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Does George R.R. Martin “owe” fans an update on The Winds of Winter?

The Winds of Winter

It’s January 4th, and there’s still no New Years update on George R.R. Martin’s blog regarding the state of The Winds of Winter. Does he owe us one? Paste Magazine argues he does.

This time last year, on January first, frantic fans of Martin were refreshing and refreshing and refreshing his NotABlog like mad, waiting for the update we knew was coming. Martin had posted the night before that he’d written one. But just as he was about to finish, LiveJournal ate it. (Sounds like my life, circa 2004.) So he was doling the updates out piecemeal. The good, the bad and ….the one we were waiting for: the ugly truth that The Winds of Winter was not coming out prior to Game of Thrones Season 6. After years of hoping he would beat the show to the finish line, Martin admitted what the rest of us had seen coming since Season 4: that the show would get there first, and reveal the rest of the major twists ahead of him.

This year has been a very different story. Up until yesterday, the last post was dated December 27th, and discussed the tragic passing of Carrie Fisher. Yesterday, Martin wrote about two of his favorite football teams, the Jets and the Giants. But he’s been silent on the subject of the book.

To quote Paste:

I’m not asking for Winds to be in my hands by any set date. I’m not even asking for a promise that it will ever be finished. But I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect a once-yearly update from Martin, even if that update is not satisfying. In fact, I think it’s the absolute least he could do. If he churlishly refuses, for pride or any other reason, the entitlement in this relationship is his, not ours.


But if you’re only checking Martin’s blog on the New Year for a specific update, then you’re missing most of the joy of reading Martin’s writing. And as we all can attest here at WiC, Martin gives tons of updates regularly. No, he doesn’t write a post entitled “The Winds of Winter: STILL NOT DONE, PEOPLE.” He doesn’t have to.

Instead, he slides the references in. Going back through the last month or so, Martin has talked about things like The Mystery Knight graphic novel, the enhanced edition of A Storm of Swords, gave a lengthy interview at the Guadalajara International Book Fair a couple of weeks ago, and gave a general update regarding his schedule, all of which confirm what we still know to be true: IT’S NOT DONE YET.

What do we want? For him to drag himself into the street on the first of the year and flog himself in the public square? A blog post version of the Walk of Shame as an after-fireworks chaser? Come for Kathy Griffith making Anderson Cooper blush, stay for watching George R.R. Martin once again admitting his failures for a public audience. Perhaps in Westeros, this would fly. (Shut up, you *know* you’d watch Kathy and Anderson ring in the Westerosi new year and make inappropriate jokes about the fireworks at the former Sept of Baelor.) But in real life, we’re supposed to be just a little bit better than that. Aren’t we?

Honestly, I hope he took January 1st, 2nd and 3rd and wrote another chapter of The Winds of Winter. After all, every time he does literally *anything else*, including write posts on his blog, that’s what people say he should be doing, right? Now here he is not writing on his blog, and we complain about that too?

The man cannot win. (Just like the Jets.) For heaven’s sake, y’all. Leave George R.R. Martin alone.


  • He doesn’t owe us ANYthing. It would be considerate of him to update us, no doubt. On the surface I think the dudes just an asshole, more power to him.

    • he sold his story to someone else (HBO) and they are finishing it for him.

      that’s a huge blow to anyone’s artistic integrity not matter how we try to rationalize it

      • man this is such dumb logic from an angry defeatist nerd considering the show isn’t even going to end until 2018-2019, you have 2 seasons ahead of you before you start getting all privileged and whiny that the book will never come out.

      • Well the show is different than the books. Can’t blame them for finishing it before him, he should’ve been faster. Being this fucking slow just isn’t normal for a writer.

          • let’s take an example of one of the most famous fantasy writers of all time – j.r.r tolkein, who famously wrote down the first ideas of the hobbit while grading school papers. this was in 1928. the story to this children’s book wasn’t finished until the mid 1930’s and published in 1937, between the hobbit and lord of the rings, which tolkein expanded upon the geography of the story and created a whole world took more than 15 years before another book was published. it’ll come out, it’s no fucking surprise a show that became massively successful, is in production half of the year every year, and condenses this world into 10 episodes per book/half book caught up in five years.

      • Agreed. If he owes anybody, it’s himself. It’s by far the one thing he’d done that has earned him international acclaim and more than enough money. Take away GoT on HBO and the only people who would know about GRRM are hardcore fantasy fans.

  • In all honesty, I’m absolutely sure by now that if – and thats a big IF – ‘The Winds Of Winter’ will ever be released, that will be the last book we’ll ever see from him. The TV show will finish the series and I’m okay with that.

    Does he owe us anything? Well, we (the fans) made him a fortune. We, the fans, made him famous. We, the fans made him a celebrity traveling the world.

    So yeah, he does owe us at least an update, that wouldn’t be too much asked.

    • I agree. No way does he finish the series, which I think is the best thing. Bookreaders get no ending which is good because his ending would probably not be satisfying.

      TV show fans get their show, which is great.

    • Agree 100% as well. I used to scoff at accusations that he would die of natural causes before finishing the series. Well I’m 26 years old and now I’m confident that I’M going to die of natural causes before he finishes writing. I wish he would just finish TWOW so his fans can team up and make various fanfiction versions of a finale to the series. I don’t think I even want to read what he has in mind for ADoS if it’s going to take another seven years to see it.

  • He certainly doesn’t owe us anything. That’s for sure.

    What I think fans don’t grasp about WoW is that when a series becomes as big as ASoIaF is, there is obvious pressure for it to deliver. Following from that is a clear truth: the first three books are almost perfectly structured and paced, culminating in SoS which is at the peak. Then, when he went back to it, the 4th book became longer than the established length and format of the first three and they (GRRM and the publishers) struggled with how to go forward. So, they went for the split by geography, and having ‘the 4th book’ actually be split across one and a third books, with the back half of ADwD being the first part of the ‘5th book.’ It’s a mess, and a clear drop in quality from the first three.

    It’s a testament to the characters and the strength of theme (GRRM) that we can put this out of mind and find the gold inside the flawed structure. But that fact of it remains.

    And so, the task of delivering with WoW is not only to continue the story in a satisfying way but to nail the ongoing structure and length in a way that does not exponentially increase the issues with 4 and 5. These problems were not ‘bad writing’ but the result of very tricky practical issues, which unfortunately were not handled in the best way.

    I would love for someone to objectively refute this. However, GRRM talked extensively about splitting the chapters by geography and the length issues: that’s just fact. My assumption is that it’s a large part of, if not the main reason for getting WoW right being difficult.

