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George R.R. Martin confirms he’s still working on The Winds of Winter

2016 passed into 2017 without George R.R. Martin giving fans an official update about The Winds of Winter, the next book in his Song of Ice and Fire series. However, the author did address the subject briefly on his Not a Blog.

Reader justanidea123 asked if Martin had ever consider writing a “tell-all” about Winds. “For example you could state how long you would like The Winds Of Winter (or maybe the series) to be,” justanidea123 wrote, “how much you currently have (though obviously not what POVs or the content of the chapters), and a general outlook, but no time-line.” The reader’s hope is that this might trigger a “moratorium” on fans asking about when the book will be finished, a question Martin gets all the time.


Martin was dubious:

If you think a “tell all” or update on WINDS OF WINTER would stop fans from asking about it… well, I love your optimism, but my own decades of experience suggest otherwise.

There are only two things that will stop people asking me about WOW:
(1) my finishing and delivering the book, or (2) a giant asteroid hitting the Earth and destroying human civilization.

As I have no control over (2), I am working on (1).

However, I know perfectly well that the moment I announce the completion and delivery of THE WINDS OF WINTER, I will start to get emails demanding to know how A DREAM OF SPRING is coming.

So it goes…

Like Martin, we love justanidea123’s optimism, but agree that no amount of information would ever stem the tide of questions about when The Winds of Winter will be released.

And despite whatever frustrations we might have with Martin’s writing pace, its hard not to feel for the author. Martin’s tone above suggests a man resigned to his fate. It sounds like the obligation to finish the series is weighing on him.

Incidentally, the reader posted about his Not a Blog comment in this Reddit thread, and it’s already generated well over 700 comments in 24 hours. Clearly, interest remains high. Whether the book gets released or that asteroid comes for us, the wait will eventually end one way or another.


  • Recently watched YouTube video of GRRM at a 201462Y panel where he gives insight into who is writing the Ice & Fire chapters. Is a “Who shot JR. Moment coming in season 8?

      • He has some good ideas, but his delivery is lacklustre. He writes like a 14 year old boy. it’s very easy to read, but it is too verbose in many areas

      • I agree with you Corey. As much as would pain me to see him pass away without finishing the series I still would not want another author to finish it.

        • I mean, if he passes away I would still like the series finished, but until then I want him writing it.

      • Corey,

        If interested, I will post a link to a fanfic I found a year and a half ago. You would think you are reading GRRM or close enough. The woman finishes the story from ADwD; she wrote like 123 chapters.

        It was very good. Lemme know! I’ll check back in the a.m.

  • It is better for people to be asking about the book than no one asking at all. For so many writers out there that get their books rejected by their publishers, I think GRRM has the better end of the deal.

  • I seriously doubt that many people think there will be A Dream of Spring. It would take at least a decade, and maybe 2 more presidents from now. I’m willing to accept Winds of Winter being the last official words from GRRM in the series. I think we all should.

    • Bandit77– That is a depressing thought… and completely logical and legitimate. Sadly, you may very well be right

      • I just wonder how the sells of his books especially ADOS will be affected because of the show finishing the story? I’ll probably still read then just for some of the differences between show and books Aegon, Stannis ,Stoneheart storylines etc but many may choose not to.

        • I think the audiences are very different at this point. Maybe before the show passed the books you had people that read them just to get ahead, but now it will be book readers that buy the books. Either way, GRRM will be ok.

      • What a lifetime commitment GRRM made when he began his outline for the series in 1991. A minimum of seven years for ADOS would still be January 2024. Thirty three years minimum, forty years possible, or never. If that outline were a baby it could have teenaged children, or be a grandparent by then! Something to think about.

        • Yeah, and consider that ADOS might not be one book. I firmly believe the ending will be the hardest for him, and therefore will take more than one book.

      • I think more like seven years from whenever Winds is released and that’s the optimistic estimate. I’ll be fine without A Dream of Spring though I’d be better with it.

  • Before comments it has a “hide spoilers” and “show spoilers” option. With no new book out, how much could be classified as “spoilers” now?
    I would read an entire article on WiC devoted to the topic.

  • Would it have killed him to give some kind of indication of how far along he thinks he is? I know you can’t (or at least he can’t) really give anything too specific due to the nature of the project, but maybe some vague indication like “I still have a bit more editing to do, and it’s probably going to be a while longer” or (more hopefully) “I’m pretty happy with where things are, but I want to do some more clean-up, hopefully it will be done in a few months but no promises.”

