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Sophie Turner: Sansa would probably “like to be Queen in the North on her own”

Sophie Turner has been hitting the interview trail of late. A couple days ago, she talked to Entertainment Weekly about how Sansa may go on “a bit of a power trip” in Game of Thrones Season 7, and how she’ll be “insecure” concerning threats to her position. Now, she’s spoken to The Wrap about mounting tensions between Sansa and her half-brother/cousin Jon Snow.

“I, personally as Sophie, I think they would be a perfect kind of collaboration because he’s the military man and she’s the politician,” Turner said of the brother-sister combo. “Together they’re quite a strong team as long as they listen to each other, which is their problem; they don’t quite work well together yet. But on paper, it’s perfect.”

From Sansa’s perspective, I think she would really like the recognition that she feels she deserves because at the end of the day, she did save the day [at the] Battle of the Bastards…I think she probably would like to be Queen in the North on her own, maybe. Or again, she probably just wants Jon to listen to her. If Jon had listened to her in the beginning, then she’d be very happy collaborating with him, but it’s just a bit frustrating.


After their euphoric reunion in Season 6’s “Book of the Stranger,” Sansa and Jon did have a few trust issues. Specifically, Sansa recruited Littlefinger to help her and Jon defeat the Boltons without telling Jon about it. Nevertheless, they seemed to put those problems aside when they talked on the battlements of Winterfell in “The Winds of Winter.” But then, when the Northerners made Jon King in the North, Sansa and Littlefinger exchanged a significant, if ambiguous, look. Is Sansa miffed that the Northerners chose Jon to lead them over her? Based on Turner’s recent comments, it sounds like Season 7 will explore those feelings.

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Turner also talked more generally about the upcoming season. She sounded a note we’ve heard before: that Season 7 will feature many characters coming together:

It’s coming to a conclusion and people are forming alliances with other characters, maybe that they’ve seen before, maybe that they haven’t. There are definitely a few reunions happening this season — or unions. There were a few that I’m quite excited about.

Unions, reunions…we’ll take ’em all.


  • As long as she don’t turn on Jon I’m fine with whatever Sansa does. But you better not turn against him lady !!

    • I don’t think she will. I think it’ll seem like she is but in reality she’s just playing Littlefinger. After all that’s happened I really can’t see her betraying Jon

    • In the books Sansa is the reason basically why the entire Stark household and Ned die and sets this war going. She tells Cersei they were leaving. In the show, it looks like she will not be manipulated again. The look from last season she gives seeing LF I interpreted as fear for Jon. Because that’s not the outcome LF was hoping for. She looked happy until the moment she sees LF.
      She has to know that Jon is the only person right now who would die protecting her. And Brienne ⚔️

      • She did look happy. Personally I saw her look at Littlefinger as less of a ‘OMG you’re right he’s stealing what’s mine’ but more of a ‘what the hell are you up to now, stay away from my brother’

  • More ‘stuff’ from Sophie. Always a… ah… pleasure.

    Sansa is the “politician” eh. I don’t care what D&D tell her, show Sansa, even less than book Sansa, knows shit about how to be THE political person. She’s been around people doing things that have eventually involved her but she’s never been the person making the those things happen. We have yet to see her make the correct decision about anything important.

  • Sansa can only become Queen of the North if Arya/Jon/Bran are all dead. Even if she marries, she would loses her hold on Winterfell. I guess she forgot how Lady Mormont served her behind on a plate.

    • Despite the fact Jon is King, Sansa is technically the heir. Bran is the only living male and Sansa is the oldest female so it should actually go Bran-Sansa-Arya-Jon

    • You haven’t been paying attention. Sansa is a trueborn Stark, whether she marries or not. The line of succession is trueborn males, then trueborn females (both in order of age), then bastards. So, as it stands, the line of succession is Bran – Sansa – Arya – Jon. Therefore the only person who needs to die for Sansa to be queen is Bran.

      This is why Sansa was so important to the Lannisters and the Boltons. They believed Bran and Rickon were dead, so by marrying her they could have Winterfell and the North.

  • If that’s how it goes down between Sansa and Jon, then Sophie wouldn’t have been able to say so due to her HBO contract, so don’t get your panties in a bunch.