    • I agree that Dance of Dragons is fairly flawed. Feast of Crows, on the other hand, is PERFECT. My hope is that the series getting to a lot of this material first actually takes the weight off of Martin’s shoulders. Ideally the storm of the HBO series passes and he can get on with finishing the series with a lot of the expectations having been already satisfied. I think it’s pretty incredible that a man who risked poverty and obscurity for so long as a working writer, finally hits it big in late middle age and people act like he’s this spoiled, ungrateful employee for enjoying himself and not forcing himself to just pound out poor, forced versions of the books to satisfy people’s silly impatience. Whenever they come out–and yeah I understand the frustration, as I want to read them badly as well–I’ll be there.

      • He goes out, markets and asks people to buy into a series of books, and takes a lot of people’s hard earned money. Don’t you think he owes at least a good faith effort to try and deliver in a reasonable time?

        • No. He’s a writer. There’s literally one reward to writing and it’s being free to work on what you want. The fact that he suddenly made a lot of money later in life doesn’t change that. Good art can’t be forced. It never works out. It’s why so many bands’ sophomore records suck, and so many writers second books are awful. They no longer had the time to let material develop. Either way, what’s a reasonable amount of time for a 1500 page monster book that has to be cross-referenced in every detail to the nines? 5-6 years doesn’t seem so horrible. Slow? Sure. But in short no he doesn’t “owe” his readers one solitary thing. There’s no contract there. He writes the books he wants to write. We buy the books we want to read. That is it.

          • Just that the longer he takes for his books the worse they get. There’s one thing to take your time. And another to face a task you obviously can’t master (anymore).
            What I see here is not a writer taking all the time he needs to deliver his best (though it is well known that the best is the enemy of good and might end in no result at all). I see a writer who is in a dead end and has no real idea how to get out of the mess he created. Too many storylines, too much to resolve. It’s out of bounds. He has difficulties to focus.
            And so he does two things: He writes lengthy episodes about odds and ends and repetetive storylines cause he fails to nail it down to only the significant core of the story like he did in books 1-3 and which gained him his reputation. GRRMs works have grown fat. Not substantial.
            And even more often he avoids writing at all and uses all kind of evasive activities to excuse him from not writing.
            And it is not helpful that after all the rightful praise he got he does not seem to be open for constructive comments or a proper editing anymore. Which is what both last books sorely need. They could easily be cut by 30 – 50 % and hardly any reader would miss those pages.

            I have doubts that Martin sees the time he can take to finish the series as writer’s reward. As it is he has this demon on his neck for years now. It is unsatisfying not to have it finished. And it is getting worse with every month, every year passing by. It is a poisonous privilege. Beautiful as long as you get things done. A curse when you don’t.

    • No, the geographical splitting has nothing to do with the amount of time it’s taken to make fatty get down to work and finish his promise to the world. The hold up is that for the first time in his 68 years, Martin is getting Grade B or better vagina as regularly as he can handle it. HBO has made him a celebrity and he’s banging more Wonderwomen and Mononokes than he can handle and he’s wearing his penis out at every nerd convention he can track down.
      This man has created a fable that’s captured the world’s attention and he’s milking it as long and slowly as he possibly can. At this point the only question is will he die before he finishes book 6 or 7.

  • Well said!
    I ignore most everything ASOIAF related that’s not posted either by you guys at WiC, Tower of the Hand, BryndenBFish, Watchers…,and a few YouTubers and Reddit posters. Mostly because I appreciate the super fan, someone who I can assume knows more than I do (I try and know a decent amount🙏).

    So really,
    Thank you!

  • Honestly, I’d prefer George RR to be working on the book, as opposed to wasting the time and writing ability keeping us updated on how the book is going. Also, an author’s output, like that of any artist, is more like a gift to the readers, and not an obligation or product.

    In my opinion.

    • I think you and I have very different definitions of the word “gift”. If this was a gift, it would be free. Just because something is creative doesn’t mean it isn’t a product or service.

      GRR writes his chapters and books as part of a larger whole. They are designed to entice you to turn the page, to what to know what comes next. It’s what makes them great, but also why each book doesn’t stand alone, they are part of a larger narrative and overall story. He doesn’t “have” to finish the story; but if he doesn’t I will be unhappy and ultimately I think his legacy will be hurt by it. IMHO.

  • Honestly, I think he does have an obligation to keep fans updated at least occasionally. Millions of books have been purchased with the implicit understanding that the story would be continued. No, we don’t own him, nor is he our “b—h” or any of the other straw men his defenders throw out there. It’s simply a courteous thing he could do, and which social media makes very easy to do.

    For whatever reason, he chooses not to. Whether that’s because he’s in denial, or whether there’s simply no book ever going to come out, or if he’s just a jerk, we don’t know. But there is nothing wrong with our pointing it out and stating our unhappiness. Otherwise, aren’t we just his “b—-s”?

  • The last chapter written in “a Storm of Swords” was the Red Wedding, because GRRM had such an attachment to those characters, and it was painful for him to write. Maybe he is having a similar problem with the Winds of Winter. The character in his Song of Ice and Fire family I think hardest for him to kill at this point is Arya.
    Originally the entire main story of the Game of Thrones was scheduled to be completed in Winds of Winter, and a Dream of Spring was the aftermath, and wrapping up the outlying plot lines. That last chapter, because we may never see ADOS, I picture excruciating for him. He probably knows it will be the final words from him in the series. I also give the man my understanding and sympathy for not wanting to murder his family quickly, even though he is so good at it.

    • The series was originally supposed to be a trilogy, and then six books, and now it’s seven.
      His editors need to help the man out and help him trim it down.

    • Well, Bandit, I agree. Plus I say thank you to Paris Martin for exacting a promise from her husband not to kill off her favourite character. He reiterated it recently in public without mentioning the character, so one has hope. Dan and Dave, on the other hand….
      I also take hope from George’s original title for Book 7, A Time for Wolves. The final episode, the final chapter–when they come, it will be hard for everyone of us fans even if our own personal heroes survive. For me, after 15 years, they’re all part of my life, especially if they’re prominent in the show, and letting go will be painful. But for now: no more dead Starks!

      • I hope the battle for the Iron Throne will be decided by the end of WoW. Having Drogon melt it to make weapons to fight the Others would be enjoyable, especially if Cersei is sitting on it at the time, with Tyrion on his back. It would be a “post credits scene” for the War of the Five Kings, when there is no throne left to fight over, and no kings left.

          • Agree wholeheartedly, Vivek!
            Those strange family dynasties are what make the fictional era interesting. Bet we get those with a democracy sometimes, too.

    We will not see this book until Game of Thrones ends on TV. HBO doesn’t want any spoilers from this point forward to keep ratings sky high. They want to be the first to the final punch.

    Martin still has another book to write…He can then take his book in a different direction if fans do not like the HBO ending boosting sales of the final books.

    • I’ve been saying this for a while too. I’m not bothered too much if it means better writing from GRRM or less time between ADoS and ATfW coming out. Much as I’m dying to know what happens next, I’m dreading the end and the void that will bring.

