left.

  • Thanks Ani, Isis, Razor, Cory and Dan for a really lively discussion! A ‘satchel full of faces’? Too Funny!

  • Enjoyable podcast, guys. I agree the sisters will start with hugs, but Arya is suspicious of Sansa, who’s loyalty to Joffrey had offended her since the Kingsroad and especially because Sansa was up there with Joff, Cersei etc when Ned was topped off. I’m doing a re-watch this week. After escaping Harrenhal Arya tells Jaqen she can’t come to Braavos because he needs to find her brother and mother. She pauses and adds, “And my sister. I need to find her too.” Watch the play of emotions that cross Maisie’s face–they don’t bode well for Sansa. You said Sansa can use Arya but also said Arya doesn’t want to be used. MInd, she’d do anything for Jon, but Sansa aspires to be a user, and her free-spirited sibling will spot it right away. That’s why the idea that she’d be an executioner and not act for her personal sense of justice rings false to me.

  • Idk DarkStark, I tend to think Arya will most remember her talk with Ned in which he made her promise she didn’t hate Sansa and when he explained that the lone wolf dies, while the pack survives. Therefore, Arya will honor Ned’s wishes when she is reunited with her older sister and the two of them will embark on a new type of relationship, built on respect and love, not jealousy and suspicion.

  • Gonna listen to this tonight! But I think last season there was a pretty big piece of foreshadowing when Sansa said to Jon “No one can save me…No one can save anyone” :)

  • To reply to a comment about the Three-Headed dragon maybe even if Viserion dies he is still part of the equation.

    I’m thinking it’s still Bran as the comet led three Dany, Jon’s birth with Dawn the sword from a fallen star that was bloody, and Bran followed the comet the the three eyed raven.

    They all have a Lightbringer in Danny’s dragon and Jon’s LongClaw and Bran could warg into the undead Virserion once necessary, as I see Bran as Frodo. Jon is Aragon and Dany being Galladriel/Eowyn. I make the comparisons because every writer has an inspiration(as mine is Dickens) Martin’s by his own admission is Tolkien and TLotR.

    Well that’s what I think anyways. Could be far off.

    I don’t know if the guy got the correct ending but it’s looking more and more like he actually did. Also seeing Viserion die would be the only thing to shock the world more so than last season’s last two episodes. Other than it being Drogon. Jesus I don’t want that. Viserion is the least emotionally traumatic (for me anyways). Rhaegal kills stupid Quentyn and he’s named for the mysterious Rhaegar. Viserion, eh.