    • He’s tried in the past to release updates and estimates only to blow them by a mile, so now he doesn’t even try.

  • I have no doubt GRRM is already writing chapters for ADOS also.

    My guess is, he will deliver THE two books right after HBO is done with the show.

    GRRM is writing two books as we speak.

    • He has a tough enough time writing one book, the idea he’s writing both books simultaneously is a stretch to say the least. Like your optimism though.

      • Yeah I don’t buy the he’s writing both books at the same time thing. This amount of wait is not unprecedented for him. Writing two books would be.

    • I like your optimism! He already had chapters written for a Dance with Dragons, but had to rearrange them several times during the editing process, moving them to the next book! Maybe it’s the case, but I am way more pessimistic than you, still thinking 10 years or never. I will be much happier if I’m wrong, and you’re right!

    • That’s hopeful but I lack that hope. If he has material for A Dream of Spring, it will be just like how he split A Feast For Crows into two books but they definitely won’t drop simultaneously.

  • the fact that the book is not finished yet is an indication how far behind he was one year ago. If one year later you are still writing a book that was supposed to be finished before season 6 came out that means that you are either sitting there writing nothing or you were probably further behind then you wanted to admit

    • For all his strengths, estimating his own writing speed is a major fault of GRRM. I also wonder how much he has to rewrite, or just go back to the drawing board.

  • i personally think because he didn’t release before season 6 of the show, now he is going back and rewriting a lot of the story

  • I think what we’re seeing here is that the “Meereenese Knot” never got completely untangled.

  • I don’t understand that why people want WOW this fast. I mean Feast was released in 2005, Dance in 2011. So, DwD needed 6 years. And that only half of the story.


  • Haha. It wasn’t supposed to be “half the story”. Martin ended up deciding to split the book in half because of the sheer size and bulk of that part of the story.

  • Folks !!!! Please consider all the other stuff he’s involved in. Writing other books, producing the series, writing scripts! I am amazed his fingers aren’t a half inch long……lol or that the books ever get here. It would be nice Mr March if you could do one thing at a time, but I bet you are like me….you get bored and jump around. :)

    • I agree to an extent, but remember he also cut off all other projects almost two years ago to concentrate on Winds, and its still not done.

  • “A pain in the ass” if he dies? Oh my. The death of a man you want something from is a pain in the ass. What a gem you are John.

    • I think he’s very defensive at this point after years of pestering from the fans, which I can understand to a degree.

  • My husband died disappointed and its beginning to look like that for me as well. I guess its a reality we older fans have to deal with

  • I’m glad I’ve already made up the ending for myself. If I fall into ice and am frozen like Steve Rogers, thawed out 40 years later, I would ask my rescuers how a Dream of Spring turned out. The rescuers, with sadness, would tell me he is still working on it.

  • My tin foil ending:
    The Others are a hive society like bees, having only one female Queen.
    The previous war ended because the Night Queen was captured by a Stark. Winterfell was built to hold her and the other Others in the cells or “crypts” underneath, keeping her drones and worker bees on the other side of the wall.
    As long as there is a Stark, or “warden” at Winterfell, she couldn’t communicate with the Night King. But she finally did, and woke him.
    The crypts collapsed generations ago, and what is left of the Night Queen is still alive, a blue heart, and like the Three Eyed Raven, also connected to the roots of a weirwood tree.
    The Night King is on a rescue mission. The final battle will be underneath Winterfell, with the Queens attempt to steal a female body in order to breed a new colony, to populate Planetos with a new hive.
    Only 2 females qualify: Arya and Sansa. After all, warging is only inherited from being descended from the Others.
    Lady Crane is the true hero. By resurrecting Arya, using that soup, her body is no longer viable for breeding.
    Winner: Red Priestesses and faceless men, both serving the Red God, using visions in the flames.

    • Didn’t you watch the whole Craster and the newborn sons storyline? That’s where they’re getting their ranks or were getting them.

      • I think Crasters boys are mid-level drone versions, not true, more powerful children of the Night Queen. And they are no longer an option for recruiting future soldiers to fill the ranks, anyhow.
        Thinking long term, they need the numbers to eventually take Essos.

  • Well, in George’s defense: Killing Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen, Arya Stark, Sansa Stark, Cersei Lannister and Jamie Lannister can’t be easy. ;-) The Winds of Winter bring a cold death.