    • This ^^^^^^

      100% certain we will not see WoW until HBO has aired all of the material that it could potentially spoil. I am personally convinced the book is done and will drop within a matter of months post-show.

  • What the hell is Paste Magazine and why should I care? The frantic fans can just pound sand. If he were to rush it then those same people would bitch about something. Read something else to occupy your time if it’s to much for ya.

    • Ironic, someone crying about other people crying….you do realise that puts you in the same category right

  • This is a stunningly tone-deaf article. He doesn’t owe us ANYTHING? Then I’d like a refund on all the money that I have spent that has lined his pockets. If he had said when he released the first book, “This is a seven part series, but I am only going to write 3 books and 1 unfinished 2 part book,” how much money do you think would be in his bank account relative to what is in there now? He lied to his audience, plain and simple. Now if he just came out and said “I thought I was going to be able to finish this series, but that is clearly never going to happen, as I have run out of time and ideas,” and pass off the writing duties to another author who has more respect for his audience and seems to actually understand the story more than Martin seems to at this point (maybe Bryan Cogman?), that would be one thing. But until that happens he is just stringing us all along as he gets richer and richer until he finally dies and doesn’t have to answer anymore questions, and we, as an audience, are shit out of luck. Thank god we have the television show so we get at least SOME ending.

    • Did you not get the books that you already paid for? Did you not enjoy the fruits of the author’s past labors? If not, you are under no obligation to buy the next one when it comes out. His publisher is not yet taking preorders for TWoW, so there is no valid argument that your rights as a consumer have been violated.

      I think that is going on here is largely a matter of people never growing up enough to grasp the concept of deferred gratification. They want what they want when they want it, and when they don’t get it right away, they throw a tantrum.

      There are a million other great books out there waiting to be read. If none of them satisfies you, try writing your own. Then you’ll see how easy it is to grind out good writing like clockwork.

      • Probably the most reasoned response i have read. I dont personally warm to what is presented as being GRRM the man in the media but there is a whole world of literature out there and unfortunately in 2017 our entitled world demands everything yesterday.

      • Deferred gratification? That’s too funny. He’s written 1 unfinished book in the last 17 YEARS. And its not so much about the money as the time I’ve wasted reading and caring about this story that we were told was going to have an ending. Again, if I knew that he was going to decide to stop writing them, I never would have invested all that time to begin with. And if it was like we were still going to get them, FINE! I am just asking for some sort of update seeing as the original deadline was 16 months ago. Instead, it is very clear that the 6th and 7th are never coming out. But, yeah, keep slurping GRRM. And go write my own book? Yeah, sure, give me his bank account and I’ll do that gladly. This isn’t about him struggling to write something good, this is about him writing at all, which he isn’t. So if he isn’t going to write an ending, either tell us that, so we can stop caring, or let someone else.

  • This weekend GRRM’s going to be doing the same I’ll be doing: watching and rooting for the Giants.

  • I just don’t understand how he thought he had a shot at wrapping this up by 12/31/2015 and here we are at 1/4/17 and it is still not done.

  • “Owes” is a strong word and I think goes too far for an update.

    I think he’s acted atrociously. It’s a pretty awful thing to do–putting out a book series, and once he gets everyone’s money and gets too “big” for his publisher to hold him to a professional standard, he just goes on to take a piss. He marketed the books as a series, and people paid their hard earned money for it on the basis that he’d at least take an honest, professional effort at keeping the books coming. So, yeah, it rubs people a little raw when they’ve plunked down their hard earned cash, and he’s posting about his jetsetting, hobby theather or other jollies instead of following through on making good on the rest of the series. Which may I add, is believed likely to never actually be finished.

    So, I really don’t get why the lickspittle contingent talks about whether he finishes the books or not as if he were performing an act of public charity. He took too many people’s money to just shrug off any sort of professional obligation or good faith effort. So, yeah, given how aloof, unaccountable, and unprofessional he’s acted, the very least he could do is give an update. It won’t really count for much because he’s not really going to say anything of value, but it’s better than just outright refusing the acknowledge everyone who had bought into his books.

    • I am as eager to read the rest of the story as anyone, but I find your attitude bizarre. How is accepting payment for books that he has already written an ‘awful thing to do’? If readers’ appetites were whetted for more, that is a testament to the author’s talent. But it is no sort of binding contract to write more. Life happens. People’s interests change. That is their prerogative. That GRRM feels any sort of obligation to keep plugging away at TWoW, as his Muse permits, is a grace for which those who enjoy his writing ought to feel grateful. That’s not being a ‘lickspittle’; that’s being a grownup.

        • ‘Lickspittle’ means a sycophant, someone who curries favor with a person in power. GRRM doesn’t know me from a hole in the wall, so how could I curry favor with him? I don’t have such an inflated sense of my own importance in the world to imagine that he cares one way or another what I think of how he manages his writing time. Nor should any of us who don’t know him personally. I just find it a little embarrassing to be associated with fans who are all about GIMME GIMME GIMME NOW.

          • I don’t think this is a “GIMME GIMME GIMME NOW” situation. It’s been 5+ years. You had a goal that you thought was achievable a year ago? I have a hard time reconciling that.
            If you believed there was a chance to finish by 12/31/15, how can you not be done now?

      • Because they were marketed as a series. He went out to the public, marketed his books as a series, and people took him at his word and forked over their hard earned cash. He got people to buy his books and make him a very, very rich man based on pretenses that he’s just not honoring. He took all that money from all of those people when he was just a poor nerd that nobody had ever heard of, and now that he’s a rich celebrity its “F you, I got mine.” I think that’s an awful thing to do. I gather that you think it would be find if he just shrugged and said “Interests change. Thanks for the money, suckers.” Well and good. Myself and many, many others are going to feel as if we were kind of scammed.

        I’ve been an adult for a long time and have a good grasp of how it goes, including speaking up when somebody is acting dishonorably. Maybe you’d have a better point if I paid for my books in gratitude points. But I did not. I paid in cash for installments in a series. As did a hell of a lot of other people. Maybe I’m not that important and my $40 or $50 bucks to date doesn’t mean a whole lot, but when you bundle it together with everyone else that’s been buying his books, that’s a lot of money and I think something is really owed there. I don’t think anyone can go after him under consumer protection laws, but yeah, I think it’s an awful thing to do.

        I hardly think six years running and no end in sight is a “gimme, gimme, gimme” instant gratification issue and trying to paint it as that seems really dishonest. Sorry if consumers standing up for themselves embarrasses you. It does seem pretty lickspittle-ish.

  • GRRM doesn’t owe us shit. Neither do we have to buy the crap peddled to us but the shitstorm is unstoppable. I like many may not buy the book and the TV fans sure won’t so he is losing his base.

