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George R.R. Martin talks about a new enhanced edition of A Storm of Swords

A Dance with Dragons

Image: Entertainment Weekly

A few months back, Random House and Apple announced that they would be teaming up to release digitally enhanced versions of each book in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, downloadable with iBooks on your iPhone, iMac, or other iOS device, and through iTunes on your computer. (With apologies to non-Mac users.)

These editions feature all kinds of nifty bells and whistles. Yesterday, the enhanced edition of A Storm of Swords went up for sale ($11.99), and George R.R. Martin’s minions sung its praises on the author’s Not a Blog. I’ll let the minion take it away. The enhanced edition of A Storm of Swords features:

• Gorgeous new covers
• Interactive character maps
• Author annotations
• Character journeys and timelines
• Family trees/House histories
• House/sigil summaries
• Stunning illustrations
• Audio clips

The audio clips are from Roy Dotrice, who records the Song of Ice and Fire audiobooks. (He also played Hallyne the pyromancer in Season 2). The maps show where in the world each character during any given chapter. These are full service kind of editions.

In honor of the release, Random House posted a brief clip of Martin talking about some of the themes of the book, complete with some nifty illustrations. Today’s topic: family.

The enhanced editions of A Game of Thrones and A Clash of Kings are already out. New editions of A Feast for Crows and A Dance of Dragons will be on the market February 2 and March 30 respectively.

And when will the first edition of The Winds of Winter hit shelves, digital and otherwise? That remains a mystery.


  • GodDamn it George! No one gives a turd about those! Get WoW out already! Save this nonsense for the end of the series.

  • This is an easy cash grab, so he’ll bestir himself for the modicum of effort involved.

    But, something that will take work like TWOW? No way. He’s way too busy. The Cocteau doesn’t run itself. Plus, unless he edits and puts his name in huge letters on the cover (totally eclipsing the author), nobody would touch those Wild Card books with a ten foot pole. He’s also got to get a bowling alley up and running.

    Plus, there are the Knight of Seven Kingdom series books that have to be done, and he’s already been diverted from that side-project by doing the World of Fire and Ice companion book–because if you have an incomplete series, that’s the perfect time to go pencils down and start working on a big book of history about your setting.

    Then there are the TV projects that are being pursued (can’t blame him on that one, it is a boat load of cash), all of which divert him from his true passion of attending conventions and impassioned essays about the Hugo awards (which maybe only a small handful of people know exist and a few dozen give two hoots about).

    So, yeah after he’s done with that, maybe he’ll think about working on TWOW. Or maybe instead, he’ll roll around in a shipping container full of cash paid by readers that bought into a never to be completed series, which he keeps next to his bigger money bin of cash paid to him by HBO.

    • Agreed. Especially about the Hugo awards thing. Every time he post about that I get angry. If you added all those posts about hugos since adwd it would probably add up to a book and a half for asoiaf. I think he loves the asoiaf books but is bored with them after 20 plus years. And plus hbo knows his ending and it’s coming from them and not him. It seems like he doesn’t even like talking about them anymore, and gets annoyed if anyone asks a question with his STAY ON TOPIC posts on his blog. He wants to do other things and asoiaf is too big and too hard to bring together. He’ll need 3 more books easy. That could be 20 more years.

  • “Get on with the damn Winds Of Winter before I piss meself”!!!!!! WoW means words of wisdom from the late Robert Baratheon.

  • HBO will have a spinoff series on air before this fat bastard finishes Ice and Fire. Book it. Don’t get me wrong, I like the novels, but they are too voluminous and convoluted with too many dead ends and superfluous characters that come to nothing. The HBO series has cut, to their great credit, much of the fat out of the books. And I’m now of the opinion that the show is WAY better than the books. And that’s almost never the case with any book adaptation. I also predict that sales of the last two books will fall off the table as show watchers have their fix already.