    Sansa not telling Jon of the Vale troops has never sat well with me, and I don’t think she did it bc “he didn’t listen to her before” but, instead, bc she’s stupid. And where does Sansa get off thinking she’s a politician? Lmfao! She has to prove herself first and then a combo team of her and Jon would be neat, but it’s never gonna happen. On top of it, Jon didn’t listen to her in regards to Rickon not bc he didn’t believe her about Ramsey, but bc he couldn’t help himself, he had to try to save his little brother even if it meant his own life.

    And lastly, I also think the look bw Sansa and LF is not one of a conspiratorial nature; well LF likely wishes that’s what Sansa’s look means, but in actuality, it’s one of suspicion with an air of confidence, like she’s saying under her breath: “I’m watching you Peter Baelish.” “And now it’s time to use what you’ve taught me to take you down.”

    So all I’m saying is Sansa BETTER NOT undertake any actions to betray Jon, let alone plan any. After what’s happened to their family, I really can’t picture her doing any of that.

  • Sansa wants credit for saving the day? Does she also get credit for letting Jon’s army get slaughtered because she kept her mouth shut about her plans to save the day?

    • Sophie is i think playing up the Sana chracter once again. Sansa’s major screen time was last season. I think that all the females had big time take charge last year, i think to shut up alot of the backlash from season 5 with UBUBUB episode. They make the women upjumped and the males were falling all over themselves with the stupid move, bad jokes, and total regression in battle plans. Sophie once again is taking all the credit for the winterfell win. Excuse me if it wasn’t for Jon’s army drawing out ramsey, even if the VALE showed up Ramsey would have stayed in winterfell and never came out. Then where would she have been. Ramsey came out because of his jealously of Jon, end of story. Sophie wants a bigger role in the story/show(i donlt blame here) nog to mention the emmy snub probably hurts and the A-listers all got major pay raises, she didn’t. I think that she will end up turning on jon,not meaning to but trying to play a game on littlefinger. She won’t mean to turn on him, but gets played by the expert(littlefinger). Sophie is doing a alot of takling once again. We donlt hear from Kit ,Lena,Peter, only when the show is premiering.😬

  • Sansa is a crap politician. The scenes where they go to recruit Northern houses to fight in the Battle of the Bastards is proof of that. And she didn’t save the day either. She nearly got Jon killed by keeping secrets, and a lot of Northern men got slaughtered because of those secrets too.

  • Am I the only one suffering from Sansa fatigue? We’re seen Sophie/Sansa photos at the head of several articles here lately. I wish interviewers would talk to Lena, Peter, almost anyone else. Unfortunately, others are filming GOT, Maisie just did a film short then went to Japan, Liam was someplace exotic also (Dubai?). Maybe Sophie’s still in LA dating that singer and readily available. And wasn’t the WIC article few days ago about her work with rape victims in Rwanda also from that Wrap interview? BTW, good for her for doing that.

    In any case, Sophie’s anticipation of reunions is good to hear, but fans expect them anyway. Her theory of Sansa as astute politician was broached as long ago as ComicCon. It received a fair amount of push-back here back then and also this week in response to this and the EW interview. Surely, with a little help from her family Sansa will finally be rid of Littlefinger by season 8, but that won’t make her an savvy politician. Nothing will make her a crafty, long-game player, but unlike everyone else in her family (I think of her as the Stark who isn’t), she has always craved position and power. Gods help us if she stumbles her way into it.

  • Sansa is that rich and entlited girl that wants everybody to give her credit for doing things she is supposed to do anyway, like homework or cleaning her own cat´s litter,

    • Sansa is responsible for about 90% of the turmoil and abuse she’s gone through.

      1 She wanted to Marry Geoffrey
      2 She chose to listen to Littlefinger
      3 She should have told Littlefinger to Fuck Off,when he told her to marry Ramsey.

      She willingly walked head on into these situations. Then the abusers took control.

      • 1 She wanted to Marry Geoffrey
        She was betrothed to him without any of her doing and was decidedly elated not to marry him when the betrothal was reneged.
        2 She chose to listen to Littlefinger Who saved her life by spiriting her away from King’s Landing
        3 She should have told Littlefinger to Fuck Off,when he told her to marry Ramsey. In the show, neither knew anything about Ramsay. This was positioned as means of revenge against the Lannisters.