    But that could be the problem with the story, the bottom has fallen out there is no fixing the epic. Hence his depression with it. Who knows. And really who spends any real time thinking about when we will publish is wasting life force. See I just wasted two minutes of my life babbling about devil talk.

  • We got the update from his last appearance he spoke at. He’s still writing. We won’t see this book till December 2017 most likely. It’ll take 6 months to edit and then release. So maybe early 2018. The show will ruin the ending as they’ll be about the same. Sorry book fans.

    • I tend to side with whomever said 2019. This year will come and go, and it will not get finished. I have no hope that it will be finished this year. Maybe next year, but if all these side projects keep going ahead and he keeps fretting over the stories to the point of paralysis, 2019 isn’t so unreasonable.

      That said does he owe us anything? Technically, no, but as a matter of decency, yes.

  • Absolutely should at the very least put out an update i.e. final stretch, no where near, etc.

    If he was only 2 or 3 years into the book i would be thinking half way maybe but he is nearly 6 years in so i think it is reasonable to believe he must be tidying it up for print? If i was instantly rich like he has gotten i would indulge too and probably take my foot off the gas but he has missed his own deadline by over a full calender year so you cannot blame fans for actually wanting to see the next book.

    Does he have to finish? Absolutely if he wants to take his place up amongst the best of the best writers, to not finish his own masterpiece would be a criminal shame.

  • For a little perspective I’d challenge any of you to go out and write your own book even a quarter size of one of his. Within a week you will realize the difficulty in crafting a single memorable character, believable world, or even a coherent narrative. Add to that the challenge of making sure each chapter, and each line meshes with where you’ve been before, and where you hope you will be. By the time you have even a rough sketch of your story arc, you will be frustrated beyond belief, drowning in minutia, or caught in a knot of your own ever expanding ambitions. Writing is hard, and good writing is harder. Your characters will grow beyond your control, they will take over your keyboard, they will run off to places you never envisioned them going. Even the best writers abandon good books because they cant quite find the way to tame all these unforeseen elements. The fact that he knows he has a patient publisher does relieve some of the weight from his shoulders. I’m sure, most writers know deep down that few will ever read their work, but whatever balm that is to his frustration, I’m sure the expectations of millions of readers is a far worse thing to have on your back. I myself have written two books that nobody will ever read, and after six years spent doing it, I can tell you it is not light work. Having these stories rattling around my brain has affected every aspect of my life. I cant imagine what he is going through. Now, having said that . . . I think it should not be too much work to provide a decent update once in a year. Here’s to hoping he’s working on that right now.

    • MeMyself&G

      I agree with your statements. I am not a pro writer by any means. I have been writing a trilogy Fantasy book series for well over 6 years now.

      I researched and spent hours upon hours even months mapping the personalities and arcs of my characters.

      At times I had to drop and rewrite characters because they had no real purpose to the stories progression.

      Each time you create a character profile or an environment. You have to ask yourself…..
      who,what,when,why,where and how.

      It has to match in every aspect,or it’s not believable or won’t make sense. It may be Fantasy,but still needs to make sense and mesh in all directions. This is no simple feat.

      An example: I had to go back and create an entire realm because of one paragraph of had previously written in book two.

      I had to switch gears and focus on how to create and bring that realm forward. I had to go backwards and research deeper to make it fit the arc,the story,the character(s).

      After I finished with that realm, I then had to go back through each chapter with a fine toothed comb. I had to adjust certain parts. I either had to rewrite or omit them completely.

      This created writers block. I had to refigure how to piece it all together. This was caused by one paragraph.

      Each Writer has their own unique style. I am speaking from a Writer’s point of view.( Each word written is their creation.) Their hope is others will read it. Their hope.. it touches each person in some way.

      George R.R. Martin realizes his fans are disappointed. In my opinion,he is being cautious to not further their disappointment.

      He is simply not updating because he isn’t finished.

      Consistant updates aren’t important. If he estimated each time, the frustration would continue.

      He is writing..That is what we know.

      How he finishes the story,will take time. That’s not something you can put a time limit on. There is just as much effort,research,and time in writing an ending if not more.

      This world/story is his creation. We are meant to enjoy it. We owe him that much. He has given us A Song Of Ice and Fire.

      He has paid us with a gift,let’s repay him by being great fans.


      • Title of article: Does George R.R. Martin “owe” us an update on The Winds of Winter?

        My post was simply my response to the question asked.

        Having looked through the comments I can see how you may have taken this personally as though I was referencing your ‘straw men’ line.

        I was not and regret any confusion in that matter.

        I assure you it is just my stock response because I don’t know what else to say, but now you’ve got my brain in gear I will try to word what I think.

        I have been reading the books for the last 17 years, have waited 5 then 6 years for books 4 and 5, and 6 years so far for book 6.

        He pledged on his ‘not a blog’ a couple of years ago that he would not comment on WoW anymore unless it was done. Any lack of update is simply that he is keeping to his word.

        I was lucky enough to meet him and he isnt an assh**le or anything other than a nice guy. He has a job to do, but he is allowed downtime too. If your boss called you up on your day off to ask why you were not at work, you would surely tell them where to go.

        No one should expect anything for any time frame. It is a creative process that cannot be measured or forced or pushed into resolution.

        I respectfully ask others to wait in a patient manner for the rest of the story and stop making commentary on this mans private life and what he should and should not be doing. (I’m not saying anyone here has done this, just expressing my opinion)

        ‘Slowly slowly catchy monkey’ fellow fans :D

        • I think we will have to agree to disagree. I don’t care about his personal life and whether he’s a jerk or not. His actions seem to indicate to me that he at least takes his fans for granted.

          As I said before, I do think he has the responsibility/obligation to let his fans how things are going. His pledge of not commenting on WoW seems like a cop out and abdication of that responsibility.

    • It’s pretty clear that he isn’t, and that he’s made the readers his bitches. He sold us a book series, took the money, and once he got filthy rich, turned around and pretty much abandoned any good faith professional effort to deliver on his end. It’s pretty clear who is who’s bitch in this situation.

      It’s been six years–and running! I understand this sort of thing can’t be given too hard of a schedule and that he has to have a life. But six years and running? Comparable series writers manage to get it done in a fraction of that.

      This isn’t like the boss calling on the weekend and asking why you’re not at work. This is like the boss calling and asking why you didn’t show up for a year. I don’t think anybody contests that he’s let the situation go on so egregiously that there is a very real question as to whether we will ever see ADOS.

  • Like someone said above, it is a monetary ploy where WoW will not be published until GoT concludes. I just hope that during this time, he finishes WoW and dives headfirst into DoS.

  • Although I would love more updates im not self important enough to think an author I’ve never met “owes” me anything. Utterly ridiculous.

    • So if you paid money to go see a movie and the projector just shut off 2/3 of the way through, you would be happy and tell others not to complain because they aren’t “owed” anything even though they spent their money on a story that was supposed to, you know, have an ending?

