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How many words unrelated to The Winds of Winter has George R.R. Martin written since 2011?

First of all, a hearty bravo to the staff over at The Ringer for doing the legwork and figuring out how many non-The Winds of Winter-related words George R.R. Martin has written since A Dance with Dragons came out in 2011. That must have been tedious work.

Now, onto that total. Since the release of Dance, a period of roughly five and a half years, Martin has written a grand total of:


561,038 Words

For reference, the longest novel in Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series thus far, A Storm of Swords, clocked in at 424,000 words. The 561,038 tally is comprised mainly of Martin’s posts on his Not a Blog, along with replies to reader comments (483,466 words), scripts written for HBO (14,521 words) and his other literary works (63,051 words). The totals:

  • Not a Blog posts: 330,293 words
  • Not a Blog comments: 153,173 words
  • Dangerous Women: 35,296
  • Rogues: 14,834
  • The World of Ice and Fire: 9,483 words
  • “The Bear and the Maiden Fair” Game of Thrones script: 5,190 words
  • “The Lion and the Rose” Game of Thrones script: 4,773 words
  • “Blackwater” Game of Thrones script: 4,558 words
  • Old Mars: 3,320 words
  • A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: 118 words

As fans wait for the next novel in the series, many have voiced their frustration with what they see as Martin’s languid writing pace. Martin himself wrote recently that he thinks Winds will be out this year, but also notes that he thought the same thing last year.

Granted, a blog post or a reply to a reader’s comment is much easier to write than a chapter in a novel, but the numbers here aren’t likely to quiet Martin’s critics.  Does seeing the totals change your opinion on the release of The Winds of Winter? Let us know in the comments.


  • I’ve got an idea. Since we have so much time on our hands until the first trailer is released for Season 6, why don’t you guys ask your readers what kind of articles we want to see until then. You’re really scrapping the bottom of the barrel lately.
    Here’s an example:
    I’d like to see which prequels you guys could come up with. Maybe make a survey with your list and the readers can decide which three to go with. Then you guys can plot out what Season 1 – 5 (or whatever amount of seasons you want) would entail. You could do the obvious choice of Roberts Rebellion, or in my opinion, I’d like to see you guys write out the plot for Ageons Conquest.
    Season 1 would take place in Valyria and we would get to see the most advanced city to date on GOT. Remember, Tyrion said the Valyrians were more advanced 300 years ago than they are today in GOT.
    We’d see how the Targaryen family compared to the other Valyrian families. We’d see how the slave (no one) who started Bravvos maybe. All the dragons, 14 volcanos, the magic and finally the dream the one Targaryen daughter had that printed the family to leave. Seaon 1 could end with the Doom of Valaryia.
    What do the writers and readers think of my idea? I have no imagination myself or I’d write it and post it. I leave the idea to grow in the hands of the brilliant Winter is Coming staff.


    Timothy Eddard Stark

    • i would like a Solo story on Mance Rader from the moment he flees the Nights Watch until he his captured by King Stannis. Did he leave before or after Coren Half Hand lost his hand? When did he learn of the White Walkers? Did he meet The Three Eyed Raven. A lot of questions could be answered

      • That’s a very good idea Braun Fjord. Would love at some pt to find out Mance’s entire story.

        Also agree with Tim Stark. I am sure you guys are better than posting clickbait and recycling articles by changing only a few tidbits in the subsequent article.

        Step it up WiC! We all obviously like your site as we come here daily and a lot of us take the time out to comment quite often, so lets get it going here.

        Write articles as good looking as Kayla! ha

  • And “prompted” the Targaryens to leave Valyria. Not “printed” them to leave. Auto correct is killing me hear.
    I hope the Writers read my comments as I think it’s a great idea to do a few articles on. We could all vote from a list and the top three will be written it.
    Possible list:

    Roberts Rebellion
    Ageons Conquest
    Dunk and Egg
    Nymira leaves Essos with 10,000 ships
    The first Long Night or the battle between the Children of the Forest and the First Men
    The Battle of the Nine Penny Kings
    The Greyjoy Rebellion
    The Targaryen Dynasty History in Westeros

    Please add to my list if you have any other ideas.

  • This is getting out of hand, I know by experience that not all writing takes the same amount of time, I could write a 1000 words for a stupid comment in a minute but it takes an hour or two to write, let’s say an abstract for a book.

    The number of words he’s written about whatever he feels like (I’ve seen people complain about him talking about football) is completely irrelevant to twow

  • I have an idea. If you dont like the topics, don’t read the article. Make constructive comments like Tim, or go fly a kite. You all are petulant AF.

  • These are published words, and don’t include what was rewritten or edited out. He could have actually written another couple if hundred thousand.
    It doesn’t make the publication date of winds any closer or further away.

  • The problem is quite obviously not with the fact that he can’t write that much, the problem is that he doesn’t enjoy writing ASOIAF anymore

  • So most of what George RR has written is replies to fans? And yet, we keep whinging that he doesn’t give us ENOUGH updates on how it’s going? Really?

  • People act like writing a novel is like raking the leaves. ” Just do it, and get it done” If the creative juices aren’t flowing then they’re not flowing. Especially when it comes to a story as large and dense as ASOIAF. I know he loves writing, and his story, but at this point it has to have become some what of a burden to him – surely even worse now since the beginning of the show. Then you have the massive expectations. So I bet all of that affects his writing.

  • Ummm…excuse me, but Martin did not recently write “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”. The last words he wrote for that would have been 2009-2010. The newest of the three PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED stories in there is “The Mystery Knight” which was published in 2010. Get your facts straight.

  • I have always wondered how much space he has devoted to hawking autographed books, awards, Wild Cards and sports.

  • I’ve accepted at this point that he won’t actually finish the series. His story is being finished by HBO, and he’s probably having serious difficulty finding any motivation to finish off the books. Frankly, with the amount of time that’s elapsed, I’ve kind of gotten ‘meh’ about it anyways. If I see the new book at some point I’ll pick it up, but my fevered anticipation has pretty much died.