        I.e. she’s most definitely been a huge victim

  • Sophie is getting on my nerves a bit, she likes to trash talk Jon, say he’s stupid and knows nothing. If Sansa will stop being Petyrs puppet and letting him play her, it would be nice. Sansa is the Lady of Winterfell, but Queen of the north? No. IF she can get along with Jon they can get the revenge they want. I see Jon going to be with Dany to help fight. Sansa can just stay as Lady until she marries someone decent.
    I see certain people want Sansa and Jon as a couple. No.

  • ”-I’m not a Stark.
    -You are to me.”

    ”Only a fool would trust Littlefinger.”

    Sansa will not betray Jon so f*ckin confirmed by me.

  • Sansa probably will be Queen of the North eventually, at the very end of the series (if she survives). I expect both Jon and Bran will end up else where doing other things (if they survive). I think Jon will take the Iron throne if he survives. I think Bran will be North of the wall (or where it used to be) as the Three eye Raven, if he survives. That leaves Sansa as Queen in the North, if she survives. Arya will be off having adventures. If she marries, I guess it might be Gendry, IF she marries and if she survives.

    I think people are too hard on Sansa. She was a sheltered naive little girl when she went to King’s Landing. She wanted to be Queen, because it was romantic not because of power. Margery wanted power not romance. Sansa didn’t seem power hungry to me, so much as vapid. As for her political skills, she certainly wasn’t as political as Margery. But Margery grew up in a household where she learned to be politically astute and manipulative. Sansa did not. Who could have taught her? Ned? Ned’s the idiot who trusted Petyr Baelish. Catelyn, well she was more politically astute then Ned. That’s not saying much. Sansa is learning from Baelish (and other’s) and I think in the end that is who she will betray.

    Until the end, though let’s remember, Bran’s claim to Winterfell is greater than either Jon’s or Sansa’s. With Bran in the picture, Sansa does not have the standing to push Jon out of the way to claim Winterfell.

    There is a lot that has to be happen, before Sansa ends up as Queen or Lady of Winterfell.

    • I concede that Sansa was and is more vapid than power-hungry. But she also had sheltered siblings, three even younger, all of whom had 10 as much common sense and 100 times as much loyalty to the family and the North. There is no excuse. Loyalty is loyalty, wisdom is wisdom, and lying in public is still lying, even if it’s feigning ignorance. And please don’t call Ned an idiot. He tried to avoid going to KL where he knew he’d be out of his depth, politically. He also was not an experienced gambler– to achieve his coup he had to trust someone, and based on Catelyn’s family connection with LF, he picked him. Ned knew there were calculated risks…and he chose wrong. And BTW, I have a theory that having lost Lady through her lies, Sansa will not be Lady of Winterfell. The direwolves are very significant.

  • Sansa queen in the north? I don’t think so. Lafy Mormont has a much better chance.
    Plus I don’t think there’s going to be a north left to be queen of. I was thinking about the bittersweet ending GRRM mentioned. This winter is supposed to last ten years? Was that confirmed? If its due to the NK if they defeat him and kill him for good does the winter still go on or do they revert to ‘normal’ seasons? After a war of that caliber there’s not going to be many people left or supplies/food for everyone. Maybe the remaining survivors of all Westeros leave to Essos with Dany, if she survives, to wait out the winter. Probably a few people could stay behind in Dorne where it probably isn’t going to be too cold and supplies and trade could continue with Essos from there.
    The Starks headed by Arya maybe with the Greyjoys go to find out what is west of Westeros. The bittersweet ending is that there is no more Westeros?

  • The Vale didn’t really save the day. They temporarily turned the tide, but what good are mounted soldiers in a siege situation? They would’ve been slaughtered by Ramsay’s archers at the gates of Winterfell and the bodies would’ve continued to pile up like the Orcs in the extended cut of Return of the King. It was Wun Wun the Giant who ultimately won the battle for them by breaking through the gate.

    Glad we’ve got that cleared up.

  • I wouldn’t listen to anything Sophie Turner says. If you listen to the Battle of the Bastards Bluray commentary you realize that she doesn’t know a damn thing about the series is on. She was constantly asking questions and was rudely disrupting the commentary by chomping loudly on celery. She even made fun of people that listen to audio commentaries. I was a fan of hers until I listened to the commentary track.