      • Yeah this is a bad analogy. All agree that if you pay for a full movie then you should get the full movie, but no one here has paid for the full ASOIAF series. We all paid for 5 individual books and that’s exactly what we got.

        The entire argument that people paid their “hard-earned cash” to GRRM falls flat because of this. The reality is each of us voluntarily paid about $20-35 for each book, and that’s all you get. That $20-35 does not entitle you to tell GRRM how or when to write his story. It entitles you to a copy of his book, that’s it. If you want to have influence over GRRM’s writing process, then you need to a) meet with him and b) endorse him with a far greater amount of money.

        To offer an analogy that actually works, if my uncle Bartholomew wants to have a say in what band plays at my wedding, then he needs to pay for it. Otherwise he can keep his sarcastic complaints to himself.

        • Except Martin chose to market his books as a series. None of the books work as standalone stories. When I bought “A Game of Thrones,” I did so with the understanding that I wasn’t simply buying one book, I was buying a piece to a larger puzzle. Now, that said, I don’t believe that Martin owes me an update. It will get done when it gets done. As long as he gives me a completed series, I have no reason to complain.

          • I agree, I too bought the first 5 books with the hope that the last 2 will come, but I don’t feel justified in pressuring GRRM about it because a) I’m not the one doing the hard work and b) I’ve gotten exactly what I paid for so far.

      • That would be a fair comparison to buying a book and discovering that the last 250 pages are blank. But that’s not what happened to us, is it?

  • No, it’s his book and we spent our moneys willingly. Charles Dickens didn’t owe us an update on the Mystery of Edwin Drood, still one of the greatest mysteries.

    I would much prefer to leave the man alone and allow him to write his damn book. As a writer I respect his pace, it comes to you when it comes. When you force it you get stuck in Mereen.

  • Sorry, but when it takes almost 6 years to write he’s either got writer’s block or he’s too busy counting his money and taking credit for every accolade GOT receives thanks to HBO

    • ASOIAF stands perfectly well on its own merits without HBO. It won numerous awards and nominations long before the TV show, and every book except the first has made best seller lists. The series reportedly had sold 15 million copies globally as of April 2011, which is exactly when the TV show premiered.

      There’s no question the show has boosted sales and won numerous awards, but the books were doing very nicely regardless.

  • I find it interesting that George has not , much, commented on the show for the last , well, two years. After he stopped writing episodes , little comments around the edges trailed off. Used to be notes by him about huddling with Dave and Dan at the premieres … maybe they do that at the Emmy’s? Now? He never shows antagonism about the show, but not clear if he even watches it, I think he does, but makes no comment.
    Ah well, Bryan Cogman used to be aviable for measured comments he seems to have gone radio silent. He is still a supervising producer. There was no production diary for season 6 , tho Dave Hill is still around.
    O well , interesting .

  • Much as I am looking forward to reading the rest of the saga (enjoyment that will not be impacted in the slightest by ‘knowing how it ends’ per the TV version), I have to admit that there’s a piece of me that gets perverse gratification out of watching George drive the control freaks crazy by not giving them what they want RIGHT NOW. Not that I think he’s doing it on purpose; his life is his life, and ought not to be significantly fan-driven one way or another if he is retain his sanity. But there is something amusing about watching presumably adult fantasy geeks act like they’re still in their Terrible Twos.

    • Stop saying people want everything RIGHT NOW. 1 unfinished book in 17 years is slow no matter how you slice it. I don’t think asking for 2 books in 17 years is TOO MUCH to ask for considering the amount of money he makes from people who expected the story to have an ending.

  • I hope George RR Martin is not reading this site or others like it. How excited would you be if you read all these really negative comments to finish anything? The whine about the hard earned cash is really embarrassing. Did he hold a gun to your head?
    I will wait for his ending, as we have seen what happens when other people (Dan and Dave) try to write the story, I am still shaking my head over Dorne.
    I am glad he is not putting out an update, people will read a new release date into it, and if he doesn’t make it, bitch again. I say no news is good news.

  • I don’t remember the exact wording that GRRM used in his blog post last year about the status of TWoW. But if I remember correctly, he made it sound like there was some kind of deadline (whether formal or informal) that he was trying to meet in order to have the book released BEFORE the start of Season 6. And if you think about the big mystery at the end of Dance and the end of Season 5, meaning the death of Jon Snow, it would have been the perfect time to release the book in advance of the show because it would’ve allowed his book to be the source of resolving one of the biggest cliffhangers of the entire series. But now that major spoilers (like the resurrection of Jon Snow and death of Hodor) have been exposed by the show, there’s really no rush now to beat an informal deadline. In fact, my concern now is that GRRM will lose interest in releasing anymore books before the entire TV series is completed. And if that’s the case, we may not get TWoW until 2018/2019.

  • There will be no other books released. The story will be completed via the TV show. This has been done before and will happen again.

    • Yes, or maybe release half of what you wrote so far as part one of this book. Do what Stephen King did and release chapters if that is all you have finished. I think he needs to do a Hames Patterson and get some collaborators to share in writing.

  • Having also waited for Feast for Crows and Dance of Dragons, I share the frustration–but George owes us nothing more than the books. I feel this very strongly . That’s all an author ever owes, but in our celebrity-obsessed, short-attention-span, instant gratification society it seems unacceptable. As little as 5-10 years ago authors weren’t out there on social media, personal websites, comicons, etc. If you were lucky, your favourite scribe went on telly occasionally, or radio, or was interviewed in the press. Novelists worked alone and were seldom interrupted. A book cannot be written without constant copious amounts of alone time, much less a 1200-page book that has to account for hundreds of characters in many settings. I think we should leave GRRM to his imaginatively-productive solitude and pray he shoots out Winds of Winter sometime very soon.

  • I bet GRRM is writing TWOW as well as writing ADOS.

    I really think GRRM is already past TWOW and is already working on ADOS.

    When the HBO show is done, the two books will be published very quickly.

    Mark. My. Words.

    • I have a feeling GRRM is going to combine WOW and DOS. I think WOW will be the last and final book.

      I feel he may write in a chapter or two titled ADOS and that’s all. I don’t think he will write a full DOS novel.

      I think our reading will have ended as well as the story with WOW.

  • With every book purchase, officially licensed merch purchase, etc I helped to put money into his bank account. BEFORE HBO put that check in his hand. This guy should feel fortunate to still have fans after shafting the people that made GoT a remote possibility; The ones who started this journey with him TWENTY effin years ago. An update is the very least he can do. And the notion that we have to basically hunt down updates through our own accord seems like some fanboy enabling bullsh*t.

  • He is trolling everyone so hard. He is enjoying being rich and famous and has very little incentive to finish the story at all, much less Winds of Winter. He doesn’t need to, the TV show will do it for him.