  • Also, I predict the Winds of Winter will be release in August 2017 and … A Dream of Spring in November 2023. George will be 75 years old; a fine age for finishing a novel. :-p

    Past months of publication:

  • Bandit77,
    Our thinking often coincides. Your tin foil sounds quite reasonable and partly even builds on your recent Lady Crane theory. In comments to WIC’s BAFTA announcement article , I just responded to KK about the ‘Sansa is the Night’s Queen’ rumour, which I tend to agree with. But you are right that Arya is also susceptible. IMO Sansa is much more likely for a few reasons: 1) She’s long wanted to be a queen, 2) She’s never been warm and passionate. On the contrary, she consciously chose the icy course to power at the end of Season 4, 3) Arya is abundantly warm and passionate, though once her family and friends started dying she mainly channeled it into a passion for truth, justice and fairness but with violence and anger as her methods, 4) Arya would never marry someone she doesn’t love, which Sansa has proven quite willing to do, 5)The Night’s King would probably prefer a queen the same height he is ;-} You’re probably right that the Faceless Men have a long-term plan or hope for Arya, but I doubt it’s to marry her to the NK. Since my mantra is “No more dead Starks!”, here are my hopes for an acceptable bittersweet ending for the Stark girls: Sansa ends up marrying Robin Arryn and rules the Vale. After marrying Gendry, Arya emulates the Rhoynish Queen Nymeria and leads people to find a new land west of Westeros. And if the NK really is seeking a bride and is not picky about lineage, perhaps Melisandre, who’s expert in sacrificing for the greater good, would offer herself. That would be a marriage of Ice and Fire.

    • I like reading other people’s thoughts on the eventual conclusion. Eventually blending those with each other, interesting connections can still be made. I would like to hear the site administrators views on where they think the big picture will lead us.

    • What would Arya and Sansa do if Winterfell were overrun with Others? Retreating underneath would lead them closer to the Night Queen, into a trap. I could see Sansa bartering a deal to keep her status, and beginning a new royal bloodline with the Others. If her jealousy of Jon being King in the North turns out true, Arya would go for the kill. I like the thought the Queen preferring Aryas body for herself because of her propensity for warging, and that choice dooms her.

      • Ah, but she doesn’t warg in the show. I’ve always resented that because it took away some of Arya’s magic and a subtle layer from her Braavos story, but at least it makes it less likely she’ll end up subsumed in Nymeria or killed for that ability. I still think Arya has a good chance of surviving, especially as she has GRRM’s wife on her side. But like everything, it will involve bitter as well as sweet.

        Winterfell is presumably where Winter fell. The Others probably will indeed attack Winterfell and after a pitched battle most likely breach the walls. I believe the reason there’s always had to be a Stark in Winterfell is that the castle’s built-in magical last resort protection required the presence/leadership of a full Stark. That could be Arya, Bran, or even Sansa–though she’s more likely to hide in her chamber. Fanfic warning: Outnumbered, the defenders will soon enough have to withdraw to the crypt. Despairing, they probably won’t know that magic is their ally. Remember the statues of Stark lords with iron swords? I think they will re-animate and go to the van of fighting off the Others. (Hopefully, Sean Bean leads this, with Lyanna Stark at his side. After all, these are his children he’s protecting.) The living and dead Stark forces will fight side-by-side to stave off the invaders until, at some point, some Westerosi army or dragon squad arrives and successfully attacks the Others from the rear. Maybe this is when the mano-a-mano battle between Jon and the NK occurs, or the negotiation for the NK to get a Stark NQ as you originally suggested.

        • What if the Starks are trapped in the crypts and Jon looks toward his mothers crypt and finds Lightbringer? That would come in handy during a last stand for humanity.

  • Having only started reading the series in 2012, I can’t really complain too loudly about the wait, as some readers have been reading since the mid 90’s. However, I have no sympathy for him as he’s brought this on himself. People say he’s not our b****, and he doesn’t owe us anything, but I feel like he is letting his fanbase down by the lack of output. No, winds isn’t done, but what harm is an update? Us fans will eat up anything he puts on his blog, so I think an update isn’t too much to ask for.

  • Personally, I fear that dear Georgie will not live long enough to finish either Winds of Winter or Dream of Spring at the rate he is going, he is no spring chicken any more. We may well have to make do with the series finale on HBO for closure…

  • you guys ready for another year of “this book isn’t finished”? HBO’s series will end before WoW comes out and A Dream of Spring won’t be finished until HBO does a couple of spin offs. The man can’t be bothered to finish his best selling series, but hey, here’s 2 more Wild Card books, another Hedge Knight book, and more blog posts about how butt hurt I am over the election. An asteroid hitting the earth……. right now we have a better chance of that happening than him finishing the series much less WoW.