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Seen Game of Thrones AND read A Song of Ice and Fire? This survey is for you

A new survey aimed at fans who have both watched Game of Thrones and read George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice And Fire series has come to light. Crafted by Redditor CreganGlenn, in collects opinions regarding how the two versions of the story compare to each other, as well as how deeply the fans’ love for the series goes. You can take the survey here.


Although it clocks in at 10 pages, the survey breezes by. Questions range from how many of the books you’ve read/seasons you’ve watched to favorite book POVs to which storylines the show has adapted best (and worst). I felt slightly bad for having read all the books and wrecking the curve. (Full disclosure: I probably wouldn’t have read The World of Ice and Fire cover to cover if it wasn’t assigned.) It also highlighted the differences between the books and the show—I had forgotten that, on the page, Sansa and Theon’s stories are far harder to address than on the screen, where their characters have been softened by their lack of interior monologue.

Speaking of which, the survey also asks which book characters should have had POV chapters but didn’t, which is a thinkpiece begging to be written. (Margaery? Stannis? Robb?) And of course, there’s the inevitable question of what the next spinoff series should be. I’m personally looking forward to seeing the results of that question. CreganGlenn has said they’d like to post the results by the end of the week.

Fill it out and have your say! And when you’re done, sound off in the comments—what were your answers? Did you get a different set of questions if you hadn’t read the books?


  • Some of the questions were poorly crafted. The biggest mistake was in asking what spin-off we would like.

    Some of them like Arya and Hound or Brienne and Podrick assume that the characters will survive Game of Thrones. Quick guess is that at least one of the four will not and quite possibly more. Therefore what’s the point? Also, note that Maisie Williams is now several years older. At the start, she was really just a kid, maybe 13. By this point, she is a young adult. Talk about a major change in chemistry! And the two of them were together a limited amount of time. If they get together in Seasons 7 or 8, Arya is now a reasonably expert assassin…no real need for protection.

    As for Brienne, it might be more fun later (assuming both survive) to have her in a love relationship.

    Therefore, sequels can not be planned because we have no idea who lives, anything with the “kids” winds up having problems because they are basically grown.

  • I am over saturated at this point, ready for a good ending, and then to move on to something else. It was fun while it lasted.

  • Only one place to go, The Wheel of Time; which alas, will cost a fortune to produce and direct properly and that’s why it will never happen.

    • TWoT is unrelated, and unlikely to be an HBO endeavor as far as that is concerned as well. However, it has always been one of a few on my list of desires for a GoT-like adaptation. As long as there is continued/periodic chatter about the possibility as there was last year then there’s a chance. It’s higher fantasy so it would be extremely costly if done properly, not to mention very lengthy. Although, eliminating Jordan’s repeated descriptions of clothing and environments might cut the story in half. Ha!

      TWoT is more PG than ASoIaF so if it ever does get a greenlight I guess it doesn’t matter if it’s premium cable or a network like AMC… I still think I’d prefer it be by a studio that has fewer limitations on content. I also prefer the genre to be a bit dark and ‘dirty’ in appearance. Network programs of the type seem to often look too clean so one is always aware that the characters are on a set.

  • I like what the TV show did with Tyrion. His involvement with the Second Sons in the book is just too much when it’s obvious he’s eventually going to end up with Dany eventually. The show short-circuited the nonsense and got him there.

    I didn’t like that the show so completely changes Sansa’s story. They really turned her into something she’s not.

    Finally – Lady Stoneheart: don’t care. It’s a minor thing and folks need to get over it, in my opinion.

  • we should have got more in the tv series about other possible candidates for jon snows mother. Especially Ashara Dayne. Maybe in season 1 they did not expect the entire series would be made

  • Worst adapted characters :
    Jaime (Still loyal to Cersei, still an asshole, still wants to kill every single tully for his one true love Cersei)
    Stannis (no comment)
    Davos (zero loyalty to Stannis. He’s more loyal to Jon now that he ever was to Stannis. Also forgot his hatred of Melisandre for some reason, until he found out about Shireen).
    LF (Genius in the books, but everything he does on the show is stupid)
    And just about every character in Dorne. (When we left Dorne in the books, Doran was sending the sandsnakes on spying/learning/assassination missions… On the show they just killed him because he wasn’t doing anything? But that’s D&D who made him do nothing).

    • Jamie isn’t horrible on the show but the rest I definitely agree with you especially little finger. He feels so irrelevant on the show. It’s very disappointing also I feel like varys has been under utilized on the show.

  • As for the “I wish X had POV chapters”

    I checked them all. To get into someone’s head? Yes please. Except maybe littlefinger. He’s whole thing is that he’s kind of an enigma, right?

  • I thought the worst adapter character was Loras. Much better/stronger in the books. He seemed like window dressing in the show.