  • I’m new to this whole GoT thing – I started watching the series in the middle of season 5, went back and binge-watched the entire series before season 6 started, and also read all five books between seasons 5 and 6. So I haven’t been dealing with GRRM’s nonsense for 20 years like some of you have.

    If I had been with this for that long, I’d be incredibly frustrated with GRRM and the length of time he spends writing these books, and the seemingly never-ending list of things that he’s done other than finishing WoW.

    At this point, I think he is openly insulting his readers, intentionally. I agree with the poster above who suggested that WoW won’t be released until the HBO series ends, and I doubt that the 7th and final book will ever be released.

    I’m pretty peeved at GRRM’s public attitude towards WoW, and I think that he sure as heck owes his reading public an update. He could get off his fat butt and pound out an update at least once or twice a year if he wanted to, but I think there’s an under the table understanding that he won’t blow the series ending for HBO. Which sucks and is a bad way to treat his readers.

  • Don’t understand how he thought he would been finished by Halloween 2015. He wrote that New Years post making out that he was on the final stretch, so we relaxed, but a whole year since then with nothing but silence on WOW? There is something up, possibly a Dornish knot? I’m not mad or anything, have read all the last kingdom books in the meantime and they are great, but nothing compares to asoiaf, can’t wait for winds, it feels close now :):):)

  • Give the man a break. I watched all the episodes again when I should have worked on a project that was due for work. This provided more joy than anything. I hope George was doing the same with his football games. I ‘m sure you’ve had the same satisfaction and joy from what emanated from his mind and fingertips. Have any of you provided the world the same? I love the books; I love the TV show. Ultimately, I don’t think any of us will be disappointed. Thanks Weiss and Benioff for taking up the reins.

  • I’m of the VERY strong belief that creative people “owe” fans of their work nothing.

    No one’s “super-fandom” is equal to some kind of self-perceived proprietorship of Martin’s art. It’s not yours.

    It’s his. We sit at his feet when he’s ready and we listen. With gratitude.

  • I write for a moment about love. Not simply a deep appreciation of something, a consuming passion for it, a compelling urge to seek it out above all other things. GRRM has spoken about his childhood, about dreaming of distant lands and exotic locales while staring at the streets and walls of an urban upbringing. He has created many singular locations and iconic images through his writing and now he gets to travel this world and see wonders first-hand. No person of any sensibility could deny him this pleasure so long delayed in his life. He is absolutely entitled to enjoy his life and indulge his love of travel and sports and the cinema and all of the other enjoyments of life after decades of work.

    But I also speak of the love the readers bear for the work he has done, for the characters, the themes, the clashes and intrigue. Shall they be left unrequieted? Must their desires remain on tenterhooks for years? Forever? Are they to be denied resolution by happenstance, by computer crash, by mishap or misadventure?

    I enjoy the show and the twists, but they lack the sophistication, the grace, the nuance of his writing. This is not unusual in the entertainment industry, of course, but I would love to read the intricacy which he will bring to the written version. While the show has great merits, it does not appeal to me in nearly the same fashion as the books, so it is the next book I crave.

    What shall we do with this love triangle, where we love GRRM’s work and he loves his life yet his work enables the life and love in the first place and it is our money and love which funds his pursuit of other loves? Were he to be forced to write, his heart would not be in it, and the work, the very thing we love in the first place, would suffer.

    No, what we must do, dear friends, is what every supplicant, every admirer, every spurned suitor in all of history has had to do: we must await further developments to see whether our love and admiration shall bear fruit or whether we will be spurned. It is entirely outside our control, as it should be. Agitation and unseemly demands will only harm our cause.

    It is only love which will carry the day. The man, GRRM, who now has everything and wants for nothing has no reason to return to the skull-cracking demands of piecing together an enormously complicated work. We can only hope that he recalls that, at some level, he loves the work itself and cannot let it remain unfinished, or loves his readers and cannot stand the thought of allowing their love and appreciation fade to dismay and disappointment, or both.

    When love once again moves him, then mountains and the earth itself will shake. Nations will once again rise and fall, and the red comet shall blaze across the night sky bearing omens and portents. Azhor Ahai will come.

  • Honestly he should be able to tell us when it will be done, given the fact that he seems to have predicted that things will become much, much worse for the US under a Donald Trump presidency on his blog. That being said, I don’t have much faith that the book will be released anytime soon, someone pointed out if he were really committed to finishing the story he wouldn’t talk about ‘cutting back on appearances in 2017’. He’d just stay home and finish the book. I think that he’s either bored with the story or he’s stuck because he opened too many new plot threads (i.e. Faegon) and doesn’t want to touch it. And I also guess that with the royalties from the show and the off shoot of sales, he isn’t under any financial pressure to do so. The show looks as if it will be the only closure we will have for some time to come.

  • He doesn’t owe fans anything, but damn if he hasn’t ruined it for both book readers, n show watchers. The passion fades away for a lot, even the Loyal. It’s been a great few years soaking in this world, but so much of this it is gonna pass by, and people are gonna stop giving a crap whether he writes another book or not. I know I will continue to read it(if I haven’t passed away first), but I’m sure the majority won’t. It’s a damn shame, and waiting is the hardest ‘Game’ throughout this whole series. 😔

  • No

    He doesn’t owe you me or anyone elses a damn thing. Rush an artist then you’ll be complaining the work isn’t done well. I hate how people these days are so whiny and want to be gratified NOW! Give it a rest it will be done when it’s done then you all can whine about Dreams of spring.

  • Bro. Really, Ani? It is my opinion that an article is not worth reading if it ends in a question mark.

  • I disagree with the premise of “he does not owe fans anything”.

    He is a professional. And as one poster said, there are many wonderful books out there. Each of these books were written and finished . One of my favorite books is “The War of Art” by Stephen Pressfield. He is a writer and talks about the discipline of plugging through and bringing things to completion. The disicipline of writing every day. There are thousands of writers that do this every day and produce wonderful books.

    People talk about the difficulty of world building in fiction. It would be very difficult for me to play basketball, but people like Kobe Brian do it very well because he is a professional and that is what he is good at. Same thing with Martin – he is a professional and world building is what he is good at. He did it within two year time spans with the first three books.

    But he was focused then.

    A professional respects his/her fans because the fans are the people responsible for the success that he enjoys today. And he truly enjoys his success – he enjoys the success of the books and the shows. A professional would appreciate that fans and let them know what is going on and would either deal with the issue of the slow production or “hang it up” and allow someone else to finish the saga.

  • Why wouldn’t George want to take one opportunity a year to address his patient fans and assure them that he is still working hard and committed to a high quality product?

    That’s the real question…

  • Nothing in life is guaranteed. No one ever knows if they are going to get hit by a bus or have an aneurysm burst.
    In the late Seventies when I was in college and had very little money I managed to buy a copy of Analog magazine that had part of what would become The Dying of the Light. If he never finishes ASOIAF will I be disappointed, sure. Will I regret buying that copy of Analog or anything other of his novels and short stories I have bought and enjoyed over the last almost forty years no.