    • The show basically took and stuck with the soap operish elements of the books and ignored everything else. Either out of lazineness or knowing that American audience don’t care. That being said I sort of don’t understand for the life of me, why Martin decided to throw in the whole Faegon/Jon Connington/Golden Company. It just seems pointless thread that was added to an already complex story.

  • GRRM needs to focus on zero other professional endeavors except finishing Winds of Winter. He is insulting his fans at this point.

  • All GRRM probably had to do for this was hand-in a few annotations, which were probably written ages ago. Most of you are acting like he wrote the code and drew the maps for these new versions. He didn’t even promote this himself on his own LJ so you’re kidding yourself if you think he’s losing sleep or WoW writing time because he can’t decide what to screen at the Cocteau or over how much to charge for nachos at the bowling alley.

    And comparing the show to the books is like comparing apples to good apple pie. If you’ve actually tried the pie, it’s hard to believe you would prefer the stunted apple. Vegans do exist though, so anything is possible.

  • I want his best work and that means he does it in his time on his terms.And I respect that.
    Just have to wait and hope.

  • Has GRRM written any books since GoT started airing (not including ADWD which went to publishing before the show aired)? And with GoT getting bigger each year (and more pressure to write an awesome novel) why would he? Pays to say he’s working on TWOW but not really publish anything until the series is over and the pressure decreases.

  • They’re his books he can write them in the time he wants. It’s his decisions not ours, not the show runners, not anyone else’s but him. You’re not writers and probably have no idea how complicated it can be to write book like those, books that are that complex and big. He is doing it but he has a right to have a life and no one has any right to even have an opinion on his life. It’s his, not yours. It’s not like he cares what you we think or is going to write any faster just because some offensive and annoying comments. If he wants to run a cinema he can do it, if he wants to write huge comments in the Hugo’s he can do it, if he wants to suddenly stop writing ASOIAF forever he CAN do it and that doesn’t mean he is offending fans, they’re HIS books. If you want a book so much write it yourselves and see how “easy” is to write something smart, interesting, complex, that people around the world like. If you can do it better than him then do it, if not, then stop complaining and assuming you know him or his thoughts or his life to even be entitled to have an opinion about that. He has written 5 amazing books and to keep them amazing he needs a lot of time. He can take all the time he wants cause I know the next books will be as good as the other ones and because I respect his work. And I also know that he can have a personal life. He can have days off and do whatever the hell he wants.

    • Dance of Dragon was released in 2011. That means that GRRM has had five plus years to write Winds of Winter. A few chapters that he had written for previous books were moved to WOW or the last book (we’ll see). I am going to be 68 in the spring. George is a year older than me. At the rate he is working to finish the series, one or both of us may fail to see it completed. The premature death of Robert Jordan delayed the completion of his Wheel of Time series another few years (adding an entire book). I enjoyed Sanderson’s work on WOT, but I prefer to have GRRM finish his own series . . . In my lifetime. Please, George.

    • Except he’s taken money from a lot of people, selling them a book series and then completely abandoning any good faith effort to complete it once he has everyone’s cash and getting indignant about it when his professionalism is *very rightly* questioned.

      “If you can do it better than him then do it, if not, then stop complaining” Brilliant logic. So, by that reasoning, if you have a family member that is injured or killed by an act of medical malpractice, you’ve got nothing to complain about because, well, if you could have performed the surgery better, you should have. Or if you couldn’t, well then just shut up. I guess I should also stop holding my investment advisor, lawyer, and accountant to any particular standard. Oh, we should also not be so judgey about things when pilots crash planes because, well, you wouldn’t have flown any better, right?

  • There are days when I want him to say “fuck it I’m done” so I can laugh at all the demanding assholes who don’t matter at all.

  • Take your time old man. There’s no pressure anymore, the shows overtaken you now.
    I’ve given up anticipating this book. 6 years! And we’ll never see the last book.
    And for you sycophants out there, people are allowed to voice their frustration with Martins apparent procrastination. 😝😎