  • GRRM will never finish the books, he’s so fucking slow it’s insane. In this time other writers could’ve written 50 books. Also the fans made it possible for him to live off these books so yes he owes them AT LEAST an update. What fans really deserve is the last two books before GRRM dies.

    • HBO is going to tell the story for George, so he’s off the hook. If he dies tomorrow the story will get told in full. He can now kick back, relax, and write when he feels like it.

  • Some of you guys are ridic with the whining and accusations. GRRM is notoriously a slow paced writer and now that a lot of the plots are coming to a head it makes sense that it’s taking him even longer.

    Also, authors don’t owe fans anything outside of the books that they purchase. Even if he never finished the series it won’t be the first time it’s ever happened. I hope he gets the book done soon but it is what it is. Let the fat man work (or not), he’s earned some leeway.

    • Name one well known writer who has just quit writing a series and LIVED. I can think of two and they were stopped because they died.

  • As the Economist noted a while ago, studies have found that among so-called imaginative occupations — painters, musicians and writers — productivity peaks in the 30s and 40s, except for female writers who are most productive in their 50s. There is a reason writers become editors later in life. Writing is really, really hard. As one British writer noted, he doesn’t write letters because it’s too much effort to not be paid for it. That’s an extreme. But Martin put out the first three in his series before 2000 — or being reaching 51. Then it took five more years for the fourth and then six to the fifth. We will have his seventh year working on this one, to finish, maybe, in eight or nine? I can’t imagine continuing to write into one’s eighties. So I doubt he’ll ever finish. It is called being human.

  • Four things GRRM could say that are non commital but would give fans an idea without being too intrusive:
    1. I can easily see the light at the end of the tunnel.
    2. The light at the end of the tunnel is dim, but you can tell it’s there.
    3. The end is so far away it’s still pitch black.
    4. Not only do I see the light, but I see shrubbery, trees, and sky.

    I think we all want #4 but I’m thinking #2.

    • I would like to edit #
      4. Not only do I see the light, but I see shrubbery, trees, and Melisandres 400 year old hoo-ha.

  • The reason GRRM doesn’t owe us anything is because none of us have paid him anything of value for his future writing. Yes we have collectively lined his pockets with royalties, but that was for his previous work.

    For example, GRRM puts in his hard work to write ADwD and then you spend your money to buy it. Great, everyone sacrificed something and got what they want. But then you finish reading ADwD, are anxious for the next installment, and say “now you owe me TWoW”. But wait, what have you given GRRM for it?

    The omnipresent argument that we all helped make him money is valid, but he has already delivered the work (i.e. the first 5 books) corresponding to that wealth.

    You might argue we’ve been loyal and patient, but that doesn’t hold any economic value. You wouldn’t put in a day’s hard work for loyalty and patience would you? No, you’d only do it for a paycheck. GRRM is no different.

    If anyone here can explain what tangible value they’ve provided to GRRM for TWoW, then I’m all ears. But if you can’t, then you have no argument.

  • A hundred responses to this topic shows how fervent fans at this site are for his books. Not certain the number of readers here, but I think this topic strikes the chord of a large percentage. If we weren’t invested in the world this man has given us, it wouldn’t!
    I would like to thank GRRM for what he has presented us with so far, but also sadly think that his final officially worded contribution to a Song of Ice and Fire will be in the Winds of Winter, not a Dream of Spring. He may even know this, too. That final word in that final paragraph in that final chapter will have a spiritual significance to many of us. Let him have this moment for himself as long as he wants! The man deserves it. Let’s try enjoy Dan and Daves version the best we can in the meantime!
    2 more years. 14 or 15 more episodes.

  • GRRM rose to prominence on the basis of short works – short stories, novellas, TV episodes. Though he has published a few novels, they are not considered his strongest output. Now he is trying to write a seven book epic, yet he seems to be wedded to the techniques and habits he developed for shorter forms.

    He is perfectly capable of writing quickly when he has a good feel for his story. (Note the pace that the first three novels of ASoIaF came out at.) If he is taking this long, it is because he doesn’t have a firm grip on his story. The excuse he used a year ago for even more delays was that he was dissatisfied with a couple decisions he had made, and needed to rewrite. At this point in the writing process, both in terms of story progression and overall elapsed writing time, that is beyond alarming, it is terrifying.

    The toughest part of the tale to write should have been Feast and Dance. That is behind him. If he did the job right, he should be racing toward the end. If that isn’t the case, he is most likely in the process of failing. In the end, he is proving that you can’t write a successful epic by “gardening”. For a tale this complex, planning is mandatory, and he refuses to do it out of sheer stubbornness.

    Does he owe us an update? No, he owes us nothing. But we don’t owe him anything, either. An update might be a wise move to reassure a shaken fanbase.

  • It doesn’t matter to me. I’ve completely made peace with the fact that the TV series is where I’ll see the series end and I’ll be lucky to see the book finish, if ever.

  • I am not going to hide that I am disappointed in GRRM for not giving us an update. I can understand that it is a complicated story that needs lots of time to write, but he should not forget that his fans are the basis of his success and not the other way around. So yes, an update once a year or a new chapter to make us wait even longer is the minimum he could do! I also blame his publisher for not being able to keep him on track. That’s their job after all!

  • Imagine that instead of writing a series of books, George was a builder making alterations to your house. You’ve paid him in instalments along the way. You’ve been happy with the work he’s done so far. However, there’s still no roof on the house, and also you’ve been living without running water for the whole time. Now you see George down the pub spending the money, but he avoids getting the work done, and fobs you off whenever pressed on the subject. Not to worry though, he’s an artist and we should been grateful for what we’ve got.

    • This is also a bad analogy. Contractors typically draw up contracts for their work and as a customer you’re an idiot if you don’t ensure that you have a signed contract prior to the work beginning. In most cases people who get screwed over by bad contractors didn’t protect themselves with a written contract, and they have no one to blame but themselves.

      By contrast, none of us has a written contract with GRRM — or any author for that matter — because that’s not how his industry works. If you want to compare TWoW and ADoS to a roof and running water, fine, but you never obtained any actual promise of their delivery, nor have you paid for it.

  • In any artist life timebthere comes a time when the question arises of one owing the other something. Would they have said to DaVinci to paint another Mona Lisa. The answer is yes they would have and they would have expected it in a timely manor. So back to GRRM. Like 90% of people the HBO Game of Thrones brought me to the books. And I devoured them feel in love with characters cried when some of them died. I bought everything I could get to get s better history on this wonderful world. So here we are no end in sight. Knowing the show will no matter what you believe spoil the endings. ( ie John Snows parentage). And poor Hodor!!!!! I do not feel GRRM owes us a poorly written yet finished book. But I would much rather be reading the Winds of Winter than the next short novel he just had time to write. Or the trip he took or whatever. Hard truths. If it wasn’t for the show he not have the privilege he enjoys now. So in a since I do feel GRRM does owe us the end of the story. Don’t rush it just quit all the other 15 projects and work on the one that made you famous.

  • Davinci was paid by a private citizen to paint a portrait so yes he owed that person a finished job. But he owed the art loving community jack shit. GRRM owes his publishers as he is contractually obligated to do so. But he doesn’t owe you or I anything. I haven’t paid for WOW and you haven’t either. This self-entitlement society gets worse all the time.

  • Well he own us nothing, except that we, readers and fans made him rich but still…

    About the book, it’s not like he’s slow, I bet anything he simply never even started writing the book, all of the sample chapters are more likely to be leftovers from his previous books.

    He could simply hire someone else to write TWOW and Amos, that would be a lot more honest than pretending he’ll finish w what he doesn’t even started doing.

    But, to be honest, I don’t care anymore about this thing and I’m pretty sure the show runners can give us a lot more satisfying ending

  • The real problem is that HBO picked up the series before it was completed. I bet they never do that again! And the fan base grew beyond expectations as people started watching the show. As a reader of the series before the HBO show began I followed the forums and we discussed the interesting little mysteries we were given, and waited for the next book. Now that the show is as famous as it is, the new fans, want everything-right now!!! The sense of entitlement is astounding. And once again the line “hard earned cash” cracks me up. Go to the library for pities sake. You want someone else to finish his story? I, for one, will never read that book. I am 62 years old and may die before George finishes, but I would rather do that then read some interpretation of his work.
    Breathe deep George, ignore these assholes and give us your story.

    • I don’t know about that considering the amount of money and new subscribers to HBO why wouldn’t they do it again? HBO cares about the bottom line which is profit and money. I doubt they care at all if Martin ever finishes the books.

      They got what they wanted out of the deal which was the rights to the story and to make a profit out of it. They got more then they ever expected so I highly doubt HBO executives are losing sleep wondering when the books are finished. It means absolutely nothing to them.

      As lovers of the ASOIAF books we need to understand that we are such a small minority of the GOT fan base. Most of my friends who watch haven’t read one book.

  • Problem is creativity can’t be forced. Comes when it wants to. It’s not like some other types of work. Pressure can actually be counterproductive.

  • GRRM needs to just go ahead and sell his rights to Disney or some other megacorp and let them finish writing the story and then a slew of spinoffs. It worked for George Lucas and the public has already received 2 new movies that were way better than Lucas could have given us.

  • When a person makes all of their money off of their fans, yes, they do owe them a little bit of respect. I don’t understand why so many of you basically think, because he is an artist, he has no responsibility whatsoever to his fan base. Without his fans, he isn’t who he is, so a little respect, like a yearly update (not too much to ask, I would think) is not just deserved but, yes, is OWED. The “go write your own book” people on here are the worst, though. That isn’t my job. If I just stopped doing my job, I would be fired. He stopped doing his and the money will never stop coming in, hence why he doesn’t give a FUCK about any of us.

    • Whoa hold on there. Who ever said GRRM doesn’t give his fan base “a little bit of respect”? That’s utterly ridiculous. He does book signings, conventions, constant interviews that you could watch for hours on youtube, meets with fan groups like the BWoB, maintains a regular online presence through his Not a Blog, etc. I even emailed him once to thank him for his work and to tell him his Giants can go F themselves (Eagles fan here). He responded within a week and was very gracious. The guy goes out of his way to be visible to his fans and yet people like you complain that he’s not holing himself up somewhere like a hermit to work on his book, and THEN you turn around and accuse him of not giving us respect. I mean come on! You can’t have it both ways…….either you get the hermit or you get the guy who interacts with fans. GRRM does the latter, and rightly so.

      If you don’t feel like you get that love, then maybe you should go to one of his book signings and meet him.

    • What he does is not a job in the traditional sense. I posted earlier about how I put off a work project to watch the Game of Thrones marathon. Yes, I finished my project (also writing), but I would have been fired if I hadn’t. George can’t or never would be fired. Thank God. Just don’t buy the books or watch the show if you’re not happy. I re-read the books and watch the shows for the interim. Making something out of nothing is incredibly hard work
      My work project was creating a work of fiction, so I know whereof I speak.

  • I’m not getting bogged down with this debate. I just have one comment to make. I am always perplexed at the GRRM fans who whinge about the fans who complain the books not out yet. My point: it’s been the best part of 6 years since ADWD’s was published. He had left over chapters for WOW already. Voicing your displeasure about a 6 year wait is not being needy and wanting instant gratification. 6 years is a fair while. One can do a medical degree in that time and be treating patients……

  • Take all the time you need George, you owe these philistines nothing! It’s not hard to mix up plots and character arcs into a congealed mass of nonsense and puke up a script like Dave and Dan do. What George is doing is telling the actual story not “Fast and the Furious whoah bro what if Jon and Ramsay fight westeros edition”. If any of you still think Winds is just going to be an expanded version of seasons 5 and six then you are deluded and wrong. It will in no way besides one burnt up little girl and a held door be anything like the fan fiction presented on the show. Hold me to that!

  • He doesn’t care about owing anyone anything. He’s an A-hole. He’d rather write Wild Cards, go to cons, blog about the Jets/Giants/politics/whatever, ANYTHING but write WoW… and heaven forbid anyone DARES to even MENTION WoW or ASOIAF or GOT in any of the comments section or else they get the “STAY ON TOPIC” or comments get deleted…… he’s rich and famous as he is BECAUSE of GOT but he doesn’t give 2 [email protected] about his fans. ADWD was released 6 years ago and he’s written on average LESS THAN A PAGE A DAY on WoW…. HE’S A PROFESSIONAL WRITER. So whatever. We’re about 50% to ever see WoW published and 2% to see ADOS published.

  • I also think Martin is an a-hole, just because of the way he writes. He has said many times that he isn’t a traditional “good guy vs. bad guy – good guy wins” writer, and that’s fine. But he deliberately kills off beloved characters to rip our hearts out. That’s my opinion, of course, but I hate it. I can see him sitting at that old computer he writes on, sniggering as he writes another scene that he knows will kill us. We have made him a wealthy man. You would think he would care enough to cater to the fans of his books just a little. But he doesn’t. In interviews he sits there smugly and brags about how he doesn’t want his stories to be traditional or predictable. Well, they have become predictable. We are on to him and we can predict that he will kill every character we love while allowing the worst of the worst to truimph. He writes great stories but I dislike him. He has no regard for his fans at all.

  • I’ve completely given up on seeing the ending of the book series. I plan on finishing the series with the TV show, with people who can actually keep with a schedule.

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